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It had been a week. A whole week since it had happened, and he hadn't spoken a word to Amy. They'd passed each other in the school halls a couple of times. She'd even bumped in to him once. They'd grinned nervously at each other, but then quickly moved past one another. She'd been spending her time with Mels, he assumed. He had been hanging around with a couple of the guys, but his heart wasn't really in it. He'd mostly been moping. She'd thought he was gay. And then he'd ran.

And he wasn't ready to face her. Now that she knew. He wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to face the woman he loved again. He wouldn't look in to her eyes, cause he knew what he'd see.


Pity at the idiot boy who thought that she could love him back.

How was he supposed to face that?

So he avoided her.

And lost his best friend in the process. Lost his best friend because he couldn't control his stupid heart. He growled at the ceiling.

Idiot. Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot.

That's what he was. A fool. And idiot. A moron.

His stupid infatuation with Amy had ruined his friendship. His one, true friendship. Sure, he had mates. But she was his best friend.

And he'd messed it all up. He was so bloody fantastic wasn't he? Rory. Rory Williams, the screw up. The wimpy, mousey, screw-up.

This whole thing was just bloody fantastic.

And yet… he had to go see her.

Amy glared at the television. If looks could kill, it would be scrap metal by now. Not that she was angry at the television of course. Why would she be angry at the television? Unless Big Brother was on of course, but she reserved rights to be angry at that show.

She remembered Rory, sitting with her one evening whilst watching Big Brother, declaring that he'd rather be watching Teletubbies. She smiled at the memory, then giggled slightly at the next memory, of the two actually watching Teletubbies and having a far better time than they would have watching Big Brother.

Then, she remembered why she had been glaring at the television in the first place and went back to doing that without missing a beat. She was angry.

At Rory.

Well, she wasn't angry at Rory. More… about him.

For a while she'd tried to be angry at him for walking away from her. She really had. She'd tried to fume, and when that failed, sulk. But nothing really stuck. It all seemed to slide off of her and be replaced by the one thought that stuck.

Did she like him too?

Well. She liked him. In a more than friend way. But Rory. Rory liked her a lot. And she didn't want to sound arrogant when she said that. But, as Mels had helpfully explained, it was true.

And she… she didn't know how she felt. It was a confusing mess of thoughts running around in her head.

But, she did know one thing. One very important thing that would hugely shape what she was about to do.

She liked him enough to try.

Without really having to think about it, she took off down the stairs and towards the door.

"Where are you going?" came a male voice from behind her. She turned. Her dad smiled at her. "It's late, you realise?" he said, stepping forward.

She hadn't actually realised.

"How late?" she asked timidly. She may be twice his height, but she wouldn't go against her dad. He was just too damn likable. It would be like arguing with an over excited five year old. You could never win cause you'd spend half the argument smiling with them.

"Nearly midnight" he said. "On February thirteenth… Hmmm. Going anywhere special?"

Oh, he knew.

But she had forgotten the date. Valentines Day hadn't seemed to matter when the only person she had to share it with was Mels.

"Um… Rory's" she said, lowering her head. He smiled at her knowingly.

"I suppose this is about the fact you two haven't spoken all week?" he asked, amused.


"And you're going to tell him you like him?"

"…How do you know that? I don't even know that" she said, eying him suspiciously.

"Do you remember when I took you and Rory down to the lake, and we wrestled-"

"You cheated"

"He let you climb on his shoulders so you'd have a better chance of reaching me. You were so young. But I knew. I knew then that you were going to end up together, you looked so happy together. Like you could just be together forever, and never get bored, or tired of each other. You looked like, no matter what, you'd stick through it, together. That's how I know" he said, smiling at her softly, nostalgically.

"I am. Yes, I am" Amy nodded, remembering the moment vividly. She smiled.

"He knows that if he hurts you, I'll make sure he has a slow, painful death?" he asked jovially. She smiled.

"Oh, he knows" she said.

"Good" he nodded.

"And… mum, won't know about any of this?" she asked.

"Not a word" he said, still nodding. "Now go. Get Rory. God knows we've been waiting for this crap to end for far to long"

"Aren't you going to wish me luck?" she said, walking backwards to the door.

"I would if I thought you needed it" he said.

"Love you dad!" she said, taking a moment to rush forward and hug him before leaving.

"Love you to Amy" he shouted after her.

"Mum" Rory called. She appeared in the doorway to the living room and watched him pull his shoes on.

"Where are you going Rory?" she asked. From behind her, Dusty Springfield sang. "It's nearly midnight"

"Amy" he said simply. She rolled her eyes.

"Go then" she said, and shoed him out.

They met halfway. Both had decided to take the same shortcut across one of Leadworths many, many fields, to each others houses.

The wind silently swayed the grass as their eyes met. Rory took in every detail of her. Her nightgown billowing around her ankles, her hair tangling softly around her face. The moonlight reflecting in her eyes and playing off of her pale skin. He breath, visible in the cold, curled softly upwards in a spiral.

Amy drunk in Rory. His tousled hair, messed up beyond all recognition. His ruffled pyjamas and his untied shoelaces, both too small, drawn against his body. His breath, pumping quickly from his heaving chest. His eyes, filled with hopes and dreams, resting on her own and watering.

As one, their lips turned upwards, two identical smiles reflecting back on one another, seemingly in to eternity.

They didn't waste times with pleasantries. Hello's, how do you do's? All unimportant. All would be lost in the void that seemed to engulf the space between them. But it was filling, swelling, with tension, passion, building like water behind a damn, pushing, pressing, readying it to break.

