Part three and the end! Woot! Can you believe I finished another story? Also, this is the longest chapter. I might even write an epilogue to this later. Enjoy!

Title: Pretend
Author: Ongaku
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: M
Pairing: Izaya/Masaomi
Summary: Masaomi loves Mikado but Mikado loves Anri. Enter in Izaya and let the role-playing game begin. Izaomi
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in this story.

Anri was in a state of shock. She blinked her eyes profusely. Trying to make sure what she was seeing was real. When Izaya had gotten in the middle of their group date she sensed something wasn't right. Her intuition proved to be right when Izaya ended up dragging Masaomi with him on his great escape from Shizuo.

Worried for her friend she politely told Mikado she had to go home early and followed them.

Now, there she was, standing in the shadows and watching Masaomi and Izaya interact. She couldn't make out a word of what they were saying but something seemed off. Masaomi's reactions and body language were strange.

Then she saw it – their kiss. She thought Masaomi would freak out and beat the crap out of Izaya – or at least try to – but she was even more surprised when she noticed he seemed to like it.

She didn't understand what was going on at all. Her mind froze instantly and she stayed there until Masaomi and Izaya were no longer in sight. She wasn't sure what she should do about it. She didn't think it was safe for Masaomi to be around Izaya but she was also torn because it wasn't really any of her business.

Whatever she would do, she knew the one thing would be to talk to Mikado about it.

"Hey, Masaomi. Wake up."

Masaomi let out a little growl, protesting the shakes that Izaya was gently giving him. "Just five more minutes."

Izaya's eyebrow rose up at this and wondered if he even understood where he was right then.

"That's fine with me and all but I thought you might not like having Namie walk in on us in this sort of situation."

That got Masaomi to wake up. He opened his eyes and sprung off of Izaya as if he were a hot coal. Then he looked down to notice that both he and Izaya were still naked.

"Ugg, I'm all gross." Masaomi hated the sticky feeling after sex.

Izaya just smirked and stretched out a bit to get the feeling back in his legs. "I think you look sexy like that."

Masaomi blushed when he heard this and started to cover himself up.

"Now you are bashful?" Izaya let out a little laugh. "Go get a shower. You have a little over an hour before Namie shows up for work."

Masaomi nodded his head and walked away quickly. He couldn't believe he let himself fall asleep on Izaya all night. He never stirred and found it very disconcerting how comfortable he was with it. He moaned when memories of their night started to come back, making his cock go hard again.

He couldn't believe how sensitive and easy his body reacted. He never had much problem with it before but around Izaya it was like he couldn't turn it off.

He cursed himself when he knew he was going to have to jerk himself off in the shower to get it to go away.

Izaya's shower was a lot roomier than his. That was to be expected since Izaya lived in a much nicer place. He looked at Izaya's collection of different shampoos and thought it was odd that he would have such girly soaps. Then it occurred to him that they might belong to Namie.

A twinge of jealousy bubbled up when he thought about that. He wondered if the two of them ever had sex. When he realized what he was thinking he quickly dismissed it and turned on the shower. Just because her stuff was there didn't mean that. It could just mean that she might have had long nights of work there and it was just more convenient.

He shook his head when he realized he was being pathetic. Why was he getting those feelings anyway? He loved Mikado. Mikado was the only one he should be jealous of.

For some reason he just couldn't shake it. The idea of Izaya with anyone else just pissed him off.

He washed himself off diligently; trying to make sure he got all the sticky spots off of him. He grabbed the simple dial soap and started to scrub, trying to keep his mind of the fact that he was in Izaya's shower. His cock was still hard though and he sighed in defeat knowing he should go ahead and get that part over with.

He grabbed one of the liquid soaps – probably one of Namie's – and lathered some of his hand. When he had gotten enough he placed one of his hands on his cock and began to pump himself. He placed his other hand against the wall to keep his balance.

