A/N This will be long and angst filled. It's different to anything I've tried before so ANY AND ALL comments and criticism, particularly about OOC characters (With the exception of Abby, she's SUPPOSED to be OOC!) are welcome and encouraged. Thanks :)


Ducky was the last to arrive, just as the rest of the team were settling down with their drinks. Looking round he asked "No Abigail this evening?"

"No, she said she already had plans" McGee answered.

"That is a shame, I do miss her exuberance at these little get togethers"

"That's a point, when was the last time everyone's favourite Goth came out with us?" Tony asked.

The team thought back over various events, both impromptu and organised and realised that it had been about six months since Abby had been out with them as a group.

Further discussion revealed that she hadn't seen ANY of them outside work on an individual basis for at least that long, if not longer.

"You think something is wrong?" "Did we do something to upset her?" "Has she got a new boyfriend?" "Nah, she'd soon tell us if we'd pissed her off" "She hasn't mentioned one but maybe" "It's plain weird"

Gibbs tuned out the multiple conversations going on around and over him and cast his mind back over the last few months, trying to pinpoint any obvious changes in Abby.

She was more subdued, less communicative, less demanding of his approval.

Each of these things, had happened so gradually, over such a long period of time that it was impossible to distinguish when each had started, or to isolate a specific time or event that caused them.

Taken individually, even the lack of socialisation, these changes were not enough to cause him concern, but when viewed as a whole…

Gibbs realised that the table had fallen silent and they were all looking at him expectantly.

"I'll talk to her"