Wait For You


Author's Note: I am so, so sorry for the lack of updates . . . this chapter's ordering kind of threw me a bit. I moved sections around over and over . . . and I'm still not entirely sure about it. Plus there's been some complicated stuff in my life too . . . I started classes at the local UW center and work's been crazy with the drama. Anyway, as the chapter title suggests, there is a lot of conversation. We haven't quite gotten to the point in the Vampire Diaries timeline (we're at 2.19 'Klaus') where much has changed yet but I figured at almost 5000 words I'd post this section. Oh, and the chapter title is reminiscent of a season 7 Buffy episode title. With that, I'll let you read on . . .

Chapter Eight: Conversations With Undead People

Neither of them said anything for a while after Klaus and his witch left. Then Angel broke the silence. "We thought you were dead."

"Yeah, well . . . if only," Katherine was bitter. "Hmm . . . didn't think you cared."

He sighed, "I told you I did. You weren't listening. You still aren't."

"Whatever," She sighed. "Great job on the 'rescue' by the way."

"At least I came," Angel said. "The others believe you're dead and don't particularly care to find out otherwise."

"Yeah, well . . . they're too busy protecting their precious Elena," Katherine said.

Angel remembered what Elena told him Isobel had said about Katherine caring about Elena. He also remembered Elena telling him she'd help him find Katherine and her humanity.

"He doesn't love you," Angel told her.

Her face scrunched, but she didn't say anything.

"Stefan," Angel said. "I've seen how he is with Elena and her with him."

Katherine's mouth straightened into an angry line. "But you do, right?" She scoffed. "You don't even know me."

"It's not like we'll get any older. Plenty of time to get reacquainted," Angel shrugged.

"Didn't I hear that you were in love with the Slayer? No wait, it was a werewolf." Katherine said.

"It's complicated," Angel sighed. He wondered exactly how much about him she knew.

"You know, I'd always considered finding you - not that I knew who you really were. From what I'd heard about you I thought you could be quite the partner in crime," Katherine said.

"Why do you have such a problem with Elena? Is it really because she has Stefan?" Angel pressed her. She let out a deep breath, ignoring him. He was beginning to find it annoying that she'd always bring up his past when he tried to push past her walls. "She's not that bad of a person."

"Can we not talk about Elena." Katherine sighed. She glanced at his hand. "Nice ring. Where'd you get it?"

"Elena's friend, Bonnie,"Angel answered smugly. Katherine rolled her eyes. Her smirked, satisfied that he was actually annoying her. "So . . . you're deathly afraid of this Klaus guy – even when he's not in his own body."

Katherine just stared at him. "Of course I am. You should be too. We all should be." The angry hardness in her face returned. "You keep telling me I should "care" about Elena . . . well this Klaus guy is going to drain her dry. Every single drop of blood. He'll kill Stefan and Damon and all her family just for the hell of it. Then he'll find everyone they've ever loved and go for them. You got friends? Old crush you're still partially hung up on? He'll find them too. Acquaintance you met once? They're dead too. Everyone."

"They'll find a way to stop him," Angel didn't doubt her words. He'd seen horrible things over the centuries. Hell, he'd done horrible things. However, she was out of the loop. She didn't know how much power Bonnie Bennett channeled.

"Maybe . . . and that's a long shot," Katherine nodded. "But this is a war. And there are casualties in war - on both sides. We've both lived long enough to know that." She turned her head, facing away from him.

"I'm sorry," Angel didn't know what else to say. He remembered the moment he'd found out that his son had been kidnapped by someone he trusted with his own life. He remembered later, staring across that empty field, while Holtz held his son next to that portal and threatened to snap his tiny neck if either Angel or the Wolfram & Hart operatives made any move. Then, he'd watched Holtz jump into that portal to the hell dimension Quor'tath. He'd lost his son in so many ways that day. He couldn't imagine having never gotten to hold Connor or watch him sleep or smile or cry. It was true that the child Katherine had lost was his too . . . but he hadn't been there or known about her.

