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He wasn't sure how long he had been hanging there. Minutes or hours, he wasn't sure. There was no way of telling, since the stars and the moon had hidden themselves from his view. No matter how much time had passed, he still couldn't wrap his mind around how he wound up here, nailed to a tree, bleeding, hoping that someone would find him before he had bled to death.

How did he wind up here? How could the girl that once had loved and adored him so coldly have turned her back on him. For that guy. That alien. The thought alone was enough to make him growl in frustration and hatred. He tightened his grip on his sword to release his anger, but immediately regretted it. The cuts in his hands were quite deep. Nevertheless they were just an ache on top of the excruciating pain in his shoulder.

For a moment he considered just letting go of his sword. That way, his own weight would pull him down, meaning that he would enlarge the huge wound in his shoulder. Maybe he would even drop to the ground, if his sword managed to break his collarbone. If not he would keep dangling on his sword and since there would be no balance, he would keep moving, making his wound only bigger and bigger. It would be Hell.

So for the sake of having hope to survive, he clung to his sword, trying not to cut himself more than he absolutely had to. His arms were exhausted, the only thing that kept them from relaxing was the adrenalin soaring through his veins, his body's representation of its survival instinct. Then again, he wasn't stupid. Whereas his body had not given up yet, his mind had long since fallen into despair and every now and then he tried to find peace in dying. However he couldn't find it.

Right there, Aoyama Masaya ironically for the first time DIDN'T WANT TO DIE.

A smile forced itself on his face, barely a few seconds later he began to chuckle and even though it hurt like freaking Hell, soon that chuckle grew into a full-blown laughing fit. He was losing it because of the pain and he knew it. Yet he didn't care. The girl he loved was gone. Hated his guts and was gone. She had run off with the one bastard he hated even more than he hated the whole of mankind for polluting the Earth.

His laughter died down and turned into sobs. They racked through his body. Why? He had been prepared to do anything, anything at all for her! He became a murderer: For her! And yet… She had rejected him, loathed him, told him that he should hope for someone to feel like taking a night stroll through the park, because she wasn't going to help him out this time. She left him pinned to a tree, to die. Slowly and painfully.

Momomiya Ichigo. If he had had the strength, he would have screamed out her name. But he didn't. He was too weak. He was coughing and panting and focusing on not letting go of that cursed sword. That was all he could do now.

Suddenly, he noticed something. The bangs which always hung in front of his ears were slowly getting shorter and darker. His power to remain the Blue Knight was running out.

Fear curled itself around his heart and he was inwardly chanting, begging the power to stay. If he turned back into Aoyama Masaya, there was no way he'd survive. That body was weaker, would be wounded more easily and took much, much longer to heal wounds. No good. This was no good at all.

The sky above him started to rumble. Great, now the rain would make his wounds even worse, not to mention the fact that his hands were more likely to slip when his blade was wet and if that happened…

'Whatever gods there are, they really must have me.' He thought bitterly. A minute later, it started to drizzle. Soon, it would start storming…

And like that, he hung there, still bleeding, still coughing, still despairing. But for how long?

She looked like an angel, the way she lay there, sleeping innocently, dreaming an innocent dream. Well, innocent… She proved herself to not be as innocent as she looked. She was a cat after all, innocent, but moreover stubborn and impossible to keep control over. There was no way that she would let you forget that she had a mind of her own. And Kisshu had just discovered it could be a bit of naughty mind. Of course, as soon as he had begun to really study her, back when they were still enemies, he already suspected this, yet it still pleased him to have his suspicions confirmed.

He stroked her hair softly and recalled how he had wound up here, in her room, sitting on her bed, while she had fallen asleep next to him.

After kissing her and for the first time actually getting a response, he couldn't help but kiss her some more. At some point she softly pushed him off, whispering 'Not here.' in a way that made all his hairs stand up, and they quickly left the park going straight to her home. She transformed back into her human form, told her parents she was home and he had waited for her in her room.

When she finally had spent a reasonable amount of time with her parents, to prevent them from becoming suspicious about anything, she had come to him. While she carefully closed the door, he had been floating around her room a bit. Sheepishly scratching her head, with a little blush on her face, she had apologetically told him: "Sorry for taking so long, but they had been worrying. It's rather late after all, even for going out stargazing."