Masaomi thought about Mikado, like he had done plenty of times in the past. He tried to picture Mikado's red face and panting mouth, his small body and big blue eyes but before long the blue eyes were being replaced by red ones and his body was slightly bigger. Instead of a shy look he had a smirk on his face. He kept trying to change his mental image but Izaya's face just wouldn't go away. He pumped harder and faster, getting really into it when he visualized Izaya squirming under him, the smirk finally getting wiped off his face.

Finally he came and slowly dropped down to his knees in the shower. He couldn't believe what he had just done. He had just jerked himself off thinking about Izaya in Izaya's house and shower. He had really crossed some sort of line now. There was no going back now. He felt disgusted with himself and utterly defeated. He tried to fight it but there was no denying that he lusted after Izaya more than anyone else now.

He finished up his shower, using Izaya's dial soap again to cover the fruity one he had used to jerk off with. Then he got out of the shower and grabbed one of the towels from the rack. It smelled of Izaya and Masaomi's heart skipped a beat. He knew he was fucked up in the head before but now he was wondering if he should check himself into a mental institute for actually starting to fall in love with Izaya.

And he had thought he was setting himself up for hurt with Mikado. Izaya would do so much more damage if he ever learned the truth. He was sure of that.

When he exited the shower room he noticed that his clothes were folded neatly in a pile by the door. He grabbed them and quickly got dressed. Then he made his way towards the doorway out of the building. He didn't even bother to go looking for Izaya because he was afraid his face would show what his emotions were feeling. He was just glad that today was Sunday. That meant he wouldn't have to pretend to be perfectly fine and could just go home and sleep his problems away.

Izaya was still completely naked when Masaomi left his place. He didn't want to get anything else dirty. He found it very amusing how Masaomi went running out of the shower room though. Something was up with him and he was going to have a lot of fun trying to figure out how to get him to let it out.

He went to take his shower and when he got out Namie was already in her place, typing away at the computer. Izaya snorted. He had told her she didn't have to come in on Sundays but she insisted. He always thought he was a work-a-holic but Namie really proved him wrong. This time it actually annoyed him though. He could have spent more time with his favorite toy.

He was really going to have to disturb Namie to keep her from coming in on Sunday ever again. The best way to do that was probably just to tell her the truth – or at least half truths.

"Don't come in on Sunday next week."

Namie continued to type but answered him. "You have said this before and I already gave you my answer."

"Of course and I let it go but I will be having a guest over on the weekends now and – unless you want to see me having sex – then I would suggest you not coming in."

Namie stopped typing at this. She looked up at Izaya and made a face.

"That's disgusting."

"I take it that means you won't be coming in on Sunday anymore then?"

Namie glared at him. "Fine, though I can't imagine who in their right mind would ever want to sleep with you."

"Now that is just rude. I happen to be very desirable but I suppose I won't be able to convince someone who is sickly in love with their own brother."

Izaya's words didn't faze Namie in the least bit. "My love is true and pure. I'm sure whatever you are doing is just vulgar."

Izaya only laughed.


Masaomi woke up to the sound of his doorbell. He looked over at his clock with a groan and noticed it was a little after one. He wanted to be left alone and thought about ignoring it but the rings just got more persistent.

He sighed and shuffled off his bed, pulling on some pants and a simple t-shirt. It felt stuffy in his room so he had slept in his boxers.

He walked slowly towards the door, his head pounding when the rings got louder.

"I'm coming, hold your horses!" He yelled at the door. If it was a sales person he was going to rip them a new asshole.

He swung open his front door in anger and his eyes widened in shock when he saw Mikado and Anri were standing in front of it. Faces filled with concern and worry.

"Uh, sorry guys. I thought it was going to be a sales person or something."

Mikado shook his head. "It's okay. We tried to call you first but it went straight to voice mail."

Masaomi sighed on the inside. He had turned off his phone in hopes of letting people know that he wanted to be left alone. Apparently that hadn't worked.

"May we come in?"

Masaomi nodded his head and motioned for them to come in.

Anri stepped in first with Mikado right behind her. They made a beeline to his couch and took a seat.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?" Masaomi asked to be polite. He really didn't want to talk to them but he couldn't treat his only friends badly.