Katherine was oddly quiet – no snide remarks or convincing threats. She wasn't even looking at him. Had he managed to crack some of her tough exterior?

"I think she had your eyes," Katherine finally spoke after several minutes, her head still facing away from him. He waited for her to continue. "I saw her once . . . I think. M-our dau . . ." She sighed. "I was never sure and I didn't dare seek her out or Klaus would have found out about her."

Angel wanted to riddle her with question after question but he was silent. She sniffled (but didn't think he'd noticed) and let out a deep breath.

"She was about the right age – fourteen, I think," Katherine said. "I passed by a town a few miles from where she'd been born. It was a market – I needed to hide in plain sight – and she was across the way by a fruit stand with a man maybe a couple of years older than her."

"Who was the man?" Angel asked.

Katherine finally turned to look at him but her expression was unreadable. "I think he may have been her husband and by the looks of it she was about to have a baby of her own. She looked happy."

Stunned by the progress he'd already made, Angel decided not to continue. If he pushed her too far she'd figure out what he was trying to do and he'd never get through at all. Instead he kept quiet, staring down at his shoes and thinking about what would happen when he finally broke down all of her barriers.


Angel and Katherine waited and waited in the history teacher's apartment for what seemed like ages. They didn't speak at all after their first conversation. Time just ticked away as they sat there in silence.

For the first time since he'd heard her voice in that tomb barely a week earlier it was finally dawning on him that she was actually real. He'd spent centuries thinking about her and trying to dull the pain of losing her and now . . . she was here.

He glanced over at her from the chair he was stuck in. He knew she was probably antsy and agitated and pissed about their current situation. However, she was calm and quiet and showed no signs at all.

He marveled at her strength and control and he wondered when the last time she'd had blood was. Had this Klaus given her any? Her skin was flush and her cheeks were pink enough so it couldn't have been too long ago.

"Stop." Katherine's voice was stern.

Angel looked up, meeting her eyes. Despite her cool exterior, her eyes now showed anger and irritation. "Stop what?" He said innocently.

"Quit staring at me like I'm some damsel in distress you need to save," The calmness returned but there as still a bit of an edge looming on the surface. "I'm not one of your helpless clients."

"You look pretty helpless to me." Angel retorted. Once again he wondered exactly what she knew about him and how she'd never figured out who he really was.

She scoffed, "Back at ya babe."

"Are you always this defensive?" Angel raised his eyebrow.

"Whatever," Katherine sighed. "Wonder if Klaus'll be able to kill Elena's little witch friend . . ."

"Don't change the subject," Angel said.

"I'm just curious," Katherine shrugged. "Klaus and his witches . . ."

"So who exactly is this Klaus guy? Why are you so afraid of him?" Angel wondered. He glanced at the dried blood dripping down her legs. Klaus had definitely attacked her somehow.

"He's an Original," Katherine answered, bored. "As in one of the Original vampires, one of the oldest known."

"But I'm a different kind of vampire than you are," Angel glanced over at the mirror across the room where only Katherine's reflection showed. The chair Angel was sitting in was in the mirror but Angel's reflection was nonexistent.

"Um . . . yeah. I don't really get it either. In over five-hundred years I've never come across a vampire like you. I mean, I have heard of you but I didn't know you or others were different." Katherine said.

"Yeah, same here. I've never met one like you or even an Original," Angel said. "By the way . . . I'm not who I was back then. That was Angelus . . . but he's gone – or buried, however you want to look at it. That's who I am without my soul."

"Hmm," Katherine said. "Stefan was a Ripper even with his soul . . . interesting. Maybe its different because he's a different kind of vampire." She stared at her hand intently, squinting her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Angel watched her watch her hand.

"Gah!" She let out an exasperated sigh. "Trying to move. Damn compulsion . . ."

"Can you compel other vampires?" He asked.

Katherine shook her head. "Just humans who aren't on vervain. Compelling vampires is an Orginal thing."

"You've heard of the Slayer," Angel observed, remembering their earlier conversation.

