It had been three years since Roze met Sesshomaru, and as usual there was absolutely nothing to do in the tiny village, or so Aria thought. She sighed and stood up from her post on the top of the tallest building in the village, which would be a second story inn, and started walking around the village, as if she were unofficially patrolling of it. Ever since Sesshomaru came and went, the villagers had been a bit spooked about any demons other than Roze and Aria coming to it. As Aria neared the opposite side of the village, she heard a sudden rustle of some type of robes and quickly turned in the direction. Seeing nothing, she kept walking, this time with her ears set to hear any strange or unusual noises. She didn't have to wait much longer before a demon in a white baboon suite dropped down to the ground in front of her. She took out her sword and assumed a battle stance, waiting for him to attack her. Instead of arming himself though, he just stood there, looking at her. What caught Aria off guard though was what he said to her.

"You are Aria, the hanyou sister of Roze. Am I right?"

"Half-sister actually. How do you know that? Who are you?" Aria demanded as she narrowed her eyes at him.

"I am Naraku," he answered, and made a sweeping motion of his arm, almost as if he did this kind of thing daily...

"Naraku?" She asked to make sure that's what he said.

"Yes. I am your sister's…"

She interrupted him before he could go into any details She'd rather not hear.

"Okay whatever. I don't really care what you are to my sister, but why did you just show up all of a sudden?"

"I came to explain the... incident that happened three years ago," he stated, and as he said it, Aria's hair stood on end. She knew that whatever he was going to say next was not going to be good.

"What are you talking about?" She whispered, and swallowed a bit nervously. This guy's presence just gives me the creeps. She thought to herself.

"The truth about what happened between Roze and Sesshomaru." He stated.

"How do you know about that?" Aria asked him.

Naraku started explaining exactly what happened three years ago as if you knew everything about the two of them.

"You mean you inflicted that wound on my sister?" Aria exclaimed.

"Yes. For two simple purposes…" Naraku started.

"And what was that? Why did you have to do that?"

"So that Sesshomaru wouldn't have anyone to avenge him after I kill him, that would be too much trouble and…"

"You almost killed my sister for that reason! I can't believe you!" Aria snapped as she interrupted him again.

"Since I am your sister's…."

"I don't care what you are to my sister! Even if you were her best friend, you certainly hate her now! Why did you tell me this anyway?" Aria interrupted him a third time.

"I was hoping you would give me some information if I told you the truth about it." Naraku answered her as if being interrupted didn't bother him.

"What information might that be?" Aria asked haughtily.

"Did Roze and Sesshomaru have a child?" he asked her.

Aria narrowed her eyes at him. If I say yes he'll go kill everyone. I have to keep that a secret for their sake. She quickly thought to herself. "No, they didn't get to because of you!" She snapped at him.

"Are you sure? You looked surprised at my question." He taunted her.

"Of course I was! How could they have done anything? They were only with each other for a couple of days!"

"I see. Thank you. I will leave you then." Naraku stated and suddenly disappeared.

Aria ran into the cottage and saw Roze is sitting in the room with a little girl about two years old. "Roze!" she exclaimed a little out of breath as she entered the room.

"What is it?" Roze asked.

"Can I talk to you outside for a minute?" Aria asked her as calmly as she could.

Roze got up and they walked outside. Aria explained to her about Naraku and what he had told her. All of a sudden Roze holds her chest in pain and falls to her knees.

"Sister, are you okay?" Aria asked with concern.

"I haven't been okay since that day two years ago." Roze answered.

"But we cured you didn't we?" Aria asked.

"I've always thought about it…I'm lucky that…I lived this long…" Roze hesitated.

"It wasn't Sesshomaru that said that to you!" Aria exclaimed.

"Either way I love him and he shouldn't have left… that was the biggest mistake of my life…" she trailed at the end.

"Sister, please don't die on me!" Aria exclaimed.

"I can't keep living like this…I'm dying…I've been dying since that day…"

"But you can't die, you're not even hurt anymore!"

"Aria! Shut up and listen to me! …I am hurt I've had a broken heart since that day and I have one thing I wish for you to do for me…" Roze told her.

