I wrote this as a fill request on the non-shizaya kink meme. This is the updated version without all the grammar and spelling mistakes. There should be three parts to this.

Title: Pretend
Author: Ongaku
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: M
Pairing: Izaya/Masaomi
Summary: Masaomi loves Mikado but Mikado loves Anri. Enter in Izaya and let the role-playing game begin. Izaomi
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in this story.

Masaomi stood in the shadows with a mixed expression of jealousy and hurt on his face. His attention was on a couple who seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot. That couple happened to be his two best friends, Mikado and Anri. If most people were to see him now they would probably think it was a love triangle between him, Anri, and Mikado but the truth was that the only one he wanted was Mikado.

A month ago Masaomi let his feelings for Mikado slip out. Mikado had thought it was a joke at first but when he noticed just how serious Masaomi was being, he had to turn him down flat. He told him it was because he was in love with Anri.

Even though Mikado went on to tell him he loved him as a friend and was honored that he felt such a way for him, Masaomi's heart broke into a bunch of little pieces. He knew his chances with Mikado were slim but it didn't make the hurt any less painful.

Today his heart was hurting all over again. He happened to overhear Mikado confess to Anri on the school grounds and lost all hope when Anri's response was a positive one.

He felt like a bit of a stalker but was curious to see if it was true. He didn't know if it was because he was a masochist or what, but he knew following around his first love couldn't have been healthy. Still, despite knowing all this and despite being rejected as nicely as possible, Masaomi was not about to just let Mikado go.

He kept hoping for some big fallout between Mikado and Anri. Maybe Anri would decide she didn't like him and tell him so, or maybe when they went on their date it would just be awkward and not any good, making them have to return to just being friends.

All his hopes were dashed after about an hour into the date. Mikado and Anri got along really well, blushing like a couple of idiots and even holding hands!

It was getting to be too much for him and he was starting to feel like a major third wheel. If he didn't like Anri so much, he would have been mad at her for stealing his love. There was no way he could though when Anri cared so much about him.

Finally getting sick of watching the lovey-dovey show in front of him, he turned to walk away, only to end up bumping into someone.

He quickly apologized but froze in his tracks when he realized who it was.

Izaya stood in front of him with a grin so big that Masaomi was positive he was up to something bad.

"My, my, my, looks like I have caught something very interesting."

"You better not be thinking about doing something to Mikado or Anri." Masaomi said with the anger clear in his voice.

Izaya bent down a bit to be eye level with Masaomi.

"I wasn't meaning them when I said interesting."

Masaomi felt a cold chill run down his spine. He never wanted to be found out about his feelings for Mikado but he knew then and there that Izaya knew everything.

Still, he tried to brush him off.

"I have no idea what you mean." He glared right into Izaya's eyes.

Izaya rose back up and started to laugh.

"You really have it bad, don't you?"

Masaomi averted his eyes away from Izaya, wishing he would just go away.

"Well, good luck I suppose."

Masaomi perked up at this and turned his attention back to Izaya to see him walk away. He couldn't believe that was all Izaya had to say about it.

Something just didn't seem right.

As he was watching Izaya walk away he got the strangest feeling. In a way Izaya looked like an older Mikado.

Okay, so maybe they didn't really look anything alike but they both had a fair complexion and dark hair. Still, Masaomi couldn't help what he did next.


Izaya stopped in his tracks but didn't turn around right away.

Masaomi walked quickly to catch up to him. "I have a request."

Izaya slowly turned around with his same grin on his face. "Don't worry Masaomi. I'm not going to blab to everyone about your homo lust for your best friend."

Masaomi's eye twitched in annoyance. He almost backed down again but decided to just go for it.

"How do you feel about role play?"

Izaya's smile left his face as his eyes opened all the way in interest. Masaomi hated him. He hated the man so much but he just didn't care. He was so pent-up that he had to do something.

"What are you getting at, Masaomi?"

Masaomi took a deep breath but then gave him a look of determination.

"I want to fuck you while you pretend to be Mikado."

It was quiet for a while. Masaomi could feel the sweat on his forehead trickle down his face. He knew he had been very bold but he figured it would be best to be blunt with Izaya instead of trying to mention it in passing.

Then - out of nowhere - Izaya burst out into laughter even harder than before. Masaomi waited for him to calm down but he was wondering what was going through his mind right then.

"You've got guts to say something like that to me."

Masaomi watched with keen interest as he went from laughing like a maniac to being completely – and kind of scary – serious. He had only seen him act like this once before when he stomped on that one girl's cellphone. Izaya's face was hard and his eyes were slanted and Masaomi wondered if he had managed to really piss him off.

