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It was a stormy night in Portland, Oregon. The rain was freezing on the skin of Makanilani Puamana. She wandered the streets, searching the garbage for scraps. The other homeless paid her no mind and she paid no mind to them.

Makanilani was a twenty-three year old whose beautiful Polynesian features were void of any emotion, her dark eyes cold. Her black hair was long and tangled. Her clothes were threadbare, a thin shawl over her shoulders. What was left of her right arm, what little there was, throbbed. She reached up and touched it, pain crossing her face for a brief moment.

"Do you need a place to stay?" asked a voice behind her.

Makanilani turned around. A man in his forties, stocky in build, with red hair was standing in the shadows. He was dressed in a raincoat and hat.

"My dear, you must be freezing," he said.

"I don't mind," Makanilani replied.

The man was not pleased by the answer. "I need an assistant," he suddenly said. "The pay is decent and the conditions are more desirable than this."

"I do not know how much help I will be," Makanilani said, touching her shoulder again.

"Don't worry," said the man. "We can work around that. Come."

Makanilani walked over to him. The man took off his raincoat and threw it over Makanilani's shoulders.

"My name is Dr. Sevarius," the man said.

"Makanilani Puamana."

"Makanilani. What a lovely name."

It was a beautiful June evening in Hawaii. Makanilani was dressed in a red bikini and a grass skirt. Everyone at the luau was all smiles. Makanilani's long time friend, Utako, had just tied the knot with her fiance.

The reception was just getting underway. Makanilani and several other hula girls were preparing for their dance. Utako broke away from her husband and hugged Makanilani.

"Thank you," she said. "Thank you so much."

Makanilani laughed. "I should be thanking you. You've done so much for me."

That was true. It was Utako who had taken her in after her parents died and there was no one else to look after her. That was three years ago.

"Are you going to play then?" Utako asked. "I'll sing."

"Of course," said Makanilani.

"Makani!" one of her friends called.

Makanilani and her friends danced for the guests. Afterwards, Utako and Makanilani prepared to preform for them.

"Hurry up!" called Utako. "They're waiting!"

Makanilani searched for her violin. "I'm coming!" she cried over her shoulder.

She found her violin and started for the stage where everyone had gathered. Utako was already standing center stage with the microphone in her hand. That was the last time Makanilani ever saw Utako and her family.

The newspapers called it "The Waikiki Wedding Massacre" because almost everyone in both families who attended died. Almost. Makanilani was the sole survivor of the bombing that took everything away from her. Her friends. Her family. Her dreams.

Her right arm was damaged beyond repair. The surgeons' only choice was to amputate. That was three years ago, but Makanilani remembered it well.

She had no real will to live. She had no purpose. So when Anton Sevarius injected her with a mutagenic formula, she did not fight back.

The transformation was painful to say the least, but Makanilani made no fuss as she lay in her cage, curled up in a ball. When it was over, Makanilani Puamana had died and a new creature was born. This creature would obey every command Sevarius would give her.

The creature's name: Keahi.

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