"What's that?" Aria asked ready to do anything for her sister.

"Take Mara…to…Sesshomaru." She told Aria hesitantly.

"What?" Aria questioned.

"If I die then I want her to live with Sesshomaru." Roze answered.

"Sister, I thought you hated him." Aria opposed her.

"The truth is…Sesshomaru shouldn't have left…he was telling the truth he really did love me…and I love him…when you find him please tell him that for me…also she needs to live with him since I don't know his capabilities or much about him he would be the only one…that could…" she started hesitantly and broke off at the end wincing in pain.

"Sister! Please you can't die! I won't let you die of a broken heart!"

"Go find Sesshomaru… take Mara to him…and tell Mara that I died…" Roze answered between gasps of breath as tears started rolling down her cheeks.

"What?" Aria exclaimed in surprise.

"I said go!" Roze snapped back at her.

"Why do you want me to tell Mara that?" Aria asked.

"It will be the only way she'll go with you." Roze answered her and dragged herself into the forest and out of sight.

"Please stay alive." Aria stated as if it were a prayer. She walked back into the cottage and saw the little girl sitting in the same place she was when Roze was there. "Mara?" she addressed her.

"Yes, Auntie Ria?" the little girl answered.

"Do you want to see your daddy?" Aria asked her trying to sound enthusiastic.

"Is mommy coming?" Mara asked.

"No. You have to go see daddy by yourself." Aria answered.

"But what about mommy?"

"There's no easy way to say this Mara…" Aria started as she started to cry. "Mommy died."

"No!" Mara exclaimed and immediately started to cry.

"She told me before she died to take you to see your daddy." Aria told her gently as she tried to calm her.

"Otay." Mara sniffled trying to be a big girl and stop crying.

Aria took Mara's hand and lead her outside. They walk a little ways until Aria picks her up and they leave the village to find Sesshomaru. After two weeks of searching Aria was starting to think she'd never see Sesshomaru and quite frankly she really didn't want to in the first place.

"Auntie Ria, how long is it going to take to find daddy?" Mara asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"I don't know Mara." Aria answered her again as she'd done so many times before in the last two weeks. "We'll find him when we find him." Aria answered as she continued looking. Finally she spotted him in the distance. She stopped for a second and glanced at Mara. Well I finally found him. I wonder how he's going to react to this. Aria thought to herself as she stared at him in the distance. "Mara, stay here for a minute. You can me follow in a couple minutes okay?" she asked as she put her down by a tree.

"Otay." Mara answered.

Aria started walking toward him. Sesshomaru noticed and turned realizing who it was immediately. "Sesshomaru?" she asked.

"Aria. Why are you here?" he questioned.

"My sister sent me." Aria answered.

"That's hard to believe. She's dead isn't she?" Sesshomaru stated emotionlessly.

"Well yes…but…she told me to find you before she died." Aria answered as she narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Why is that?" Sesshomaru asked her annoyed.

"She managed to live along time after that incident." Aria stated.

"Answer my question why did she send you?" Sesshomaru demanded.

"First of all she told me to tell you that she made a mistake telling you to leave, and that she did love you." Aria told him deciding that would be best to tell him first to see his reaction.

"Interesting. Anything else?" Sesshomaru asked her somewhat less than amused.

"Also before she died she had a…" Aria started to say before Mara appeared next to her.

"Auntie Ria…" Mara started.

"Aunt Aria?" Sesshomaru questioned now somewhat interested.

"Sesshomaru, meet your daughter Mara. Mara, this is your daddy." Aria introduced them. Sesshomaru's eyes widened as he stared at the little girl in shock. "My sister told me to find you because she wants Mara to live with you." Sesshomaru was speechless still staring at the little girl. "Are you going to take her or not?" Aria asked after a minute with no answer from him. He continues staring acting as if he's ignoring her. "It was my sister's dying wish that you take care of her! Are you just going to deny her as your child? She's wanted to meet you ever since she started talking!" Aria finally exclaimed after no answer.

