As They Seem


(All are Acolytes, asterisks (*) represent Resistance members)

Name: Alex Rogers*

Codename: Dynamo

Powers: Metabolic Energy Conversion and Repulsion (Got this from HokkaidoMaster's Score Card for X-Men: Evolution Redux)

Creator: A-Rog

Name: Xander Kennedy*

Codename: Mimic

Powers: Mimicry

Creator: Kitty-Mae

Name: Casey Day*

Codename: Agony

Powers: Nerve Manipulation and Telepathy

Creator: 4everablackrose

Name: Benjamin Rivers*

Codename: Ambush

Powers: Invisibility and Enhanced Senses.

Creator: Dracarot

Name: Jacquelyn Devereaux*

Codename: Tigress

Powers: Shape-shifting and Enhanced Senses.

Creator: Kitty-Mae

Name: Lyle Griffiths*

Codename: Torch

Powers: Pyrokinesis

Creator: lordoftoast

Name: Avalon Bronte*

Codename: Tempest

Powers: Storm Manipulation

Creator: Ember Ice

Name: Grant Forscythe

Codename: Aurythe

Powers: Malleability

Creator: HokkaidoMaster

Name: Amun Singh

Codename: Cernunnos

Powers: Plant Manipulation

Creator: Sister Grimm 13

Name: Nevalia Lior

Codename: Dusk

Powers: Shadows

Creator: that_crazy_girl_in_your_dreams