X-Men Evolution: Untouchable and Unstoppable

Chapter 1: We Didn't Start the Fire

Bayville, New York. For the past 15 years, this small upstate town has been turned upside down. It all started with the exposure of mutants, people born with extraordinary abilities. They weren't just in Bayville; they were all over the world. Then, five years later, a chemical plant in California spilled lethal chemicals on near a community. Nearly the chemicals affected everyone there; the radiation alone affected the entire world. As a result, people who weren't mutants, begin to have powers. The persecution was intense. It slowed down since then but it hasn't stopped. Scott Summers knows that which is why he continued to run Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning after he graduated from college. For 15 years, he's trained young mutants and "bang-babies." This is their story. The next generation of X-Men.


The cheerleaders and the audience were cheering on the Bayville High Wildcats football team. It was 4th quarter and they were leading the opponent by 3 points.

"Ready! Set!" The quarterback called out. "Blue 21! Blue 21! Hut!" Once the quarterback got the ball, he pretended to throw it but blitzed to the left. After dodging four players, he was tackled by the other team's lineman.

"AND THAT WAS A 15-YARD RUN MADE BY ALL-STAR QUARTERBACK, JOHANNES WAGNER!" The sports commentator announced over the speaker.

"Woo hoo!" A girl from the audience cheered. "Go, JT!"

JT Wagner looked at his enthusiastic fan as she stood up and waved. He smiled and waved back.

Tanisha Jones looked at her hyperactive friend sitting next to her and sighed. "Do you have to be so loud?" She asked.

"I'm the quarterback's girlfriend," Her friend answered. "It's my duty to be loud."

"Well, can you not be so...Kirsten Dunst?"

Tamarra Cabonarra just smirked at Tanisha. "You're just jealous." She said.

"Me?" Tanisha scoffed. "Jealous of what?"

"You're jealous of the fact that I'm in a committed relationship and you can't even attract a fly."

"I don't need someone to make me happy."

"But you still want someone." Tamarra pointed out.

Tanisha stared at Tamarra for a good five minutes before getting up from her seat.

"Whatever. I gotta take some more pictures for the yearbook," She said as she grabbed her camera. "Go root for your man."

"Oh, I plan to." Tamarra gloated.

The game still continued at its intense pace as Tanisha made her way to the football field. She took some pictures of the cheerleaders and of the school mascot. All of a sudden, one of the Wildcats football players got tackled and he landed where the cheerleaders were. He missed Tanisha by nearly 2 inches.


Tanisha started taking pictures of the lineman still on the ground. Maxim Dmitry Marx just smiled.

"Is this for your yearbook, Tanisha?" He asked.

"No, Marx." Tanisha replied. "This is for my personal collection."

While everyone was enjoying the game, a certain outcast was hanging out behind the bleachers, pickpocketing from random people. Two cheerleaders saw the thief making spare change. They rushed to one of the Senior Cheerleaders.

"Hey, Riley." One sneered. "Guess who decided to pillage the game tonight?"

Riley Compton turned her gaze to the bleachers and saw what her friends saw. She smirked evilly.

"I think it's time we teach Looting LeBeau a lesson in stealing." To the coach, Riley asked politely: "Oh, Coach Taylor. Is it okay if Felicia, Kate and I take a bathroom break?"

Coach Taylor looked at her watch before answering.

"All right. Be back in five minutes, Riley."

The girls smiled at each other before heading towards the bleachers.

"Going somewhere, Riley?"

The three girls turned around to find their team captain, Anna-Maria DeSoto, staring down at them.

"Hey, Annie." Riley chirped. "We were just going to the bathroom to freshen up."

"The girl's locker room is on the other side of the stadium." Anna-Maria pointed out. "Why are you going towards the bleachers?"

"That's none of your business," Felicia sneered. "And who made you Bathroom Police?"

Ignoring, Felicia's comment, Anna-Maria turned back to Riley.

"Don't do anything stupid that's going to have repercussions later."