Then he smiled. It wasn't a big smile or a happy smile. It was a sickening kind of smile. The one Masaomi knew all too well when it came to Izaya.

"However, I think this is the most entertained I have been for the past month so I will take you up on this request."

Masaomi just stood there, not knowing how to continue from there. He never really expected Izaya to say yes.

"Well? How do you want to go about doing this?"

Masaomi finally snapped out of his trance when he finally registered what Izaya had asked him.

"You're serious." Masaomi looked Izaya straight in the eyes to make sure he wasn't just setting him up for more humiliation.

"Dead serious." Izaya replied without missing a beat. "Unless you weren't being serious yourself?"

"No. I wasn't joking."

"Then- shall we continue this at my place or yours?"

Masaomi pondered this for a while. He thought about doing it at Izaya's place first because his place was nicer and bigger but then he wondered how weird that would be when Izaya was supposed to be Mikado. Why would they be in Izaya's place?


Izaya just nodded his head.

"Lead the way."

Masaomi turned in the direction of his home and looked around to make sure no one he knew was around. Izaya stayed silent the entire time, which was really weird for him.

After a few minutes of walking they finally reached his home. It wasn't anything fancy but it was a little nicer than the place Mikado stayed at. Masaomi's heart ached when he thought about his love but pushed it away quickly. He didn't have time to be acting all emotional when he had a dangerous person coming into his home on his own invitation.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Masaomi wondered if he would survive this but it was too late to turn back now.

Once inside, Masaomi flicked on the main light and shut and locked the door.

Izaya just watched him, not making any comments. It really helped Masaomi stay calm considering what they were about to do.

Masaomi had to think this over long and hard. He wasn't sure where he wanted this to take place. Then it dawned on him. If he was actually with Mikado he would know exactly how it he wanted it to go down.

"I guess the best place would be my bedroom."

Izaya just smirked.

"Of course the first time would be in the bed."

Masaomi glared at him and wished he had stayed silent. Then a thought occurred to him.

"Here is the deal. For you to pretend to be Mikado you cannot talk. As soon as you do I swear I feel sick inside."

Izaya just chuckled. "That's not very nice Masaomi, but I will stay quiet."

Masaomi walked to his room and flicked on the small night stand next to his bed. Izaya took notice of his room. His bed was just a single but he was actually surprised that he had a western styled bed as opposed to a futon. The rest of the room was pretty empty. It was obvious that the boy only used it to sleep in.

Izaya wasn't nervous in the least. In fact he was really curious how all of this could play out. He knew he would be playing the bottom in this game and wondered if Masaomi would even be able to pleasure him right. He wasn't going to be nice and help him either. Besides, if he was going to pretend to Mikado it's not like he could. He was pretty sure that Mikado was still a virgin.

He walked over to Masaomi's bed and took a seat on the edge. He wanted to say so much but he kept his mouth clamped shut. It wasn't like he wasn't used to being quiet. In the past he hardly talked but an event in his life had changed all of that.

So he just sat there and watched Masaomi.

Masaomi's mind was going over so many different things at once. He was completely nervous. It wasn't like it would be the first time for him to have sex but this was different. This would be with someone he didn't like, yet pretending that he was. He watched as Izaya moved over to his bed and took a seat.

He knew Izaya was waiting on him. He was going to have to be the one to do all the work. Masaomi took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened them again the person in front of him was no longer his hated enemy, but his first and only love – Mikado.

The lust took over him completely and he was no longer nervous.

He walked up to Izaya and placed his mouth on his. It started off simple and sweet. Masaomi knew Mikado wouldn't be experienced in anything so he wanted to make their time together a very sweet and pleasant one. After a few seconds he couldn't control himself anymore. It got heated and he forced Izaya's mouth open so he could put his tongue in.

Their tongues twisted and tasted all over each other. It was intense and hot. When it got to be too much they broke apart from the kiss slowly, a trail of saliva dripping from their mouths.

Masaomi's cheeks were red and so were Izaya's. They breathed heavily, which was easy to hear considering how quiet it was in there.

Masaomi didn't take long before he moved on. He placed his mouth over Izaya's neck and began to suck.

Izaya was surprised by how hot it was getting already. He actually really enjoyed the kiss and liked the way Masaomi tasted. He wondered slightly if Masaomi was thinking about his taste or if he was so far gone in his fantasy that it didn't matter.

Masaomi slowly brought his hands down to the bottom of Izaya's shirt and began to pull it up and over his head. Izaya helped him do this to make the transition not so awkward.

