Hi, this story is written by two people because two heads are better than one.

The plot was developed by Lil-Miss-Pokémon, and most of the detail will be written by Bloody Rose 1996. Hope you enjoy it :)

I sighed a little in frustration, brushing a small strand of hair out of his face. It had been two weeks since the big battle with Zola, and now, finally, everything was peaceful. Well, almost peaceful. The young boy that lay on the bed in front of me wasn't peaceful at all.

"Go back to sleep…Andropov," I whispered tenderly, and slowly, with an almost inaudible grumble, he closed his eyes, and went off to sleep.

"Kluke?" I heard a familiar voice whisper, and I turned, to see Buuke staring at me. I smiled, and waved her over to the now sleeping Andropov.

"How is he?" she asked. I glanced down at Andropov; watching his chest rising and falling in an unnatural manner.

"He's better," I replied, "not okay, but better."

Buuke sighed in relief; after all, we were all worried about him. Even Shu was a little concerned, although he refused to admit it.

"I'm…glad," she murmured, and I gazed at her in confusion.

"He's been so sick lately…ever since the battle, he's been so…frail," she whispered, and I looked at the floor. I didn't want the reminder.

"…but y'know what?" she said a little louder, and I lifted my head, to look at her again.


"I think that because you are with him, helping him to recover, he'll be fine. He'll be back to normal in no time, Kluke!" she said happily, and I smiled at her.

"Thank you, Buuke," I whispered, and she nodded, and hugged me.

"Now, I'm going to make some coffee. You want some?" she asked, and I stood, stretching my tired bones.

"Yes, but I'll get it. When I ask for one sugar, you put in ten!" I joked, and she giggled.

"Ok! I'll look after Andropov!" she said happily.

As I walked the familiar route through the hospital to the canteen, I noticed that something had changed. What that something was, I didn't know. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was as if something was going to happen. I never felt completely ok when I was away from him; it was as if he would need me while I was away. At least he had Buuke there if he woke up.

As I approached the canteen, my throat noticeably got drier. It was probably due to all of the smells coming from the canteen.

I reached the door to the canteen, and like I usually did, I grasped the handle and turned it slowly. When nothing happened, I tried again. And again. But the door wouldn't budge. As a last resort, I slammed my body against the door, causing it to open. With a small sigh, I made my way into the canteen.

The first thing I saw was all of the small round tables, which were plonked around the room for a makeshift canteen. I glanced around and spied Shu and Jiro at one of the tables. Having no desire to talk to them, I made my way over to the small row of tables that were holding breakfast. Ignoring the protests of my stomach, I made my way over to the coffee maker, with no intention of eating as I wanted to be as quick as possible.

With a sigh, I grabbed a moderately large mug and the fresh batch of coffee, doing my best to pour it into the mug without spilling it. I didn't really have to pay attention to what I was doing; after all, it was a knee-jerk reaction. I had done this so many times, I didn't really have to think about it.

The one thing that was new, however, was the small throbbing pain in my head. I shook my head a little, and the pain dispersed. Picking up my now complete mug of coffee, I started heading towards the door of the canteen.

That was when the throbbing came back.

Suddenly, all of the strength was sapped from my limbs, and the floor came up to meet me. The last things I remember was the scolding mug of coffee smashing to the floor, sending coffee everywhere, and the distant cries of, "Kluke!"

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter! Both Lil-Miss-Pokémon and Bloody Rose 1996 wrote this one chapter!

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