He had merely shrugged and smiled. "Well, I don't mind, I have all the time in the world." They ended up chatting about everything that came to mind. A bit about life on Earth and on Kisshu's planet, anecdotes about the most silly things, they even shared some jokes and after those discussed how they were going to make it work out. She had even talked about meeting her parents, but he had subtly postponed that certain event.

Eventually, they ended up kissing. And this time, he had not initiated it! He was in the middle of a sentence when she had cheekily interrupted him, by kissing his cheek. Naturally, he had his revenge and had kissed both her cheeks and nose, and before he had known what hit him, she had boldly been kissing his lips. And he hadn't been the one to object..

At some point, they had heard the faint sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Ichigo had quickly let go of him, motioning that he should hide, which he then had done. And indeed, the sound had stopped right before her door. Her mother had knocked softly and had said through the door: "Ichigo dear, time to go to bed, you'll be exhausted tomorrow." "Yes, mom." Ichigo had replied. Her mother had apparently been satisfied with that, because the sound of her footsteps had immediately afterwards moved away from the door, to the room down the hallway.

He had come out of his hiding place and Ichigo had cheekily smiled at him, grabbed her pyjamas and said 'I'll be right back.' after which she had gone to the bathroom and about a quarter of an hour later, she had been back, kissed him goodnight and went to bed.

And now here he was, stroking her hair, as she steadily breathed in and out in a relaxed rhythm. Her former boyfriend somehow found a way into his mind though. What if he didn't die? What if he would come after them?

Kisshu tried to get Aoyama from his mind, however his efforts were futile. In the end, he gave in to his desire to check on his dying enemy. And when he thought 'check', he actually meant kill. Even if Ichigo didn't want him to, he knew he wouldn't sleep before he was completely sure that the asshole was as dead as possible.

So he kissed Ichigo's forehead, whispered: "I'm sorry, Koneko-chan, but it has to be done." and while Ichigo rolled on her side and grunted, he teleported himself to the clearing where the bastard would be.

He had forgotten about the weather. The moment he arrived in the park, he was soaked. The thunder grumbled and every now and then a streak of lightening would light up the night sky. The lightening was dangerously close… Kisshu inwardly shrugged at this observation. He would have to make it quick.

With that in mind, he flew over to the cherry tree, to find that the object of most of his hate was still right where he left him. Pinned to a bloody tree with his own sword. Heh.

Figuring that he might as well make his presence known, he spoke: "You don't look as strong as you used to, Blue Knight. What's the matter? Bleeding to death much?" When a pain filled, furious, but faint growl was all the reply he got, he smirked and remarked: "I see, I nailed your problem, didn't I?"

"Leave." Was the only word the Blue Knight could mutter. "Well, it seems dying slowly and painfully is putting you in a foul humor, isn't it?" Right then, Kisshu noticed something. The Blue Knight's hair was darker and shorter than before and when he looked up to snarl at him and mutter something intelligible, Kisshu also saw brownish flecks in what were supposed to be clear blue eyes.

This had to mean the Knight was losing his power. Soon, he would be a mere, powerless human again. Once that had happened, his death would only be a few tiny minutes away… Kisshu's smirk broadened. He had two options: He could wait for the arsehole to turn back into his human form and watch him die, without laying a hand on him, or he could simply have a miniscule bit of mercy on the guy and just kill him now.

Though the more tormenting option number one had his preference, he knew that, with the lightening so dangerously close and him being close to fairly high trees, his time was limited, so it would be wiser to go for option two. Even if it would make him an actual murderer.

Meanwhile, when Kisshu was contemplating, the thunder started to roar harder and lightening was striking closer to the cherry tree every time. This happened unnoticed by both of the two guys.

Making up his mind, he turned his attention to the coughing, panting, bleeding miserable creature in front of him. As he summoned his Sai, he spoke up: "Okay, listen closely, would you? Because I'm not the most awful, cruel person in the universe-"

The Knight/Aoyama-guy let out a hiss, which probably was his attempt at a disdainful snort. "As I was saying…" Irritated, Kisshu poked the idiot harshly in his belly with his Sai, resulting in a groan from his victim and a small wound on said victim's belly.