"I will take her then." Sesshomaru stated blankly.

Aria bent down to Mara's height. "Mara, since mommy is gone you're going to stay with daddy now okay?" she told her.

"Will I still get to see you Auntie?" Mara asked her.

"I don't know Mara…" Aria answered her. I really don't feel comfortable leaving you with him in the first place but I will only because it was Roze's last wish. Aria quickly thought to herself.

"Then I don't want to…" Mara stated.

"Mara… it was mommy's dying wish that you be with your daddy…don't you want mommy's last wish to come true?" Aria asked her gently.

"I guess." Mara answered hesitantly.

"I'll see you when I can, okay?" she asked her.

"Otay." Mara answered solemnly.

"You will take care of her right?" Aria asked Sesshomaru as she stood up after hugging Mara.

"Of course. If she really is mine then I have a reason to take care of her." Sesshomaru answered.

"Oh she's yours alright!" Aria answered him almost sarcastically.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Sesshomaru snapped back.

"First of all she looks exactly like you except for her eyes. Secondly she even acts like you!" Aria exclaimed at him.

"You want to repeat that?" Sesshomaru snarled baring his poison claws at her.

"You wouldn't kill me in front of Mara would you?" Aria asked him challengingly. Sesshomaru stopped snarling and put his arm down not baring his claws anymore as he looked at Mara who was now shaking in fear.

"Do you really want to kill Auntie Ria?" Mara asked her lip trembling with fear as moisture started to collect in the corners of her eyes.

"No, Mara, he wouldn't really kill me, he's just gets a little hotheaded sometimes. I'm going to leave you in daddy's care now alright?" Aria answered before Sesshomaru could say anything. She quickly hugged Mara one last time and disappeared leaving her with Sesshomaru.

"Lord Sesshomaru, who's the girl?" Rin asked him as she and Jaken walked up behind him.

"This is my daughter." Sesshomaru answered.

"Lord Sesshomaru, you never told me…"

"Jaken! Don't ask questions." Sesshomaru told him.

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru." Jaken answered.

"What's her name Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked him.

"Ask her yourself." Sesshomaru answered.

"My name is Rin, what's yours?" Rin asked politely.

"Mara. Are you my sisar?" Mara asked.

"No she's not." Sesshomaru answered Mara.

"She isn't? Who is she?" Mara asked.

"She just follows me around." He answered.

"And him?" Mara questioned as she pointed at Jaken.

"He follows me around too." Sesshomaru answered.

"I play." Mara stated after a little while and started to run off.

"Mara." Sesshomaru stated as he appeared in front of her.

"Yes daddy?"

"If you're going to live with me you will have rules to follow."

"Rules? What kind?"

"Don't run off too far. If you do want to explore make sure I know about it and that Jaken goes with you…" he started explaining. This was going to be hard to raise a child. Sesshomaru hadn't even thought this would happen to him.

"Otay daddy."

"Mara, one more thing, if I leave for a few days don't get too worried and when I'm gone listen to Jaken." Sesshomaru added.

"Otay daddy. Can I play now?" she asked him. Sesshomaru nods slightly. Mara starts exploring. After an hour or so she wanders out of Sesshomaru's sight.

"Jaken!" Sesshomaru suddenly called.

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Where's Mara?" he askd.

"Uh…I don't know Lord Sesshomaru…"

"Find her and bring her back." Sesshomaru ordered him.

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru." Jaken answered and quickly ran off to find Mara. After a while Jaken comes back into the clearing with Mara.

"I told you not to wander off." Sesshomaru scolded slightly.

"I play." Mara stated happily.

"I know. Listen to me. If you wander off, always make sure that me or Jaken is in your sight." Sesshomaru told her. How many times was he going to have to repeat that? He hated repeating himself.

"Otay daddy." Mara answered as she started pestering Jaken with Rin joining in the fun. After a while Mara runs off again and Jaken has to find her yet again. Sesshomaru again repeats himself telling not to run off and this time explaining about the creatures that would kill her. Although she still runs off and has to be brought back by Jaken just about every day.

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