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Chapter 2: Emotions

Slowly opening his one good eye Jack began to regain conciseness, the sun shown on him through the window forcing him to block it from his eye with his hands as he sluggishly lifted himself to a sitting position rubbing his bandaged head, the last things he could remember was seeing a girl, a lot of jumbled memories, hot burning pain, then everything went black as the last memory set into Jack's mind he carefully observed his surroundings and what he saw was the last thing he expected. Now Jack was insane but even he thought it was crazy that after passing out in the middle of the street he would be in a dark, damp, rat filled old jail-cell not a very lavished looking hotel room. As he shifted around he noticed that he didn't have his knives with him which caused his head to darted from side trying to find his missing "partners" headache be damned.

He found them both on the bedstead to the right of him and quickly scooped them up into his hands and he was very surprised to find them completely sparkling clean there wasn't a drop of blood on them. After staring at his clean "shiny" knives he slipped them into the holsters in his jacket, seeing his knives clean was something completely new to Jack since he never bothered to clean them especially after finding his "friend". That single word made him realize that during the blank part of his memory that he might of dropped him, when he thought crossed his mind he went into a spastic fit and thus he began to search the room like well a mad man. Five minutes later the room was in complete shambles as there were pieces of cloth torn ever where drawers ripped out of their places even the pillows on the king sized bed were gutted on the off chance that his "friend" was hidden in them. After turning the room inside out and not finding what he searched for Jack fell into a fetal position and started to cry rocking himself back and forth.

Unknown to him that all the time Jack was looking for his "friend" Ayame had been looking on through a crack in the door as if she was watching a movie. She had seen him as he began his frantic search and the whole time Ayame had Jack's "friend" in her hands transfixed watch Jack throw a king sized tantrum like a child that couldn't find it's favorite toy. She saw him tear the room apart the whole time while he kept calling out "where are you?" as if he expected the stone to answer him. What she didn't understand was why Jack the Slayer the "Mad Clown" was so obsessed with this stone and why he kept calling out to it like it was a person. She started to think of reasons and the first was because he had stolen it after killing the innocent woman last night which Ayame had buried in an appropriate grave in an open field, but she soon tossed that idea out of the window when she saw that Jack started sobbing like a small child who had just lost it's mother. The sound of him crying was surprisingly heartbreaking to and so she decided to make herself know.

Jack jerked his head to the right as he saw the girl from last night walk into the now destroyed room with a look of confusion and worry on her face. He then lowered his gaze and saw that she had a tray of fruit in her hands to which he quietly asked "Is that for Jack?" she nodded and set the tray down on the floor next to Jack who after seeing the fruit on the tray realized he was very hungry. He slowly and carefully reached out to grab an apple from the tray and with his free hand moved some of the bandages around his mouth so he could bit into the apple he held in his wrapped fingers.

While Jack finished his apple and reached out for another piece of fruit Ayame sat on her legs looking at the way he acted when he wasn't on the prowl. She would know as she had followed him last night after see saw him jump across the rooftops. The way Jack moved and his attitude when he when hurting was completely different to his actions now. Ayame had noticed that when Jack hunted he used his trademark insect like way of moving by bending himself forward at the knees and using his knives like feet, Jack looked like a spider when he ran, he was agile, highly flexible and seemed to know where everything was when he was hunting not to mention his constant giggling was bone chilling to hear on a dark street at night. None of that existed now as she saw him finish another fruit and then set it down on the tray it was brought on. He acted like a normal person now "well as normal as someone like him could act" thought Ayame. She had gathered enough courage to ask something she had been wanting to ask Jack for the past hour "what's your real name Jack?" his only reaction was his pupil moving to look at her a an almost confused gaze "Jack it is the only name he has" he answered with a voice full of depression which didn't go unnoticed by her but did leave her a bit discouraged to ask her next question. So she quickly gathered up he courage and asked "how did you get like this?"