Chapter 9

The Shredder Strikes: Part 2

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Not long after the discovery of Oroku Saki's true nature and identity as Athena's near-killer, the turtles found themselves at the rendezvous point, joined only moments by members of the Foot. The two parties remained tense until Leo spoke up, tossing them the sword Saki gave him earlier.

"Tell your boss the answer is no. And he can have his sword back."

After the blade was tossed, Leo drew his katana as his brothers stood ready for his order.

"Now. Let's dance."

The two sides clashed as rain began to pour down. Leo sliced at his opponents while Raph used his Sais to catch blades and lock them, enabling him to kick back his foes. As he fought, Mikey spoke aloud.

"Check it out! Nunchucks are not only good for playing the drums, but they are also good in giving a leg up to a fellow turtle!"

As he said this, Mikey held his Nunchucks like a thick rope and launched Donny into the air as the purple-masked turtle landed in the center of a ninja circle.

"You said it, brother! But a Bo staff certainly comes in handy when a teenage turtle finds himself in the middle of a circle of angry, ugly gang of ninjas!"

As Donny whacked down the ninjas, Leo spoke.

"You guys still going on about weapons? Weren't you listening to Master Splinter? It's not the weapon that matters, it's the ninja who wields it."

By the time Leo finished speaking, the ninjas were on the rooftop, out cold. Smiling at one another, the brothers spoke to one another, starting with Donny.

"Well. All in a day's work."

The four high-three-ed each other, shouting, "Turtles rule!"

But the celebration was put on hold as the brute who led the Purple Dragons came crashing through the rooftop door, putting the turtles on the defensive.

"Not him again." Donny shook his head.

Clenching a fist, Leo spoke. "We beat him before, we can do it again."

"Yeah." Replied Raph, who punched his own palm.

The Purple Dragon cracked his knuckles as he spoke.

"I have been looking forward to this rematch." Bringing forth their weapons again, Leo spoke for him and his brothers.

"Bring it! If you got the guts."

The Purple Dragon and turtles charged at one another, dealing blow to blow. But no matter what they did, the turtles couldn't bring him down. That was, until Leo kicked him in the chest, saving Raph's shell.

The Purple Dragon looked around until he saw the sword that Leo discarded into a weathervane and took it, unsheathing it. Both swordsmen clashed sword, neither gaining the upper hand. Leo managed to score in a kick, only to have his swords slashed out of his hands by his opponent, leaving Leo defenseless. The Purple Dragon closed in on Leo as Raph shouted.

"No! Leo!"

"Get back!" Donny cried out.

"Look out!" Mikey called as the Purple Dragon lifted his sword over his head.

Taking a risk, Leo charged at the gangster and kept on kicking him until the Purple Dragon fell through the skylight and fell to the first floor, knocking him out cold on the broken glass.

Up above, the turtles gathered around Leo.

"I think we'll sleep well tonight." Mikey spoke.

"That was not easy. For once, I'm glad we didn't bring Athena." Donny replied.

Raph picked up Leo's katana and handed them over to their master.

"Here, bro."

"Thanks, Raph." Leo replied as he took the swords. "Come on, guys. Let's go home."

But just as Leo said that, he turned his head to the direction he was heading and halted. "

Oh, shell!"

The Foot Ninja, having regained consciousness, leapt back into action, but moved aside as a lone figure landed on the roof. This ninja wore some dark, heavy armor with serrated shoulder plates and gauntlets, the gauntlets similar to Tekko-Kagi, and a helmet that masked its wearer's features. Only by his voice did the turtles realize this is Oroku Saki.

The Shredder.

"The time for games has ended. No more charades."

As Shredder removed his helmet, he spoke again. "

You see me as I am. And it will be the last thing you will ever see. Prepare to face your destiny…and your doom."

But as Shredder placed his helmet back on his head, he spoke on a different matter, narrowing his eyes as he emphasized the last sentence.

"But before I tear you to shreds, I am going to ask only once. Where…is…Avatar Siku?"

The four brothers immediately made the connection.

Siku…was Athena's real name.