"Who hasn't," Katherine shrugged, "Especially the last decade or so. They're everywhere now . . . like annoying flies. Nope, not just the one Chosen One anymore. I steer clear as much as I can. Sure, I've killed a couple here or there in five hundred years but i'd rather keep to myself. Besides . . . I've done the whole 'one girl chosen for a special cause' thing." She scrunched her nose. "No thanks."

"What's so special about your bloodline?" Angel wondered.

"I don't really know the whole story . . . just mine and most of Elena's parts of it . . . but there's this curse and Petrova blood – the blood of the doppelgänger – is needed to break it. I'm the first doppelgänger – Elena's the second and most recent. There was apparently a Petrova over a thousand years ago who it started with."

"And she looks like you and Elena," Angel guessed.

"I suppose we look like her," Katherine nodded. "Gotta admit they did have good taste when they chose the first Petrova." She smirked and Angel rolled his eyes even though he agreed. He'd never met anyone as beautiful as that girl he met in the market that day – not even Darla or Buffy or Cordelia or Nina the blonde werewolf. Not that he'd ever give Katherine the satisfaction of knowing that, though. Well, maybe one day if he ever got through to her . . .

He sighed, hoping to change the subject. "Any chance we'll get blood any time soon?"

"Fat chance," Katherine rolled her eyes. "Klaus keeps it all for himself. Pig . . ."

Angel wondered if Klaus was going to let them desiccate into ash. Was that his plan? Or did he want them for something else?


Elena stared in the mirror at her reflection in Stefan's bathroom – just as she'd done earlier in the night – as images of the night flashed through her mind. Her throat constricted and her heart pounded in her chest.

Arriving at the 60s dance with Stefan, the song Klaus dedicated to her, feeling every pair of eyes in the room on her and wondering if Klaus was among them. She remembered the way her entire body had threatened to fail on her when she'd found out that Bonnie could die if she killed Klaus and oh by the way Klaus was possessing Alaric's body. Then Bonnie had actually died right in front of her . . . . she'd held her best friend in her lap and almost lost it herself only to learn later that it had been a set up to make Klaus believe Bonnie to be dead and Damon had known about it . . .

She sniffled and it broke her from her thoughts. The images disappeared and all she was left with was her reflection. Hours earlier she'd stood in this exact spot putting on her makeup and earrings as Stefan's arms were loosely entwined around her waist and he kissed her neck and ears and he wouldn't let go. She'd had to redo her makeup twice and poked herself in the ear three times because every time he'd hit that certain place below her earlobe or at the base of her neck her entire body would shiver in pleasure.

Now . . . her makeup was ruined. Her tear ducts were dry from her constant sobs the last few hours and her eyes were puffy and red. Dried tears tracked a line through the blush and foundation and other powders caked on her face. Her skin felt clammy and sweaty and gross and her scalp was hurting from the tight, tight ponytail.

Bonnie was still alive but the damage was already done. She'd literally watched her best friend die and it hurt in places she didn't know she had. Seeing Bonnie on the computer in the video chat hadn't really done anything to calm her down. The thought of losing another person – especially her best friend – was too much, too much to handle. She'd already lost three parents in one short year.

A gentle hand rested on her shoulder and she leaned back, sighing. "Hey, how're you doing?" Elena turned, shaking her head. She bit her bottom lip, new tears filling her eyes. "Hey, hey, hey, come here." Stefan pulled her toward him in a firm hug. His shirt and suit jacket were still damp from her earlier tears. "It's okay. Bonnie's okay. You talked to her, remember? She's okay."

A sob escaped her lips and she heaved, trying to steady her breath. Stefan held her tighter, rubbing her back. Minutes later as her breath steadied, she nodded. "S-She's o-okay." She forced out of her mouth, her throat still dry and scratchy.

"Just remember that, okay? Everything's going to be okay," Stefan kissed the top of her head. "Why don't we get cleaned up and go to bed? You'll feel so much better in the morning and you can talk to Bonnie again. How does that sound?"

Elena nodded, letting out a deep breath. She cleared her throat, which felt much better now. "Stefan, where do you think Angel is? Why didn't he show up at the dance?"