As soon as his shirt was off Masaomi was on his nipples, sucking and prodding them with his mouth and tongue.

Izaya closed his eyes and clamped his mouth tight. He had to remember to keep quiet.

As Masaomi licked him and kissed him all over his chest they slowly laid down on the bed. Masaomi was now straddling Izaya and looking down at him with so much lust.

Izaya was caught off guard for a second when he remembered that it wasn't because of him.

"Mikado," Masaomi said in a breathy voice.

Izaya was brought back into the reality of it all with that. He knew he was supposed to be pretending to be someone else but hearing Masaomi call out someone else's name was still unpleasant.

He scolded himself in his mind and tried to go back to just feeling instead of thinking.

He heard the belt on his pants jingle and knew that Masaomi was now getting ready to take them off. It was a little frustrating considering that Masaomi still had all his clothes on. So he decided to take some of his own action. He wanted to do this without throwing Masaomi off so he was very careful about it.

He pulled on Masaomi's shirt to let him know what he wanted. Masaomi quickly pulled off his shirt and loosened his jeans. Izaya stared at the boy's chest and actually started to feel a little turned on – to his surprise. The boy had such soft skin even though he had scars from all the fights he had been in.

Despite seeming really lanky and small the boy actually had a very nice upper body. He knew he should have already known this considering Masaomi could fight well but it just didn't register until now.

Masaomi came back down to give him another heated kiss. This one wasn't as intense as the first one but it didn't need to be, the heat from their bare chests added so much more to it.

Their hands were all over each other, hardly ever staying in just one place.

Izaya could feel himself getting a lot harder and was ready for Masaomi to take his pants off. It was starting to get painful.

His eyes bugged out when Masaomi ground his own pelvis into his. It felt so good even though it was just over the clothes.

Masaomi was starting to really get into it. He continued to grind his hips into Izaya's. It took all he could to pull away to move on to more intimate things.

He quickly undid the rest of Izaya pants and pulled them down.

Izaya felt the release of his penis and had to bite his tongue to keep from gasping.

The cooler air around him was surprisingly shocking to his system but in a good way.

Masaomi put his hands on Izaya's member and began to slowly stroke. Izaya struggled on the bed, trying to keep his cool. He couldn't believe how easy he was being during all of this. He then thought he probably shouldn't go so long without sex from now on because he was starting to feel like a first timer.

It was frustrating but so good at the same time.

Masaomi continued his methods but picked up the pace a bit, causing a bit of precum to spill out. His own pants were starting to get way too tight so he figured he should pick up the pace again.

He let go of Izaya's member and got off the bed to make his way to a dresser in the room.

Izaya stayed lying on the bed, his breath deep and heavy. His eyes followed Masaomi, wondering what he was getting up to do.

Masaomi pulled out a bottle of lube and Izaya smirked to himself. Now he knew that Masaomi was no virgin for sure.

Masaomi took off his pants and boxers before making his way back on the bed.

Izaya kept all his attention on him as he did this. It was a delicious sight for him.

Once positioned in a more comfortable position, Masaomi quickly went back to Izaya's neglected penis and placed his mouth over him. Izaya closed his eyes instantly at the contact.

He was so lost in the feelings that he almost didn't notice the clicking noise of a bottle and the slight smell of cherries filling the room.

It wasn't until he felt a cold hand get closer to his bottom did he realize what was about to happen.

Masaomi prided himself in being a good multi-tasker in the sack. He continued to give Izaya all the pleasure he could with his mouth while his hands were busying getting the lube ready.

He was a little surprised when it smelled like cherries. Normally he just got regular lube but the store was all out the last time he had to get some more. He actually kind of liked the smell though.

Once he got enough on his finger he positioned his hands towards Izaya's entrance and place one of his digits inside.

Izaya wanted to hiss at the feeling. He really wasn't used to being the bottom so he knew this was going to be a little rough. He was just glad that Masaomi seemed to know what he was doing and had plenty of lube.

The intrusion just felt weird at first and didn't hurt until he placed another digit inside him. Izaya arched his back a bit at this.

Masaomi finally stopped sucking him to get up closer to his face.

"I will make this easy on you." He said quietly as if to assure him.

Izaya kind of wanted to laugh. If he wasn't pretending to be Mikado he wondered if Masaomi would still say things like that to him.

Masaomi was really getting into it now. He couldn't wait until he could plunge into his love but he knew he had to prepare him really good. He didn't want to make Mikado regret his first time.

He slowly began to scissor his fingers to help stretch him out slowly.