Down in the sewers, Athena was back to training. The information about the Shredder and his connection to her past echoed throughout her mind. She didn't even fight after overhearing her brothers agreeing to leave her behind while they answer Shredder behind their father's back. Her emotion began to boil over and becoming more and more difficult to control. Despite being one who often showed her emotions, the ones she was feeling that moment were more destructive than before. Feelings she hated.

Despair, anger, and most of all, absolute fear.

To keep her mind off these emotions, Athena pushed herself. But it wasn't long before she took a glace towards the table in the training room, where a couple of earthbending and firebending scrolls laid. She knew she needed to master waterbending and airbending before moving on the earth and eventually fire. But now she was conflicted to disobey her teachings now that her lifelong enemy has made contact with her eldest brother. And the memories of the raid of the Purple Dragon hideout and the fact that she was useless because she didn't know how to firebend or earthbend, amongst the most offensive of the elements, flashed in her mind.

She was, at this stage, nothing more than a healer and a shield.

"You are more than a shield and a healer, child. I should know."

"Again with the voice." Athena muttered before began looking for the source. "Who are you? Why do you keep popping up in my head?"

The voice laughed softly before it spoke.

"Well, young one. I'm you. Or rather…you were me."

"Make some sense!" Athena nearly shouted, not wanting Splinter to come and check on her.

A moment of silence passed, then the voice spoke again.

"Perhaps it is time we meet face to face."

A sudden light caused Athena to turn around on her heel and what Athena saw surprised her.

Standing behind her was an old man with a kind face, dressed in yellow and orange monk's robs. He was bald, had a white Fan Manchu moustache that went down to the collar of his robs, and had arrow tattoos on his head and hands.

Athena gulped. "Who…who are you?"

The old man laughed softly in the same voice that Athena had been hearing since her power awoke.

"As I have said, we are one in the same person. But you may know me as Avatar Lee."

Athena's eyes became as wide as dinner plates. This was the same Avatar Lee that her sensei and Hamato Yoshi met before they came to New York. Lee gave a bow as he spoke.

"And I know of you, Avatar Siku."

Athena raised her eyebrow.

"Siku? But my name is-"

"Athena? Yes. I know. But you were given the name 'Siku' before you met your new family. Isaido, unfortunately, was unable to speak it before she gave you up."

"Isaido?" Athena asked, the sudden memory of her caretaker flashing before her eyes.

"A member of the Order of the White Lotus who fled with you when the Foot attacked the Water Tribes. She took you from your home and fled southward, hoping to reach a compound within the Southern Water Tribe, but was deterred to the east when the Foot began tracking her." Lee spoke solemnly.

"And she died, keeping me safe." Athena finished.

Lee frowned sadly, sensing the girl's emotions.

"Alienation is often a curse. But sometimes, it can be a blessing."

"How? I've been feeling more alone ever since I found out it was the Avatar. Especially since I don't know any benders I can relate to in a land where bending is nonexistent." Athena choked.

Lee then spoke in a comforting tone. "But it kept the Foot off your trail for ten years, child. By disconnecting any contact with the human world, you have been kept safe and are growing up with a family that loves you. And now I am telling you that you can protect them just as much as they protect you."

Athena remained silent. Even though what Avatar Lee said was true, she felt that being away from her people has made her unprepared for the enemies she and her family faced. True, she got better with air and water. But she feared it won't be enough to protect her family. Lee knelt down before her and placed a hand on his incarnation's shoulder.

"Right now, your brothers need you more than ever. The Shredder is proving to be too much of a difficult fight and I fear they cannot last long. They need your help."

"But how can I? I can't firebend or earthbend."

The old man smiled. "Not yet, child. But you have something stronger than physical strength."

Athena was about to ask when she heard Splinter speak from the main chamber. Even though the rat speaks in a raspy voice, Athena could still hear him from the training room.

"My children. I have been in deep meditation regarding the Shredder and-."

But both Avatars notice the sudden silence in the rat's voice. Athena left the training room and Avatar Lee, seeing Splinter scan the room for his children.

"Master Splinter? Is everything alright?" Athena asked, approaching her adoptive father.

Splinter sighed at his daughter.

"I can't even take a few minutes of meditation without those brothers of yours taking off."