"As I was saying, since I'm not the most awful, ruthless guy in the universe, I have decided that I will spare your sorry arse further agony and kill you right now."

Aoyama-guy/The Knight's head snapped up in surprise and shock. After a few seconds of letting the information really get to him, he started to shout panic-stricken. "Don't! Stay away from me! She told you not to, so-!" Being very annoyed, Kisshu growled: "Be a man in the face of death will you! Were you a pathetic coward like this the last time you were about to die as well?"

"What do you know about last time? You were dead then!" Fear was edged on every single inch of his face as the coward was frantically looking for a way to escape, as if he didn't already know there was none. He looked like he was seriously losing it.

"I have my ways…" Kisshu stated mysteriously, an unreadable gleam in his eyes.

While his dying enemy was still looking for a way out, Kisshu took his position a few metres away, his Sais ready to strike. The rain was still pouring, thunder grumbled and roared and a second later the lightening struck a tree nearby. However Kisshu was too occupied to see this.

"Aoyama Masaya…" He begun, strangely quiet and formal, but still his words made the boy in question's attention turn to him and obviously Aoyama was utterly terrified. He started struggling, in a final attempt to pull his sword out of his shoulder, in the back of his mind already knowing it was useless. ".. Tonight you will die!"

The thunder roared as Kisshu leaped forward. "By my-!" He never got to finish that sentence, because at that moment he saw a bolt of lightning as it went straight for the cherry tree Aoyama was pinned onto. Immediately Kisshu halted and as he pushes himself off the ground, flying backwards, lightening struck the tree and with it, Aoyama. The guy hardly knew what hit him, but nonetheless he let out a deafening last scream, before all the electricity was gone. Aoyama made a few spastic movements with his arms and legs before he went completely limp.

After staring at the body of his dead enemy disbelievingly for a few minutes, Kisshu eventually started to move again. Finally. Finally he was irreversibly gone. It had taken him two years to have this wish fulfilled and because of that it took a while to sink in. Dead. Actually, finally dead.

Rather than leaving him like that, still nailed to a tree, Kisshu decided to put his hate aside one last time, so he could at least be respectful. He walked up to the tree, flew a little upward, just so he was on the right level and pulled the Blue Knight's sword out of his shoulder. As soon as the blade didn't touch him anymore, the last traces of the Blue Knight disappeared, leaving a small-eared, black-haired, brown-eyed, broken, bleeding Aoyama Masaya in his place.

Firstly, Kisshu closed his eyes properly, because he had a wide-eyed shocked face at first. Next thing Kisshu did was laying the body out in the open, in the rain, to hopefully get it cleaned somewhat. Perhaps if it was clean enough, he could leave it near some road, so it would look like some sort of accident. Leaving it in the park was out of the question, now that it looked like his human self. Ichigo could be suspected of murder. Somewhere next to a road a good end away from there, it would be.

The final thing Kisshu would do, was bury the sword. As the body was being cleaned by the rain, he dug a hole near the cherry tree and carefully placed the sword in it. For a moment or two, he looked at the sword with a vacant expression, but then he shook it off and closed the hole up. Just as he finished that, he realised that it had stopped raining.

He dragged the body with him through Tokyo, until he found a suitable spot. There he put it down and without looking back, he left it.

As he washed off the bloodstains in a small river, he realised two things: One, it was beginning to get lighter, so he would have to hurry up a little, otherwise Ichigo might notice that he's gone. Two, he had been terribly lucky. The lightening had finished that guy off, before he could do it. As if someone up there didn't want him to be the one to actually kill that guy.

Smiling, he looked up at the sky, where he saw the clouds become less dark. Yes, it would take a while until they would all be gone, but that didn't matter. He would be patient. He had the girl of his dreams with him now, after all. '…Yup. Someone up there definitely loves me.' He thought cheerfully.

With that thought still on his mind, he took off again. He was heading back to Ichigo. He was heading back home. 'Ah, home…'

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