200 B.C. Ancient Egypt

The man looked up at the Majestic sight of the Great Sphinx and wondered - a monument this size surely could not have been built by human hands, he thought to himself. What purpose does this massive structure serve? His musings were short lived as he heard a faint whisper on the humid desert breeze. He was completely baffled and quickly looked around before moving further out into the sunlight. The strange voice repeated itself. The man was now fully alert and moving further onto the pathway which led to the front paws of the Sphinx, he surveyed the area; his head moving left to right trying to see anything out of the ordinary.

As he drew closer to the Sphinx paws he stopped and briefly looked back over his shoulder, he thought he heard a faint sound but rejected the idea; he aligned himself in front of the Sphinx and off in the distance, through the shimmering heat could make out the Great Pyramid. Suddenly his head snapped ahead and he looked at the Dream Stelae in between the Sphinx's paws; there was a sudden click and grating sound and the stone began to move. The man moved forward slowly, crouched and waited.

He didn't need to wait long, the Stelae was now completely merged with the sand on the ground, two torches were lit just inside the entrance, slowly he moved forward, timing his steps as if his life depended on it.

Far off in the sky, the star Sirius in the distance shone extremely bright and began to pulsate as if on cue with the Stelae entrance being revealed.

The man moved inside the entrance and tiptoed softly further on. The doorway suddenly came up and closed, sealing the only way.

Hours later…

Sand rippled away from the desert floor a few hundred yards from the front of the Sphinx, a secret entrance with a crumbling limestone staircase revealed itself and the man walked out of the darkness looking up and around; everything had a feeling of complete stillness.

Something inside him was changed he felt a different purpose, something much stronger than average human desires or needs. He briefly looked down and put his palm against his chest feeling the strange intensity yet familiar pulsating beat. His eyes flashed with a purple glow and he slowly walked in the direction that was calling to him; there were no voices, no fears just purpose…

100 B.C Ancient Persia

…Five stones laid out in a rough pentagonal pattern were activated; rising up from the desert shaking away the dust and dirt of antiquity they revealed odd glyphs etched near the top of each obelisk. A mysterious figure in tattered robes limped near the structure and waved his hand focusing on the faded glyphs; they briefly pulsated with dark purple light and were quickly replaced with charged yellow energy. The figure's task was complete; after millennia guarding these obelisks he could finally rest knowing he had played his part.

The figure slumped to the ground gasping his last breath; his body disintegrated and was carried away with the desert breeze…

54 B.C. Ancient Rome

Pious Augustus is born…