Athena didn't say anything. As far as Splinter was concerned, she knew nothing about where her brothers went. She turned her head and found a note next to Donny's computer and took a look at it.

"Uh…Master Splinter. I think this is for us."

She handed the note to Splinter, who pretended to scratch his head to regain a memory.

"Hmmm. What was the one thing I did not want them to do? Face the Shredder! I am sure that is what they have done."

Splinter grabbed his cane and, after taking a second look at the remote to the Battle-Shell, took it as well. Seeing what Splinter was doing, Athena spoke up.

"Master. I'm coming with you."

Splinter turned to his daughter and spoke sternly.

"No, Athena. The Shredder is too dangerous. I want you to stay here, where it is safe."

"But she's the key in gaining victory, old friend." Lee spoke as he appeared from the training room.

Seeing the deceased Avatar, Splinter was speechless. Lee laughed as he spoke.

"It is good to see you again, Splinter. I believe it's been nearly ten years since we last saw each other?"

Splinter bowed in response.

"Avatar Lee. As much as I am happy to see you, I must ask. Why are you here?"

Lee turned to Athena.

"I was merely doing what Avatar Roku did with Avatar Aang, as well as what Aang did for Avatar Korra. Advising your daughter on what to do regarding her role as the Avatar. And I advised her to go to her brothers."

Shocked, Splinter spoke to the specter.

"But Avatar Lee. It is too dangerous for my daughter to accompany me on such a task. The Shredder seeks her life and she is not ready to face such a foe."

"True." Lee spoke. "But the mind can be far stronger than the body."

Splinter wanted to protest. Even his sons knew that Athena was far from ready to face the Shredder. The old rat was more than capable of taking on Shredder and survive. But as a father, he worried about leaving his only daughter alone with the risk of the Foot discovering their home and finding her all alone there.

That wasn't a risk he was willing to take.

Sometime later, back at the battle…

A pair of Foot Ninja were in a dark alley, trying to track one of the four turtles that were eluding them. One of the ninja sniffed the air and gagged.

"Something around here really stinks."

"Don't look at me." The second ninja replied.

Suddenly, a pair of green hands came from the shadows and slammed the two ninja's heads against each other, knocking them out cold. The owner of the green hands, Raphael, sniffed his pits before he spoke.

"I don't smell that bad… Do I?"

Suddenly, a pair of hands came from behind and pulled Raph into the shadows. He managed to struggle free and turned to face his attacker, only to find that it was Splinter.

"Master Splinter!"

Splinter held up a finger and shushed Raph, forcing the turtle to whisper.

"The others. We got split up."

"Come. We must find them." Splinter whispered.

The pair walked from the shadows as they spotted Mikey and Donny.

"Phew! Am I glad to see you guys." Donny spoke.

"We heard ya two miles away." Raph told the purple turtle.

He then turned his attention to a groaning Michelangelo, who was sitting against a wall.

"Mikey! Are you ok?"

"I don't know if I can make it. Raph? Is that you? The lights. The lights are turning out. It's all going dark. Tell Raph… Tell Raph…"

"I'm right here, Mikey. I'm right here next to ya." Replied a distressed Raphael.

"You tell Raph…that he's always been…"

Just then, the orange turtle gave a grin.

"…a big cheese-head!"

He then laughed at Raph.

"Psych! I can't believe you fell for that!"

He then proceeded to mock his older brother.

"Oh, oh, the lights are turning out!"

Unfortunately for Mikey, Raph didn't find the joke too funny.

"I'll turn your lights out for real this time, wise guy."

But Splinter stopped them before things got even uglier.

"Raphael! Michelangelo! Quiet down! If we could hear you, so could the Foot ninja. We must move more quickly than this."

"We could always leave Mikey behind." Raph joked.

"Hey!" the orange turtle protested.

An hour later…

After an hour, Splinter managed to collect all four of his sons and brought them to the Battle Shell, where Athena was waiting with medical supplies and waterbending. They were shocked that their sister, who might be traumatized for life after learning about the Shredder, was calmly tending to the four of them like nothing happened.

Once Splinter returned to the Battle Shell with Leo, the eldest was greeted by his brothers.

"Good to see you, Leo!" Mikey spoke.