Izaya was starting to feel good from this. He began to relax, making it easier for Masaomi to stretch him out. Wanting to taste the boy again, Izaya grabbed his head and pulled him into another kiss.

If Masaomi thought this was out of character he had no qualms about it.

Feeling ready, Masaomi pulled his finger out and grabbed the lube to coat a layer of it on his penis. He hissed a bit at how cold it was, but it quickly warmed up.

Then he positioned himself and looked down at Izaya.

Izaya nodded his head, knowing that Masaomi was waiting for the okay signal.

Masaomi slowly pressed his penis into Izaya's bottom and moaned at all the sensations he was getting. Izaya was so warm and so tight. It felt amazing to him. It was all that he could do to not plunge into him without remorse or thought for his wellbeing.

Izaya – on the other hand – was feeling the pain. He had to clench his teeth together to keep from crying out loud. He was surprised by how big Masaomi actually was and tried to stay calm to keep the pain from getting worse.

Once Masaomi was all the way inside him he stayed very still, letting Izaya take the time to adjust.

"I'm sorry if this hurts too much. Just let me know when you are ready."

Izaya just nodded his head. It wasn't too long later that the pain started to subside and a great heat took over. Feeling that he was ready he slowly moved his hips to let Masaomi know.

Masaomi slowly pulled out, almost all the way so that the tip was the only part still inside of him and then he pushed in all the way at a faster pace than before.

Izaya opened his eyes wide again and felt the heat all over his body. The sensations he was getting were amazing now that all the pain was gone.

Masaomi began to pick up the pace, setting a nice tempo as he thrust in and out of him. Izaya was ready for more though, it felt so nice but something was missing. He rocked his hips to the rhythm and tried to quicken the pace.

Masaomi picked up on this quickly and started to move faster.

He was almost there, he could feel it.

Masaomi was getting there himself but he wanted it to last just a bit longer so he kept a cool head.

Izaya reached up to Masaomi and wrapped his arms around the boy, grinding his hips with Masaomi's to try and get him even deeper.

Then Masaomi finally hit that spot and Izaya could no longer stay quiet. He let out a loud moan of pleasure without even realizing what he had just done.

Masaomi stopped thrusting and Izaya cursed inside his head.

Masaomi was surprised by the sudden noise. Most of the night was just filled the sound of the bed creaking under them and the slapping of their wet bodies from the heated passion they shared.

However this loud moan was shocking. It wasn't a sound that Mikado would make. Masaomi knew that all too well. The image of Mikado in his arms shattered instantly but what surprised him the most was not the sudden wake up call.

The real surprise was the fact that the sudden noise had suddenly turned him on so much more that he couldn't believe. He thought he had already reached that peak but Izaya's noise almost made him cum there and then so he had to stop moving to calm himself down.

A newfound excitement and fear came over him when he realized that the sound of Izaya's moan was turning him on so much more than his fantasy world.

Once he recollected himself he began to thrust back into Izaya quickly and powerfully.

Izaya felt a wave of relieve when it passed. He wondered for a split second what had gone through Masaomi's mind but he couldn't think about it for long before he was filled with overwhelming pleasure.

Masaomi was hitting his prostate over and over at such a quick pace he knew it wouldn't be much longer.

Masaomi wanted to hear Izaya make a noise again but was disappointed when it seemed like he wasn't going to.

Still, the reminder of the noise was enough to keep him going and finally after one hard thrust he came.

Izaya came not too longer after Masaomi and shuddered as he felt sperm enter him. He was going to need to take a long shower after this and wondered how Masaomi's bathroom facilities were.

They both came crashing down on the bed, panting heavily.

Masaomi pulled all the way out and rolled off of Izaya to lie on the side of him. The space was cramped but it did not matter.

Masaomi wasn't sure what he was going to do. He intended to think of Mikado the whole time but at the last second the only thing that filled his mind was Izaya and this revelation terrified him. Did he really ask Izaya to pretend to be Mikado because he wanted to do Mikado or because he wanted an excuse to actually do Izaya?

Now he wasn't so sure. He was going to have to think this over for a while before making up his mind. Feeling too tired to think about it now he slowly began to close his eyes.

Izaya watched Masaomi as he began to fall asleep. He was pleasantly surprised by how well Masaomi had done; he wasn't surprised that he was tired.

He decided he would let the boy sleep and then sneak out in the night. This way he could keep the fantasy in check. It wouldn't do him any good to fall asleep as well, only to be pushed out of the bed in a freak attack because Masaomi had gone back to being a tsundere to him.

He was pretty curious just how much this would change their relationship though.

To Be Continued.