He shrugged, sighing. "I don't know. Wherever he is, I'm sure he's okay. I'm sure he had a perfectly good reason for not being there." He stepped back, turning to start the shower.

She could tell that Stefan didn't want her to worry about it . . . but she did. She hadn't known Angel that long but she'd felt like she could trust him. She'd thought that after all the family she'd lost she was finally gaining a new one who didn't want her dead.

Elena was lethargic as she allowed Stefan to undress her. She was both physically and mentally exhausted from the day's events. And really, they hadn't gotten any closer to defeating Klaus and stopping the sacrifice. They were out of options. If Bonnie used too much magic at one time she would really die and Elena couldn't watch her best friend die again. Stefan and Damon weren't old enough or strong enough to take on Klaus and with Angel and Katherine missing . . .

Elena blinked and found that Stefan already had both of them undressed and in the shower and was already massaging shampoo into her sweat-soaked hair. She couldn't feel anything. Her body and mind had been through so much that she felt as if she were outside of her body. It was like she was just watching everything that was happening around her.

The next thing she knew she was laying on Stefan's bed under the covers, dressed in a pair of black sweats, a pair of black socks, and her purple night-shirt. Stefan was softly snoring beside her as they both lay on their sides, one of his hands resting on her hip above the blanket.

She sighed, her mind once again returning to the day's events. What were they going to do? How were they going to stop Klaus? Would Bonnie survive? Would she, Elena, die? Would everyone else be okay? Where was Angel? Would he be okay? Even Katherine invaded her thoughts. Isobel's words about Katherine echoed in her ears: 'She never said it but I know she loves you like her own daughter . . .'

She lay awake for most of the night, pondering all of these things. She worried about how they were going to win this fight. Then suddenly she remembered the deal she'd made with Elijah.

Wait . . . Elijah! The other Original vampire could help them. He was their only option at this point. But . . . . Stefan and especially Damon would never agree if she told them.

Elena turned her head, relieved to find that Stefan was in a deep sleep. She held her breath and gently and quickly lifted Stefan's hand off her hip. Also very quietly she pushed the covers and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Her feet touched the floor and she sat up. Stefan sighed in his sleep and she froze. When he turned on his other side facing away from her she sighed in relief.

Pushing the hair out of her face, she stood up. She walked soft on her feet out of the room, down the stairs, down the hall past Damon's room where she could hear Andie giggle, and down more stairs. Once she reached the main floor hall she stopped and froze.

Nobody was coming after her or calling for her.

She continued down more stairs to the basement where Elijah's body was. Once down in the cellar, she stared at the still, scorched, dirty corpse with the silver dagger in the chest. Her heart pounded in her chest as she realized what she was about to do.

It could go one of two ways: He could be angry that she daggered him and he could kill her or – and this was what she was hoping for – he could understand that they didn't know any better and hadn't known if he could be trusted.

She knelt down beside the body, her heart still pounding. Her hand closed around the hilt of the dagger. The tension was physically palpable in the room and she swallowed.

And . . . without any further hesitation she pulled the white oak ash soaked dagger out of Elijah's chest.


After awhile, Angel and Katherine both heard footsteps and voices and laughter down the hall. Alaric/Klaus and his witch were back . . .

Angel and especially Katherine tensed, wondering what would happen now. Angel, too, wondered where the duo―or trio, if you thought about it―went. He hoped that Elena and her friends were okay.

"Well, hello," Klaus burst into the door with the witch behind him. The witch was carrying various shopping bags. "I see we were behaved. Did you two lovers have a chance to catch up properly?"

Neither Angel nor Katherine answered.

"Very well then," The Original smirked. "You both may move but—" The two tensed, waiting for him to finish. "Neither of you may leave this apartment until I tell you to. Also, you won't attack or kill anyone including yourself—especially me in whatever form I am in. Do I make myself clear?" The two were silent. "I said, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Klaus," Both Angel and Katherine spoke at the same time. Their bodies relaxed in the chairs and Katherine stretched her legs – the dried blood on her legs cracking.