"We were worried about you." Donny replied as Athena used her waterbending to tend to his sore spots.

Splinter then approached his children.

"Yes, my sons. But now, you are safe."

With that, Splinter struck his sons on the cheeks. Pretty hard too. Not that Athena could blame him.

"Ow!" Mikey called out.

"Hey!" cried Donny.

"What was that for?" Raph asked as he rubbed his cheek.

"For being so foolish! You should have never tried to face the Shredder alone. He is too powerful." The rat scolded his sons.

"You're telling me. I've got bruises that have got bruises." Donny told him.

"And did you see the way Shredder walked through that fire?" Leo asked.

"Yeah! He's like 'the Shreddinator' or something!" replied Mikey in a Schwarzenegger voice.

"You have stirred the hornet's nest. He will not rest until he finds us." Splinter told them.

"What should we do, Master Splinter?" asked Leo.

Splinter remained silent in thought before answering his sons.

"Let him find us."

He then looked to Athena.

"All of us."

Then returned his attention to all of his children.

"I have longed wished to avenge my master, Yoshi."

He then narrowed his eyes.

"Now is the time."

"But…how do we let him find us?" Donny asked.

"Sit still." Splinter answered.

Mikey shook his head in his chair as Athena worked on his ankle, a grin on his face.

"I don't know, Master Splinter. Sitting still isn't one of our strong points."

His answer was a smack on his injured ankle from an annoyed Athena.


"Shredder or no Shredder, you need to sit still before I accidentally turn your leg into a Popsicle."

He grinned sheepishly at his little sister, not wanting an icy peg-leg.

"Right~. Sitting still it is. I like sitting still. Sitting still's good."

This earned a smack on the head from Raph, much to Athena's relief.

As they waited, Leo turned to Splinter to ask a question that had begun to plague him since the plan began.

"Master Splinter? When you said 'all of us,' do you mean Athena, too?"

Splinter closed his eyes and remained silent, giving Leo an answer.

"You do, don't you?"

Splinter opened his eyes and spoke to his eldest son as they watched his daughter tend to the remaining three turtles.

"In order for Athena to grow stronger, she must confront her demons. In truth, I would rather have her at home than with us."

He then sighed.

"But whether or not we keep her from the world, she would have come across the Shredder eventually."

He then gave a hopeful look to his son.

"At least I now know that she, if the expression is correct, has an 'ace up her sleeve?'"

Leo remained silent, pondering what Splinter was talking about when he remembered what Shredder said.

"Master Splinter. Shredder said something before we fought him. He said he was looking for an 'Avatar Siku.' I think Siku is Athena's real name."

But Splinter's ears perked up, forcing him to interrupt his son.

"We will discuss this another time, Leonardo. Our enemy is close."

It was silent and empty, which was unusual for a metropolitan area. The Battle Shell sat motionless as newspapers flew with the wind. Only one source of life was present on the streets: Shredder and the Foot. Shredder approached the vehicle, allowing his claws to scratch at the side of the truck.

He knew his prey weren't inside.

Looking upwards, he motioned his ninja to the rooftop, where the turtles stood next to a water tower. Splinter sat on the platform above his sons, while Athena waited behind the tower, hiding from their opponents. The sudden appearance of the Foot caused Mikey to whisper.


From behind the tower, Athena could hear Raphael speak.

"Let the butt-kickin' begin."

Shredder gave out the call as well.

"Foot ninja! Attack!"

Athena didn't need to see to know that her brothers have charged at the ninja and the two factions fought. She could also hear her sensei despite the clanging of weapons.

"Remember, my sons. Even the mighty oak bends before the raging storm wins."

A confused grunt from Mikey caused Splinter to shake his head before he changed his instructions.

"Be careful and do not be overconfident!"

The turtles fought fiercely, Michelangelo mentally thanking Athena for finding out her waterbending heritage early as Splinter continued to give instructions to his sons. One by one, the Foot fell, save for one. After taking them on, only the Shredder remained. One by one, he took out the brothers, not lethally fortunately for the turtles. That was, until the Shredder raised his claws over the brothers.

"None of you will leave here alive!"

Like what any father would, Splinter leapt into action, blocking the clawed arm with his walking stick.