Rory's mouth moved to say something that may have been a 'Hi' to any sort of human brain. But here, it was a magic word. It smashed the damn in to a million tiny pieces, and everything rushed forward.

They were in each others arms faster the wild fire. Lips rushed like tides to one another, and the waves broke as the kiss to end all kisses deepened to a thousand little movements, twitches, lips, running against one another. Then the waves built back, and with it, passion between the two rose.

It was not a perfect kiss. Neither had the experience to know how to have a perfect kiss, or even a great kiss. On a technical level, it was a high C, maybe a low B.

But on an effort level? It couldn't be graded, couldn't be coded, or quantified, or described.

To an outside observer, it looked like a passionate amateur kiss.

But in it? In the heat of the moment, in the swelling chests and beads of sweat? It was as if everything were in tune, as if they had become everything and were sucking every ounce of pleasure from the world around.

They were raging fires. The night seemed to swell around them filling with energy, as they pulled apart and panted for breath. Neither wanted to stop, but both had to.

"Hi yourself" Amy replied. One of Rory's hand seemed to have found its way to the back of her head in the moment, and the other to her waist. Her hands were linked behind his back. Neither let go. They smiled at each other, and to each other, they looked like a sunrise.

"I love you" Rory said simply.

"I love you too. Since the moment I understood what it is, I think I've loved you" she said, closing one eye slightly, a little tick to show she was thinking.

"I never thought it was possible" Rory said. "For you to love me, the way I love you. For you to feel this… this. I always thought you'd go for a handsome, charming rich man. You could be anywhere. I don't know why you'd settle for me"

"Settle? Rory, that's why sometimes, you're a moron. I don't settle for you. I rise, everyday, to stand on the same plain of existence as you. You're smart, and funny, and handsome, and charming. And beyond all that, beyond everything else. You're Rory."

"And you're Amy" he noted.

"We're Rory and Amy. I don't think, that in a million other universes, there's a single one where we aren't together"

"Bit dramatic" he said, smiling. She laughed, then smacked him lightly on the arm.

"Don't ruin the moment, you jack-off" she said, pouting and returning her hand to his waist.

"Because hitting and insulting me isn't ruining the moment at all" he noted dryly. She glared at him.

"Just kiss me again, you doof" she said.

He obliged her.

Somewhere, Rory's watch beeped midnight. He pulled back from her for a second to grin.

"Happy Valentines Day, Madam Pond"

So, there's the finale. It seemed right to end with them getting together, as it's something important. I also included a little call back to Paddling Pool, the first one I wrote for this, as I felt it rounded it a bit more.

However, there is an epilogue to read, so if you would proceed kindly, I will say a few words at the bottom:

High Hopes (Epilogue)

"I can't believe it" Amy said slowly. To the right of her head she felt Rory move, rubbing the sides of their heads together.

"We survived" he said, linking a hand with her.

"Secondary school" Mels added. No hand holding there.

The three were lying on the ground in Amy's garden, creating a circle with their heads lying in the centre, staring in to the sky. It was a beautifully clear night. The stars shone at them like a thousand candles, all marking the myriad of paths that lay before them. Amy felt strangely comforted by that confusion. It was odd but she'd hated school. Too orderly. Do this to get this qualification, and don't forget to mention this, this and this along the bloody way. It wasn't her thing.

"I don't think I ever imagined it ending" Rory said. She squeezed his hand.

"Well it hasn't for you. You've got that medical… thingy" Amy said, trying to sound comforting.

"Yes. I do have a medical thingy" he replied, deadpan. She would have smacked him with the back of her hand, but his hand was far too warm and comfortable around hers to contemplate it.

"I suppose it wasn't all bad" Mels said, ignoring their byplay. "I mean, you two finally got together"

"It was never definite!" Amy said.

"Yeah" Rory added, though notably half hearted.

"Yes, it was. Do you know how long I had to sit there and pretend it wasn't obvious?" Mels asked.

"It wasn't obvious. Was it obvious?" Amy asked.

"Ron and Hermione obvious" Mels said, with a voice so smug it was obvious she'd been saving that one for a while.

"No it wasn't" Amy said. "Rory, back me up!"

"It wasn't obvious" he started. Amy harrumphed in victory. Then he continued. "That she fancied me. I don't know how she didn't realise I loved her"

"Well… I thought you were gay!" she said, hoping vaguely that it would somehow be a good defence.

"Amy, trust me, I'd seen the way he'd looked at you in Maths for two years. He is most definitely not gay. Also, I really didn't need to see it" Mels said. They stopped talking and went back to looking at the sky, after that. When Mels got disgusted by their couple-eyness she would usually stick it out as a conversational topic no matter what, making it clear that she didn't like watching them snog all day whilst she sat playing with Amy's extensive collection of Doctor toys.

"What are you thinking of doing, though?" he asked, running his thumb along her hand, massaging one of her knuckles with it idly.

What was she going to do? She was… Amy. As much as she chaffed under the idea of school, she really wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

Well, she was. Deep down, lurking somewhere inside her. She wanted to travel the stars. Ride inside that mad mans blue box and live in her dreams. Not here. There was nothing here for her, really.

She felt another squeeze from Rory.

Well… not nothing at all.

She raised the hand that wasn't held in a warm partner, and pointed vaguely to the stars. Then, as if deliberating carefully, she said:

"I was thinking… Hmm, second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning"

The End

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