"Oh, yes . . ." Alaric/Klaus scrunched his nose. "Katerina, would you please bathe yourself? Maddox here took the liberty of finding you some clothes. The stale blood on your legs is giving off an awful stench . . ."

Angel could feel the anger and embarrassment from Katherine but she didn't say a word about it. She merely took two of the five shopping bags from the male witch and disappeared behind one of the doors.

"All right then . . ." Alaric/Klaus sighed and turned to Angel. "What do you say we have some lunch? Maddox, pour us some blood would you please?" Maddox nodded, setting two of the bags in front of Angel. The last bag he set on the island in the kitchen and pulled out several blood bags – human blood.

Angel swallowed. "I don't drink human blood."

"Nonsense," Klaus smirked. "You will drink it or I will compel you to drink it."

Angel figured that if he did it voluntarily, he would have a little more control than Klaus compelling him.

Maddox poured the bags into three glasses and handed two of them to the male vampires. Angel tensed, gulping. He knew the blurry line he was straddling by drinking the human blood. Alaric/Klaus took the glass and gulped down a sip, licking his lips.

"Drink up, boy."

Angel let out a deep breath and picked up the glass. He lifted the glass toward his lips and felt the still semi-warm glide down his throat. His senses awakened and he immediately drained the glass dry.

"Hmm . . . so this is the one they call the 'Scourge of Europe'," Klaus mused.

Angel wiped his mouth on his sleeve, not answering the thousand-year-old vampire. His senses were in overdrive―he hadn't had blood for years since the showdown with Wolfram & Hart. He swallowed again, feeling a phantom beating of his undead heart.

"How do you like that?" Klaus smirked. "Not as good as from the source but an acceptable alternative nonetheless." Angel didn't answer. "I've heard a great many things about you. You take great artistry and pleasure in your kills. As an art man myself I do admire your work."

"I'm not that vampire anymore," Angel simply said.

"Right," Klaus sighed. "You have a "soul" now." The Orginal just laughed. "You see, my friend, the lust for the blood and the kill will always be there. You can pretend all you want, but no matter how much pig's blood you drink . . ." Klaus trailed off. "Ah, yes . . . Katerina, much better."

Katherine sulked back into the room dressed in a pair of tight, black leather pants, a blue form-fitting tank top, high-heeled black boots, and a black leather jacket. Her soft natural curls were back as well. Angel swallowed . . . damn she looked good.


Elena watched from where she sat on the couch as Mrs. Lockwood walked out of the Lockwood house. Shortly after Elijah walked―or glided―into the room wearing one of the late Mr. Lockwood's suits.

"Better?" Elena sighed.

Elijah smoothed the collar. "Much. I find Richard Lockwood's taste in clothes very impressive. Makes me almost regret that I did not get the chance to meet him."

"You wouldn't have liked him," Elena told him. "One, he was a werewolf—even if he never activated it. Two—" Elena sighed. "Well, he was just an ass."

"Oh," Elijah simply said. He cleared his throat. "Am I to assume that the Martin witches are no longer with us?"

"I'm sorry, but they're dead." Elena apologized. Elijah nodded though Elena could tell he was disappointed. Truthfully, the deaths of Jonah and Luke Martin weighed heavily on her conscience every day. They weren't evil or working for Klaus. It was just their worry and determination to find Greta, their daughter and sister, that had blinded them.

"And Katerina?" Elijah said. "She would have been released from my compulsion when I died."
Elena swallowed. "Klaus took her. We think she may be dead."

Elijah shook his head. "I doubt that. Klaus will want her to suffer for running five hundred years ago and lying about her offspring."

"Um, yeah . . . speaking of . . . One of my ancestors showed up after you . . ." Elena trailed off.

"Who?" Elijah said earnestly.

"He was the father of Katherine's child. He's a vampire now―but I guess he has a soul. Whatever that means." Something sparked in Elijah's eyes. "Yeah, his name's Angel but . . . well, he disappeared. He was supposed to help us at the dance with Klaus but we haven't seen him since yesterday."

