Chapter Six - Loving

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Tonks is the same age as Remus in this fic and Teddy will be the same age as Harry!

WARNINGS: SLASH: RemusxSirius and possibly other pairings later on.

It had been a week since Remus had been allowed out of the hospital; he was still not allowed to get out of bed though he could now wiggle his toes without having agony shoot up his legs. Sirius however was an agony that he couldn't get over, especially when the dark haired wizard insisted on coming over every day for at least some amount of time. Teddy loved it but to Remus it was painful, yet every day he felt more of himself relax around Sirius who seemed determined not to give up.

He was surprised when he Floo flared up for the second time that day however, Andromeda and Ted were already here, Sirius had left an hour ago after staying for lunch. Remus till found it hard to see the wizard without the pain in his chest. He didn't know who it could be.

"Hey Remus." It was Lily, she had a pained look on her face but hid it a second later as the floo flared once more and James stepped out holding Harry who grinned as soon as he saw Teddy shouting to be let down.

Remus didn't know what to say, he knew that they knew since Sirius was bound to have told them. They hadn't been to see him however so he had assumed that they didn't want anything to do with him.

"We're sorry we didn't come sooner mate but Sirius said that you were still recovering and not in the mood for guests." James said shrugging slightly.

"Try telling him that." Remus muttered. Lily then ran over and pulled him into a hug trying to be gentle but failing miraculously.

"Oh Remus, you look terrible! All bandaged and bruised, Sirius told us everything! I'm sorry he's such an idiot! I almost cursed him to hell and back for what he said to you but he does love you. We love you too Remus and we would never let something like this come between our friendship, you're like the brother I never had!" Lily cried in what must have been all in one breath.

"Uh, yeah what she said." James said awkwardly. He held out a bar of Honeydukes' finest. "Know how much you love the stuff."

"Thanks James." He smiled as Lily let go and broke into the chocolate immediately catching the attention of the two boys who ran over begging for some chocolate, Remus couldn't say no to them and gave them each a piece.

"I'm glad you're okay Mr Lupin. Teddy's been really upset with you ill so I've been doing my bestest to make him happy again." Harry said sincerely and Remus smiled at him.

"Thank you Harry." He said softly letting the boys go back to their play. Lily went into the kitchen to fetch drinks for everyone.

"Remus, you know Sirius loves you yeah?" James suddenly blurted out causing Remus to give him an odd look. "Lily sort of forbade me for saying this but it's just that he won't shut up about you. It's killing him that you won't talk to him properly and while I know what he did was horrible he really didn't mean it and he does love you, like more than I've seen with anyone else."

Remus sighed and looked away for a moment.

"I just…I'm a werewolf James." James gave him a confused look.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"I'm a werewolf and he's…he's Sirius." Remus said trying to get his point across without actually having to say it. James however was as dense as ever. "He's too good for me. I'm giving him a way out without him having to do it himself."

James' mouth dropped open as recognition dawned on him.

"But that's ridiculous!" James exclaimed just as Lily came back in the room, James instantly shut up and Remus refused to say any more on the subject.

When James and Lily left it was late and Remus was exhausted from having to stay up for so long without a nap in the middle like he had been having throughout the days he had been in bed. He fell asleep quickly, without any prompting.

"Hey Remus." Sirius said as he exited the floo and he seemed a lot happier than he had been in the last week visiting him. Remus couldn't help but wonder why as he struggled to keep up his cold front.

"Sirius!" Teddy yelled running up to the dark haired man, his hair swiftly shifting to black. Remus frowned as he noticed the boy's skin pale. Soon he wouldn't be able to recognise the boy at all.

"Hey little buddy, mind if I talk to your Dad alone for a bit?" Teddy shrugged before running off to his bedroom to do Merlin knows what. Sirius moved up closer to Remus and sat perched on the bed. Remus stiffened and tried to move away. Sirius hadn't been this forward since before his injury.

"What are you doing?" Remus asked stiffly.

"A little bird told me that you aren't really mad at me anymore, even if you have every right to be!" Sirius said sounding a lot more cheerful than his sentence implied he should be. Remus' stomach dropped as he figured it out, James had told Sirius what he had said.

"Look Sirius-" Remus froze as he was cut off by a soft pair of lips. He and Sirius hadn't kissed since before the last full moon.

"No, I've decided that if you get to be unreasonable then I get to be too." Sirius was positively grinning. "I love you. You are plenty too good for me and if you tell anyone different again I will cast silencio on you, you idiot!"

"Sirius-" Remus was cut off once more and he shot a glare at Sirius, albeit a weak one.

"I love you. I love you, I love you!" Sirius chanted. "I am never going to let you go so if you try to make me leave I'll come back. I love you."

"Sirius…" He wasn't cut off this time but he didn't know what to say. Sirius just grinned and kissed him again.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I…I love you too." Remus murmured.

"I know." Sirius grinned and Remus gave him a confused look. "You told me when you were in hospital under the drugs, I don't think you meant to say it, but it's what kept me coming back here without giving up hope."

"You sound so cheesy." The werewolf muttered and Sirius just shrugged.

"What are you going to do about it?" He laughed kissing Remus softly. "You know I mean it right?"

"Yeah." Remus mumbled lying back down in bed feeling thoroughly exhausted from the events, even if it had only been a few minutes. Teddy peered cautiously into the room and when he saw they weren't talking he climbed up onto the bed between them.

"Are you done fighting?" He asked quietly, Remus nodded sleepily wrapping his arm around his son as his hair shifted to brown but his skin stayed pale and his eyes silver.

"Papa needs some sleep." Teddy whispered loudly to Sirius who chuckled before lifting the covers and slipping underneath before he pulled Teddy in too.

"You can help him sleep then." Sirius chuckled as Teddy sunk into his dad who was already asleep. He looked at both of them and smiled softly before sinking down much as Teddy did and closing his eyes. Yeah, he wasn't going anywhere.