Riley rolled her eyes. "You see into the future now?"

"No, I'm simply warning you. So don't expect me to bail you out because I'm the captain."

"We don't." With that, they left.

Tanisha came over to Anna-Maria's side after overhearing the conversation.

"What was that all about?" She asked.

"I don't know," Anna-Maria replied. "But we're gonna find out."

Not far from Anna-Maria and Tanisha's location, a certain loner was watching the game with little interest. He wore a brown T-shirt coupled with a black buttoned down dress shirt, dark black jeans and Converse sneakers. He wore black gloves and his long, dark red hair was in a messy ponytail. The boy was playing with a lighter, absent-mindedly, looking at Anna-Maria. He was slightly startled by the band and dropped his lighter.

"Aw, bloody hell!" He cursed. His friend sitting next to him simply laughed.

"I told ya looking at cheerleaders is bad for your health, Griff." He said.

Griff simply glared at his friend. He started to look under the bleachers for his precious lighter when something else caught his eye.

"Look down there. Someone's trying to make some loose change."

Griff's friend looked and saw a young girl about their age stealing wallets behind the bleachers.

"Whoa, should I call the cops?" He asked.

"Keep that option open, mate." Griff replied. He left to see what was going on.

Rebecca Irene LeBeau was a thief. It was in her blood. She tried to be good; quit and go on the straight and narrow. She knew her father wanted the best for her. But telling a thief to quit stealing is like telling a singer to quit singing.

Rebecca pulled another wallet from another member of the crowd, took out the money and put the wallet back in the person's pocket. She counted the money she stole and smiled.

"$375." She mused. "Guess I made a killing."

"Well, well, well. Looting LeBeau is at it again."

Rebecca started to smirk as she turned around to see Riley Compton, Felicia Porter, and Katelyn Chao ganging up on her.

"Ladies," Rebecca greeted. "To what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

"We just came to say hi," Riley said. "And ask you about the money."

"Money? Oh, u mean this money!" Becca merely shrugged. "Just a little pocket change."

"Did you steal it?" Katelyn asked.

"What's it to ya?"

Riley just smiled. "Ladies, let's teach Ms. LeBeau a lesson in honesty." She threw the first punch but Rebecca ducked out of the way and tripped Riley with a sideswiping kick. Katelyn punched Rebecca in the stomach while Felicia held her down. Once they'd subdued her, Riley came over to Becca with a huge smirk on her face.

"I am so going to enjoy this."

But before Riley could throw a punch, she was pulled back by an invisible force field. Confused, the girls looked around and saw Anna-Maria DeSoto and Tanisha Jones staring at them.

"Leave her alone, Riley." Anna-Maria demanded.

"This has nothing to do with you, DeSoto." Riley snapped.

"Yeah," Rebecca agreed. "I got this under control."

"You do, huh?" Tanisha asked.

Rebecca broke Katelyn's nose and punched Felicia before responding.

"Yeah, pretty much."

Now, Riley was furious. She ran towards Anna-Maria in a fit of rage.

"YOU'RE DEAD, DESOTO!" She screamed.

Anna-Maria started to block every attempt Riley made to fight her. Whenever Riley tried to punch, hit, and scratch or kick her, Anna-Maria would counteract her attacks. Rebecca and Tanisha had their hands full with the other two cheerleaders. Tanisha was taking on Katelyn and Rebecca was fighting Felicia. The girls were focused on each other; none of them noticed Griff entering the scene. When he saw the six girls fighting, he was turned on and worried at the same time. He didn't know what to do.

Deciding she had enough, Rebecca took out a few marbles from her pocket. Tanisha saw the marbles and knew what she was going to do.

"Don't even think about it, Becca LeBeau!"

"Sorry, Cherie." Becca apologized. "But I ain't one for sleepovers."

Becca touched the marbles lightly with her fingers and they started to glow an electric green. Felicia and Katelyn stopped in their tracks, with a look of panic on their faces.

"Y'all might wanna run." Becca warned, smugly.

