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SibunaEds123: Who wants to do the disclaimer?

Jerome: I will.

SibunaEds123: Oh, hey there Jerome! Are you ok-

Jerome: I'm okay now don't worry. [smiles and touches my shoulder]

SibunaEds123: [melts] Good to know!

Jerome: She doesn't own House of Anubis and any of us. Yet, she owns the username SibunaEds123 and a picture of me. She thinks I'm sexaayyy and -

SibunaEds123: I see you're back to yourself again eh? [Throws pillow at him] OUT!

Fabian's POV

Months passed and Jerome was back to himself now. He's the old prankster dude, not taking things seriously. Maybe this is better, right? I mean, it's better than seeing him hurt.

"What do you think?" Nina asked me after Jerome, who was laughing very hard, threw a ball to Alfie.

"Progress. He moved on now. I'm glad."

"Me too." She grinned. I really love this girl. Ever since she came to this house, I always wake up in the morning earlier than I am used to so I can just fix myself for her. I never felt this way before. She was the apple to my pie. The straw to my berry. Oh. What am I thinking? I rubbed my head and she looked at me, confused.

"Why? Is there something wrong?"

"No. No." I reassured her. I stood up, went to my room, grabbed my guitar and went back to where Nina is.

"Wanna hear a song?" I winked at her while fixing my guitar. She smiled and said, "Yeah. I would love to."

"Cause I've had the time of my life. And I've never felt this way before. And I swear this is true. And I owe it all to you." I was circling her. We're the only persons in the living room. She stared at me with her beautiful eyes and said nothing. She was nodding her head as if moving to the beat.

"So I'm telling you something, this could be love." I kissed her at the cheek and she blushed. I was about kiss her again when Amber walked in with Mara. They looked at us and Mara said, "Did we disturb something?"

"Nope." Nina laughed and so did I.

"You guys are following Jertricia's path!" Amber sat beside me and smiled. "Just tell me Nina that you don't have a relationship with Mr. Sweet."

"I was thinking about that but I turned down his offer." Nina answered seriously.

"Seriously?" Amber suddenly stood up and looked at her in disbelief.

"Nah." Her expression made me laugh.

Amber sat again and laughed.

"Yeah Yeah Yeah. Sure. Coming." I heard Mara said. We turned to Mara who was talking to someone over the phone. "I'm coming Mick, okay?" She immediately took after the last sentence.

"What's with them?" I asked Nina.

She turned to me and said, "Maybe it was just a date."

"Yes. A very special romantic date." We both looked at Amber for an explanation. "Mick said it's their anniversary."

"But it's still not their anniversary. Tomorrow is." I turned to Nina who was giggling now.

"I know right. Mick is so helpless." Amber flipped the page of the magazine she was reading.

Jerome and Alfie were now back on the room. Patricia, who was obviously listening to her Ipod, said something like, "Tell me if I take your breath away."

"You did." Jerome muttered in a low voice. All of us who were in the room, including Patricia, looked at him.

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