"You have destroyed my family once. I will not allow that to happen again!"

The Shredder growled. "No man, or freak, can defeat me!"

"That remains to be seen!"

With that, Splinter did a quick spin and struck Shredder on the side with the end of his cane before he leapt in front of the water tower, where Athena was standing in front of the tower.

As soon as Shredder saw her, his eyes narrowed further before he let out deep, dark chuckle.

"So. You have brought Avatar Siku with you. This will make eliminating her much easier."

"Now, my daughter." Splinter whispered.

Athena nodded and stepped forward, her fans drawn, her ninja garb protecting her from the wind, save her face. She had decide that if she was going to confront the Shredder, he'd better remember her face.

"Let's see if you can try, murderer." She growled.

Shredder charged at the pair, the two of the dodging his strikes. This was part of the plan the two of them discussed between the lair and that moment. Splinter would use his advanced skills to strike at Shredder, while Athena used her airbending and waterbending abilities to defend and occasionally strike.

The brothers couldn't do anything but watch as their father and sister evaded Shredder's attacks until the armored foe sliced through the four metal poles that supported the tower. Once the tower began to creak and wobble, Splinter scowled at Shredder.

"This is for my master, Yoshi!"

With a swift kick at one of the support poles, the tower began to fall towards Shredder. Athena then raised her arms, her eyes narrowed and focused on her enemy.

"And this is for Isaido!"

With as much chi as she could control, Athena 'pulled' the water within the container down at an accelerated pace, flash-flooding the Shredder and the Foot ninja off the roof before the wooden contained fell onto the Shredder, destroying it upon landing.

With the Foot defeated, the turtles approached both Splinter and Athena.

"Master Splinter? Athena?" Leo asked.

"You ok?" Mikey asked.

The two remained silent until Splinter sighed.

"Come. We have avenged my master, Yoshi. Let us go home."

It was then the family took off, but Athena stalled for a minute to look at the edge of the rooftop.

Her gut was telling her this was far from over.


"Home never sounded so good." Leo's spoke as he and his family entered the lair.

Athena gave a quick smile to her brothers before turning it evil.

"For Donny and Mikey, Leo. Don't forget, you and Raph have to pay for scaring me earlier."

Mikey burst out laughing, despite his cracked ribs.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I knew she wouldn't forget that! Donny! Get the popcorn!"

Equally excited, Donny dashed into the kitchen and began to pop popcorn and make some tea.

Leo and Raph looked at each other, their brows dripping sweat. And not from their fight. Whenever their sister got mad at them for something like Raph's near-fall or Leo's conversation with Oroku Saki, her attempted murderer, she would do whatever it took to get back them.

Grabbing them by their bandana ribbons, Athena dragged her two eldest brothers towards where she was going to teach them a lesson.

"Hey-hey-hey! Where are you taking us?!" Leo demanded.

Athena answered by pulling off their bandanas after they stopped at the destination.

"The bendering obstacle course."

Seeing that they were brought to Athena's personal training room, Raph laughed.

"This is how you're gonna get us back? Ya losin' yer edge, princess."

Athena's grin grew.

"Oh, really?"

With swift movement, she used her airbending to activate the training panels.

"You're gonna try and get through the panels until you both come through on the opposite side."

Looking at each other for a second, the brothers began to laugh, earning a frown from their sister. Mikey and Donny took a seat across from the angry Avatar and her two targets, popcorn in their hands.

"Alright. If you think you can beat this, prove it."

With that, Athena shoved Raph into the panels, which did a number on him before 'spitting' him back out to where he started.

Leo looked to his sister, who grinned evilly.

"You're next, Oniisan."

As the pair tried, and failed, the remaining brothers watched completely entertained. Splinter saw what his daughter was doing to his two eldest children and approached Donny and Mikey. Seeing him, Donny spoke.

"Master Splinter?"

After a moment, Splinter smiled.

"Perhaps I shall have some tea, as well."

Smiling, the brainiac turtle handed the rat a cup of tea as he joined his sons in watching the show. Mikey's grin got wider as Leo and Raph were flung out again.

"Now this is what I call 'quality dinner theater."

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