Wait For You


an Angel and The Vampire Diaries crossover

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A.N. Hmm...what to say about this fic? Well...I was watching an Angel episode with flashbacks to Angel's past and thought, hey, what if Angel had been alive in the 1400s when Katherine was alive. And then I thought, hey, what if he'd been passing through Bulgaria and he and Katherine met and spent the night together. He's gone the next morning, leaving Katherine – or rather, Katerina – to deal with the next nine months. Nearly 500 years later Angel 'just happens' to be passing through Mystic Falls and sees Elena with Stefan. What will happen when Liam and Katerina are reunited after nearly 500 years apart? Hmm...

Spoilers throughout the Angel series (not sure whether anyone from the Buffyverse will be included yet) and an alternate ending to "Dinner Party" in season 2 of The Vampire Diaries but mentions of "Daddy Issues" and "Crying Wolf" inluded too. Obviously, some things will change because in the series because Angel wasn't alive in the 1400s. Couples are what they are where the fic starts: Stefan/Elena...but others may form during. And Angel and Katherine? Hmm...we'll see.

Prologue: For Those Eyes

Bulgaria, 1489

She was staring idly across the market square when she caught sight of the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen in all of her fifteen years of life. Her younger sister Ilva trailed at her feet, pulling at her skirt. Ahead, her older brother Peter was trying to hurry his younger siblings along before their parents started to worry.

But those eyes . . . they captivated her and held her in place. Hers locked with his and he gave her a flirtatious smile.

"Katerina, Ilva!" Peter called. "We must hurry."

Katerina smiled at the boy with the soulful eyes, not paying attention to her brother or sister.

"Katerina!" Ilva pulled on her skirt again.

"Ilva, go on ahead. I'll be right there." Katerina spoke, still smiling at the boy. "I have forgotten something."

Her four-year-old sister nodded. The girl took the basket of bread from Katerina and ran ahead to Peter.

Her brother and sister already forgotten, Katerina ran back toward the market square to where the beautiful-eyed boy was sitting on a stool. He smiled as Katerina came to stand next to him.

"Hello . . ." She smiled, curtsying. "Is it all right if I stand here with you, sir?"

The boy nodded, dropping the apple he'd been eating in the basket on the ground. "Better yet, lass, I will give you the stool and I will stand." He stood, gesturing for her to have a seat. Katerina nodded, holding her skirt as she sat down on the seat.

"What is your name, lass?" The boy asked, sitting down on the ground beside her.

"Katerina Petrova," she told him.

He reached out and picked up her hand. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Katerina. I am Liam O'Connor." He kissed her hand.

"O 'Connor," Katerina raised an eyebrow. "You are not from Bulgaria."

"I am not," Liam nodded. "Galway, Ireland. I am here meeting an acquaintance of my father's."

"Lucky for me," Katerina smiled.

"You have the most beautiful smile . . ." Liam observed, staring into her eyes. Katerina's smile deepened and she blushed under his gaze. "Are you expected anywhere?"

"No," Katerina shook her head, lying. She knew it was wrong to disobey her parents – who never allowed her anywhere alone with anyone not family and especially not past dark – but Liam's company seemed far too important to bypass.

Liam smiled, "Would you allow me to take you somewhere? I discovered it last night and I would like to share it with someone . . . with you."

"That would be lovely," Katerina nodded.

Liam stood, holding out his arm. Katerina gathered her skirt and rose to her feet. She lay her hand on his bicep and allowed him to lead her through the square.

As they walked, Katerina's heart was pounding. She felt an unexplainable connection to this boy she had just met. Surely she'd noticed other boys in the village, but Liam was different. He stirred her heart like no one had been able to before. Her stomach tingled with nerves and excitement.

They reached the end of the village – the beginning of the forest. Katerina leaned her back on Liam's shoulder as they continued deeper into the forest. Liam's arm wound around her waist.

She heard the sound of rushing water and soon through the trees she could see a small creek. At the foot of the creek was a small waterfall and atop that more creek. The sun shined, glistening off the water. Trees surrounded the entire area, enclosing it from the rest of the world.

