This is a pretty bad story. Don't read it.

The social experiment.

"You wanted to see me?" Kurama asked, stepping into Koenma's office and lightly closing the door. Kurama approached the couch slowly, keeping his eyes on Koenma.

"I did. You are, of course, aware that with the worlds coming closer together on this part of their orbits, there have been… more supernatural occurrences of late?"

Kurama nodded, and Koenma took this as a sign of understanding.

"And are you aware of our usual response?"

Kurama nodded, understanding coming to him.

"Our book machine is not functioning. We haven't been able to put out sufficient volume of bad supernatural romance to convince humans that these supernatural sightings are the work of overactive tweenagers."

Kurama nodded again.

"So you want me to fix the machine? Or am I to dissuade people I meet in the street?" Kurama asked, not quite sure why this was important for him.

"Kurama, I want you to write a novel. It should be supernatural romance, not very good, and sufficient to explain most of these phenomena. It should be attractive to teens but not to the general populace."

"Why me?" Kurama asked. Sure he was done with school, but he had better things to do. Like watch paint dry. "Are you sure I can't fix the machine?"

"You can look at it. Second hall on the left then third door."

Kurama got up and followed the plain, empty halls down to the printing press. He opened the door and stopped, shocked. The machine hadn't broken, it had been shattered. Large piles of extruded book product littered the floor, all but unusable, but thankfully still recyclable. He walked gingerly through the room trying not to get anything on his shoes. In a corner, there was one pile still standing. It was the stack of random plot mashups that the machine used to create the book product. He pulled the top plot page off and immediately decided to make that his story.

His mind already focused on the book, Kurama stuck his head into Koenma's office long enough to leave his assent to the project. At home, Kurama would begin the hottest teen bestseller in the worlds.

Stay tuned for A Girl's Choice: Necrophilia vs. Bestiality!. Of course, the title is still in the works, but you get the general idea.