The cheerleaders begin to run for safety as Becca tossed five kinetically charged marbles at their direction. Tanisha ran towards them and manage to catch both of them in her hands, absorbing the energy in her body. She looked back to see Becca already fleeing the scene.

Anna-Maria was about two seconds to putting Riley in her place when she saw two of Becca's explosive marbles rolling toward her. She suddenly heard Tanisha in her head.

Annie! Becca made those marbles to explode. Get rid of them!

Getting the message, Anna-Maria used her telekinesis to pick up the exploding marbles. Griff, who was still hiding in the corner, was amazed by what he saw. The most popular girl in Bayville High was a mutant? Griff started to leave when he saw Riley try to sneak up behind Anna-Maria.

"LOOK OUT!" He shouted.

Griff's warning startled Anna-Maria but she turned around in time to see Riley trying to attack her. She concentrated her telepathy and pushed the vindictive cheerleader back with her mind. However, while doing that, she lost control of the marbles and they ricocheted, landing near propane tanks. Frantic, Anna-Maria tried to retrieve the marbles before they exploded but she tripped and hit her head on a pole, knocking her out.

"Anna-Maria!" Tanisha called out. She tried to rush to her safety but the tanks exploded, sending her flying. Fortunately, a cloud of turquoise smoke before impact caught her.

The explosion rocked the stadium. No one knew what caused the explosion; all they knew was that they gotta get the heck outta there. The principal kept telling everyone to evacuate the stadium immediately. However, Tamarra Cabonarra wouldn't leave without her friends. Looking frantically around, she saw Maxim Dmitri Marx (he prefers Dmitri) and rushed to his side.

"Dmitri!" She called. "Where are Annie and Tanisha?"

"JT has Tanisha," Dmitri replied. "We saw her flying in the air when the tanks exploded."

"What about Anna-Maria?"

"I don't know. Hopefully, she's all right. Call Ms. Emma or Laura."

"What are you going to do?"

"Find Annie!"

Lyle Mitchell Griffiths wasn't afraid of anything. Except water but that was a justified fear. He saw his father killed right in front of him and he literally burned the man's face off. With his bare hands. So, it didn't surprise him when he rushed near the raging flames in order to rescue this girl. He knelt right beside her and checked her pulse. It was weak but steady. Lyle started to lift Anna-Maria up when he saw another propane gas tank. Frantic, Lyle started to shake Anna-Maria awake.

"Hey. Hey, wake up." He urged. "We need to get out of here."

Then, the other tank exploded. But as if it were a defense mechanism, Lyle's hands turned into two big shields of fire, penetrating the flames.

As Anna-Maria was slowly regaining consciousness, she could barely register what was going on around her. All she remembered was getting into a fight with Riley Compton, getting rid of Becca LeBeau's exploding marbles and... an explosion. An explosion! Anna-Maria panicked. She was in the middle of the fire.

Well, if I'm in the middle of the explosion, She thought. How come I'm not getting burned? Or why am I not dead?

Anna-Maria looked above her and saw a boy, average height with dark red hair controlling the fire. It looked to Anna-Maria like he was shielding them from the fire. But it also looked like the boy was losing his focus.

"Are you okay?" Anna-Maria asked.

Lyle turned to look at Anna-Maria. "I'm all right," He replied. "Just trying to control these flames."

"I can help you."


Anna-Maria stood up slowly and placed her hands on Lyle's head.

"What are you doing?" Lyle asked.

"I'm a telepath." Anna-Maria said. "I'm going to establish a connection so the strain won't be difficult."

"You're not going to probe my thoughts, are ya?"

"No, I don't do that. So, what do you say?"

Lyle felt his shields collapsing. Just because he was immune to fire doesn't make him immune to smoke inhalation and fatigue. He needed all the help he could get.

"All right, lass." He decided. "Let's do it."

Anna-Maria nodded and proceeded to close her eyes. She concentrated on the fire shields, Lyle's powers, and the fire all around her. With that, Anna-Maria created a sparkling, purple force field around herself and Lyle. The fire around them began to diminish making it easier for them to breathe.