"It's beautiful," Katerina breathed. She'd never seen this place before.

"Just like you," Liam kissed the top of her head. He let go of her waist, shrugging off his cloak. He set it on the grass at the edge of the creek. "Sit with me, Katerina?"

She nodded. "I would love to, Liam." He helped her gather her skirt and the two sat on the grass on his cloak. Katerina sat between between his legs and leaned against his chest. "I feel so comfortable and so safe with you. And I don't even know you."

He wrapped his arms around her, "I want to you know, Katerina. Tell me everything."

And . . . she did.

She told him about her younger sister Ilva and her seventeen-year-old brother Peter and his sixteen-year-old fiancé Olga. She told him about the sister between her and Peter and the two brothers between her and Ilva their parents had lost to miscarriage and still birth. She told him about her kind-hearted mama and strict papa and her uncles and aunts and cousins. She told him about her puppy, Satchel, and their adventures in the forest. Liam was quiet the entire time, just listening.

When she was finished, she asked him to tell her about him. He said he was seventeen years old. He told her about his younger nine-year-old sister Katherine and his soft-spoken mother and his bastard of a father. He told her about his best friend Daniel and his horse, Sprout. He explained what his father's business was and how he, Liam, was expected to take it over in a few years but that was the last thing he wanted to do.

As he spoke, Katerina found his Irish accent and his brown eyes to be intoxicating. She leaned in closer to him, shivering from the cold. He wrapped his arms tighter around her to keep her warm. His arms felt comforting around her and the cold went away.

Liam then told her how he wished he could run away from home and never return. "I hate my father's work. I would much rather spend my days traveling from city to city, country to country. I wouldn't set up roots anywhere, just live on the go."

Katerina became entranced by his words and subconsciously imagined a nomadic lifestyle for Liam and her together. They would travel the world together trying new things, seeing new places.

Liam sighed, "But I'll never be able to . . ."

With his words, Katerina's dreams for them disappeared.. It was also then that she knew she was doomed because she was in love with him. She'd only known him for half a day and yet she knew she was in love with him. And she didn't know how but somehow she just knew that once he left her side she would never see him again.

As she stared down at his arms around her she was overwhelmed with the urge to kiss him and show him exactly how she felt about him. She turned her upper body and her lips collided with his. She leaned into his embrace as he started to untie the strings of her dress. He flipped them over so she lay on the ground on his cloak, their lips never parting.

Liam pulled back, just staring into her eyes. She panted, staring back up at him. He spoke softly, stroking her cheek. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on."

Katerina's heart swelled as he continued to stroke her cheek with the back of his hand. A warmth spread through her entire body and she pulled him down by his lapels, once again capturing his lips with hers.


Katerina's eyes fluttered open and she smiled, reaching out but was disappointed to only find air. Panic registered and she shot up, holding the material of Liam's cloak over her bare skin. A draft breezed over her bare skin and her eyes scanned the area around her.

She was alone. Liam was nowhere in sight. Then she noticed a piece of parchment on the ground beside her. A tear slid down her cheek as she picked up the parchment:

My dear sweet Katerina,

I wished to bid you goodbye but you were too peaceful in your slumber to awaken. I have to be returning to Galway now, my father ass though he is is expecting word from his friend. I will miss you terribly, my Katerina, as long as I live. I do believe that we will meet again and I look forward to that day.

I will always love you,


Tears pooled in her eyes as Katerina reread the note. She tugged Liam's cloak tighter around her bare body and inhaled the fabric. His smell overwhelmed her senses and her tears multiplied. She'd found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. The only problem was that she would never see him again.

She rose to her feet and gathered her clothing, slowly dressing. Once dressed she picked up Liam's cloak and held it secure in her arms. She dejectedly started the long walk home, memories from the night before flashing in her mind. Every touch, every kiss . . . all of it.

Tears were present the entire walk . . .

. . . and continued for many miserable months.

To Be Continued...

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