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Set after Day of The Moon.

Paddling pool.

"Amy!" Rory called. He loved the TARDIS, he really did, but he had the strangest ability to get completely lost in it. It was probably because it didn't like him. Resentment from the time he'd made it land inside itself was a likely factor. He didn't mean too it was just… Amy, in a short skirt, with a glass floor between them. What was he supposed to do?

He wandered into another corridor, looking around. He was getting the strangest sense of actually knowing where he was. Bins on the left, stairs to the right, that meant behind him was…

"Are you in the library?" he shouted. A few seconds later a reply came.

"Yes!" He went in to see the strangest sight imaginable. Amy, bikini clad, sitting in a paddling pool. A kids one she was far to big for. Her legs were stretched over one side and her shoulders on the other. He took a second to gulp, look her up and down again and once more gulp before talking.

"Why are you in a paddling pool?"

"Felt like a swim" she replied, grinning. She was holding a glass of wine.

"Isn't there a swimming pool?" he replied, still in a slight state of shock.

"Yeah, but… Shut up!". She shot him a pout. The 'You're right, shut up' pout. It was a good pout, he'd admit. But it wouldn't deter him.

"So-" Wait a second. "Why is there a paddling pool in the library?"

"The Doctor. There used to be a swimming pool in here, but it moved. So he decided he needed some body of water to destroy his books when he starts banging this thing around again"

"Sounds like him" he grinned.


"Oka- What?" he looked at her. Mischievous smirk. He'd have to file that away under favourite Amy expressions.

"Strip. As in clothes, loose them" she replied, taking a gulp of wine.

"Amy, I'm not certain if I'm comfortable-" a pair of swimming trunks hit him in the chest. He caught them and sighed. "There's no way around this, is there?"


"Can I go behind a book shelf?"

"Rory, we're married. I know what you look like naked. I'm rather looking forward to it, actually" A wide grin. She could twist him around her finger like he was a… string. A string of person who loved her to much not to.

"I just feel uncomfortable. In the middle of the Library. What if the Doctor walks in?"

"He wont"

"Why not?"

She leaned forward, grinning. She whispered "The TARDIS is on my side".


"Strip" she answered, in a voice that brokered no argument at the same time as being intensely alluring. Only Amy.

So he stripped. Quickly, of course, but he could feel Amy's eyes on him all the time. He just as quickly pulled the trunks on and, before she could make a joke, slipped into the pool, kind of next-to-facing her.

"So, what gave you the urge to go swimming?" he asked, watching her as she poured a glass of wine for him and topped her own up. When she had finished and handed him his glass she shrugged.

"Remember when we were nine and we went swimming in that lake?"

"The time I was attacked by a fish?"

"It did not attack you. It just… swam at you. Threateningly." She halted, before shooting him a slightly apologetic grin and continuing. "No, the other time."

"When your dad came along and ended up wrestling us both? And winning"

"He cheated!" she shouted quickly, before leaning back, suddenly rather melancholy. It was an odd look for Amy, who almost always seemed alive. Jumping and joking. "Anyway, I remembered the… Other timeline. The one where my parents were…"


"Never there. It suddenly made me feel… homesick. This just seemed to connect me to him somehow" she said. Another gulp of wine. He slipped round so he was next to her, wrapping an arm around her.

"It's OK to be homesick, you know."

"I'm not saying it's not, stupid face" They both grinned for a moment. This had seemed to become Amy's favourite endearing nickname for him. It didn't seem very endearing to anyone else but, Rory felt how the Doctor must have when Amy swore on fish custard. Like they shared something special just by saying it. "I just, am"

"We could go visit them, I know you didn't get a chance when we were settling in, but I'm sure the Doctor wouldn't mind"

"I don't really want to"

"Why not?"

"Because here with my favourite boy and a paddling pool in a library, I feel as home as I ever could" She snuggle into him, grinning into a his chest.

A while later, the Doctor had finally managed to find his way to the library. He'd had to threaten to fix the Chameleon circuit to make any headway. The TARDIS seemed to have taken a liking to her blue form and as much as he pretended, she wore the trousers in their relationship. But if he had a stand to make, he'd make it well.

He wondered how River was. Probably unpacking, he thought with a small grin. She'd kissed him. And he'd kissed her back. Well, her face, but they had both been kissing. It was odd. Not like when he'd kissed Amy, which had seemed wrong, but it had actually been quite nice. Then after, she'd looked so sad. He wondered why. He wasn't that bad, was he? Amy had thought he was OK, and Marilyn had liked it. Maybe he should ask Rory for some tips…

Enough musing, he thought as he pushed his way into the library. He needed to find a book. Something good and devoid of romance. Then he saw them.

Amy and Rory, asleep in a swimming pool. It would be cute if Amy's breasts weren't half hanging out. And Rory wasn't quite so excited.

Should he wake them? He was going to make tea (Well, land them somewhere that served good food) and he didn't want them to starve. He decided he'd land them then wake them up. It was only fair. But as he turned…

"Don't try to sneak away" Amy murmured. He turned, looking especially guilty to see the two of them waking.

After a seconds hesitation, he replied "Sorry, I was just looking for a banana"

"In the library?" Rory said, whilst Amy yawned. The Doctor averted his gaze as the outstretched arms seemed highlight… areas. He looked at Rory, who gave him a 'Good move' nod, before beginning to leave.

"I'm making tea. Well, I say making, I mean I'm going to land us on Varsall 6, home of the nicest Mandalovian burger this side of the cosmos. Thought you'd want to eat."

"Sure, we'll be along in a minute"

"OK. Just don't get… distracted" He said the last word looking like a five year old talking about girls. Disgust... And possible interest. Not in them but... River was quite attractive.

As the Doctor left, Rory turned to Amy.

"How did you get your top back on so fast?" he asked, slightly amazed.

"Never mind my top, what about your trunks?"

"Going out with you while you lived at home, I learned a few tricks" he said, grinning. "Can't quite do everything though" he said, looking down at his trunks, which were strangely tent like.

"We still have some time" Amy retorted, grinning. She pulled him in for a good, long snog when they heard a shout.

"Don't have sex in the library!"

Rory and Amy grinned, each looking equally ready to laugh.

"To late for that"

A disgusted "OH!" was their only reply.