Elijah seemed to be listening to her but . . . it was almost as he were somewhere else entirely.

"Elijah!" Elena spoke louder.

The Original blinked. "Sorry . . . just thinking about something." He cleared his throat. "Now, you said that Klaus is here . . . in your history teacher's body."

Elena nodded. "He attacked us at the 60's dance at the high school."

Elijah smirked. "He's trying to draw you out, see if you'll run like Katerina."

"But I won't," Elena shook her head. "I'm trying to protect everyone I care about."

"He'll use that against you," Elijah sighed.

"How . . . How do you know Klaus so well?" Elena said.

"There was a time I'd have done anything for him. I knew him well, almost better than myself. You see, Klaus is my brother." Elijah told her.

Elena's jaw dropped. "Klaus is your brother?"

Elijah nodded. "I am the eldest of seven children."

"S-So your parents were human?" Elena stuttered.

"We all were," Elijah said. "Our father was a wealthy landowner in Eastern Europe. Our mother, though, had a secret. It wasn't known until we'd all become vampires. You see, she'd had an affair and a child—Klaus—was born of that affair. My father was outraged. He killed her lover and his family . . . not knowing he'd sparked a war between the species."

"Species . . ." Elena's eyes widened.

"My mother's lover was from a werewolf bloodline," Elijah explained.

"So . . . what does that make Klaus? Werewolf or vampire?" Elena felt her heart pound in her chest.

"He's both . . . a hybrid," Elijah told her. "The Orginals, as you know, can only be killed with a silver dagger dipped in the ash of the white oak tree. Werewolves heal when stabbed with silver so therefore the dagger will not work on Klaus."

"So you're saying Klaus can't be killed?" Elena gulped.

Elijah shook his head. "Any supernatural being may be killed by a servant of nature."

"A witch who can channel enough power . . ." Elena thought of Bonnie and cringed.

"The servants of nature cannot allow such an imbalance of power," Elijah said. "That is why they stripped him of his werewolf half so many centuries ago."

"But what does that have to do with the sun and moon curse?" Elena was confused.

Elijah paused. "There is no sun and moon curse," Elijah told her, explaining how Klaus and he had made the curse up a thousand years ago. Elena gulped. "The curse is one put on Klaus to keep his werewolf half dormant."

Elena was shocked, unsure of how to process this new information. "So . . . Klaus is here to . . ."

"That's right," Elijah nodded. "He wants to break the curse to release his werewolf half."


Stefan awoke with the instant feeling that something was off. He reached for Elena on the bed beside him –

She wasn't there.

"Elena!" He shouted. Maybe she just went to the bathroom . . .

He tuned his ear, searching for any sign of her in the house . . . all he could hear was the sickening sounds of Andi giggling and moaning downstairs.

"Elena!" He called out again, jumping out of the bed. He grabbed his phone and ran down the stairs. "Elena!" Andi and Damon were kissing and Damon was sucking on Andi's neck as she moaned. "Hey, where's Elena?"

Damon pulled his head from Andi's neck, blood dripping from his fangs. "I don't know, Stefan. She's your girlfriend." The elder vampire smirked.

Stefan dialed Elena's number but it went straight to voicemail. He tried again . . . same thing. He left a message this time: "Hey, it's me . . . where are you? Call me!"

He glanced at Damon and Andi kissing again and shook his head in disgust. He turned to go back up to his room to get dressed . . . and noticed that the door to the basement was open. Without thinking he blurred down to where they had Elijah stored—

The Original was gone . . .

Damon appeared next to him. Stefan let out a sigh of failure. The room was empty.

"Oh no, she didn't . . ." Damon groaned.

She did . . . Elena let Elijah go and now she was missing . . . along with Katherine and Angel. Stefan swallowed, worry settling deep in his bones. Oh Elena, what have you done?

to be continued . . .

P.S. Just in case anyone was wondering, I've been toying with bringing in other characters from the Angel and/or Buffy worlds – but it won't be for quite a while. I'm just curious though who you all would like to see appear or not appear. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks so much for reading.