It took a while for Dmitri Marx to find his friend but he finally found her when he noticed the round sparkling force field blocking the flames. He tried to communicate with Anna-Maria telepathically.

Anna-Maria, its me Dmitri. Can u hear me?

It took a few minutes, but Anna-Maria finally responded.

Dmitri! Never thought I'd be so glad to hear your voice in my head.

I know. Are you okay?

We're fine for now, but I don't know how long this shield is going to hold.

Who's we? Someone else is there?

Me and this other guy. He's also a mutant. Dmitri, please tell me you're close by.

On my way, Chica.

Dmitri rummaged around for some fireproof metal. He found a piece of a Titanium cell phone and touched it. Like paint, titanium colored Dmitri's body and he quickly became a Titanium wrecking machine. Without further hesitation, he rushed to the force field and dove in to the flames. When Dmitri got there, he saw Anna-Maria and another boy he recognized as Lyle Griffiths in deep concentration. He scooped the young teenagers up and jumped out of the flames. As soon as the force field disappeared, the fire exploded for a third time. But Dmitri was able to get Anna-Maria and Lyle out of harm's way before that happened.

"Annie," Dmitri asked, concerned. "Are you alright?"

Anna-Maria snapped out of her trance and looked at her savior. She smiled and gave Dmitri a hug.

"I am now."

Nearly three hours later, everyone at the football field were treated for injuries, questioned and sent home. No one really knew the original cause of the explosion. They all thought it was a leak in one of the gas tanks. But Laura Kinney knew better.

"Okay, start from the beginning," She told her five students. "What really happened?"

Anna-Maria DeSoto, Dmitri Marx, Tamarra Cabonarra, JT Wagner, and Tanisha Jones kept looking at each other. As if to volunteer one another.

"Anytime today will be nice?" Laura coaxed.

"Some cheerleaders were fighting Becca," Tanisha began. "And Annie and I were fighting them."

"That's how the fire started?"

"We didn't start the fire!" Anna-Maria defended. "Becca started it when she dropped her marbles."

Laura thought of a good joke for that remark but decided against it. Instead, she turned to Dmitri, Tamarra and JT.

"Where were you three?"

"Playing football." The boys replied simultaneously.

"I was going to the concession stand when I saw one of Becca's marbles rolled by here," Tamarra explained. "I threw it in the air and it exploded."

Laura nodded. She has been teaching at the Xavier School for almost five years. Been an X-Man for ten. One thing she learned was that there's never a dull moment.

"Alright," she began. "Thankfully, no one was hurt but Professor Summers is going to have a serious talk with all of you tomorrow before you leave for school. So, come on let's go home."

The kids moaned and groaned as they gathered up their stuff to get home. While that was taking place, a tall, blonde woman with a sophisticated look and a Playboy-esque body watched them from afar.

Is everything all right down there, Emma?

The situation is under control, for now.

Good. Let X-23 deal with matters from here. You and Logan go to New Jersey to find the mutant Cerebro picked up.

What about the other one here?

I have a pretty good approach for him. I'll see you Monday, Em.

Emma Frost ended her telepathic conversation with her boyfriend, Scott Summers and proceeded to head to her Bentley. She got in and looked at the short, stocky man with sideburns who was smoking a cigar.

"Where to, Frost?" Logan asked.

"How does Boston sound?" Emma smiled.

Lyle Griffiths was getting his backpack and headed to his home when he suddenly heard a ringing in his head. It wasn't irritating but rather pleasant.

Thank you for saving my life.

I couldn't have done it without ya. So do you have a name or do I have to call you 'Hot Psychic Mexican Cheerleader'?

Ha ha. Very funny. Well, I'm not Mexican; I'm Brazilian. And my name is Anna-Maria DeSoto.

Lovely to talk with you, Anna-Maria. My name is Lyle Griffiths.

Nice to talk with you too, Lyle.