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Chapter 1: Jack

The quite foggy night air was disturbed by the sound of a woman crying for help while running and something that sound like laughter. When both sounds suddenly stop everyone who hade heard knew why, Jack had gotten to his prey. There in the middle of the cobblestone street under a dim street light was a young woman lying in a pool of her own blood caused by the large cut on her neck which was causing her once white satin dress to slowly being tainted red with her own blood and a few feet away from this unfortunate corpse was the reason for her death the "Mad Clown" Jack the Slayer.

Who was giggling and doing some kind of freaky victory dance that looked like some deranged form of capoeira with mad delight as he twirled the woman's bracelet which had a bright blue stone on it around his bandaged wrist, when he stopped he slowly raised the stone so it was in front of his bandaged face, he looked at it with sheer glee and then stared whispering to himself over and over again the same phase "I found you" "I found you" "I found you".

This puzzled the only person who had seen the whole ordeal, a young girl in fact who was crying for the poor woman who lay dead on the floor where. The young girl looked Japanese she wore a green kimono that came down to her the middle of her thighs and the sleeves were long which covered most her arms but left her hands free to do as she pleased, she wore a very large blue sash around her whist which was tied into a bow from behind, the lower part of her legs had purple wrapping around them, she wore a pair of traditional gatas (wooden sandals), to top off her strange appearance her hair was done up in an unusual bun, she was known as Ayame and she was going to get to the bottom of this mad man's behavior.

Unfortunately she hade made a very big mistake, which was that when she started crying she had adverted her eyes from the tragic scene so she couldn't have seen that Jack had spotted her and had already snuck up behind her. Ayame's watery eyes shot wide open the second that she felt cold and blooded steel on her neck and all she could do was slowly turn around to see Jack staring at her with his sole red eye with hints of excitement and confusing in it. Before she had the chance to say anything Jack asked her "why you spying on Jack?" his eye never blinking making it even harder not to be scared of this man.

After what seemed like hours Ayame finally spoke "I saw what you did" she stated with a voice that was covered with fear. Jack only hummed at her response as he slowly inched his face closer to hers to see if she was lying. The moment he saw Ayame's face Jack's body froze, then dropped his knives and grabbed his head, Ayame couldn't understand what was going on, but to Jack his head felt like it was slowly and painfully being split in half. Memories came flooding into Jack's twisted mind images of a girl or was it a women he didn't know but it wasn't this girl he just caught, the memories felt distanced as if he had forgotten them a long time ago and were now bombard him like no tomorrow he felt dizzy, panic, sadness, nausea and pain LOTS OF WHITE HOT HELLISH PAIN threaten to rip his twisted mind apart. During his whole mental meltdown Ayame could only stare as it seemed that this "man" was in horrible agony as he held his head gasping for air and was staggering around trying to keep his balance, sounding like he was about to unload the contents of his stomach all over the cobblestone pavement, Ayame knew she had to help so she did the one thing she could do, with speed only someone who had been practicing since before they could talk could pull off, she knock Jack out with a well placed chop on his neck after which Jack fell to the floor and just laid they limp on the ground. After that the only thing Ayame could do was stare at the prone mad man and asks a single and in her mind simple question knowing that Jack wouldn't respond "what happened to you, to make you like this?"

Sorry if it's going to hard to understand the way Jack talks but please bear with me.I just saw the Power Stone anime on youtube and realized I was no way close to jack's way of speaking (he speaks like a child/baby sometimes) and laughs ALOT.