"No, that is okay. We won't be here for long." Mikado responded.

Masaomi looked at his friend face and saw how serious he looked. His stomach lurched in fear. He remembered how Izaya dragged him off in front of them and wondered if they knew something.

He walked over to the small chair in the corner and took a seat.

"What's up? What brought you over to my place like this?"

Mikado and Anri looked at each other as if trying to decide if they should say it or not.

Finally Anri decided to speak. "We were worried about you after last night."

Masaomi tensed up a bit at this but then relaxed when he was pretty sure they couldn't know anything about their relationship.

"Yeah, he was being an asshole like usual. Simon got in the way though and I managed to escape. I'm sorry I didn't contact you guys but my phone died and I was tired so I just came home to sleep."

He watched them to see if they bought his lie. He was actually surprised by how well he was able to spit one out on the spot like that. When he noticed they didn't think that was all to it he decided to tease them.

"Besides," he winked at them. "It looked like you guys were ready for your alone time."

This got them both - turning their heads away in a blush.

Masaomi had watched them do this a number of times and each time he had gotten a bit jealous. However, this time he wasn't feeling anything. It really surprised him and terrified him at the same time. Was he really that fickle? Did his love for Mikado really not mean that much?

After they recovered from their embarrassment it was Mikado's turn to speak.

"Masaomi, are you sure that is all you have to say? Is Izaya blackmailing you in some way?"

Masaomi was caught off guard by the sudden bluntness. He looked from Mikado and Anri and knew that they didn't believe anything he had just said. He wondered if it was because they had run into Simon that night. He should have known better then to make up a lie with another person who wasn't really involved.

"No. He isn't blackmailing me. Believe it or not I can handle him these days." Masaomi bit his tongue before he could say more. Anri and Mikado didn't know all that much about his past still and he had almost given it away.

If they had caught on to anything they didn't let it show.

Masaomi's thoughts lingered to Saki. It had been awhile since he had thought about her and wondered why his brain chose now. Was it guilt? He had dated her, thinking he really liked her, only to find out his real love was Mikado. He had left her to get hurt in the gang war he was in and had even walked out on her later when she had forgiven him for it.

She never got angry at him though, which only made his guilt feel worse. Especially since he was no longer in love with Mikado and was actually getting involved with his worst enemy. He knew he should have gone back to her because she would have been a much better option but he just couldn't bring himself to try and use the girl again.

His stupid obsession and love for Mikado had gotten into so much trouble over the years.

"Um Masaomi, what is so funny?"

Masaomi came to his senses when he heard Mikado speak. He realized he had started to laugh out loud for no apparent reason. His two friends were looking at him as if he had grown a second head and he didn't blame them.

"Sorry. I just thought of something ironic and it got me to laughing."

They said nothing in return as if not sure what was going on.

"Don't worry. I'm okay I just got some things to sort out."

They nodded their heads but still looked unsure.

"Alright, but please let us know if you ever need any help." Mikado got up from his seat and Anri did the same.

Masaomi was glad that they decided to let it drop there but he got the sinking feeling that that wouldn't be the last of it.

He said his goodbyes to them, throwing in a few perverted jokes, and telling him he would see them in school tomorrow.

As soon as they left he let out a huge sigh of relief. His stomach growled so he decided he would make some food and watch TV to try and go back to chilling out. He didn't want to think about anything today. He would worry about it all starting Monday.

Two weeks had gone by and Masaomi hadn't seen any sign of Izaya. He didn't know what to make of that. A little bit of him felt relieved. He figured that saying - out of sight and out of mind – would do him some good with his mixed feelings for the bastard.

The other part of him felt frustrated. He wanted to know why Izaya was ignoring him again and he actually worried that Izaya was already bored with their game.

Still, he could not convince himself to go to Izaya's house for any reason. It would be too weird and even harder for him to hide his true feelings.

To make matters worse, Mikado and Anri would not leave him alone. They gave him knowing looks that told him they weren't buying his act. It made going to school a huge chore and by the time he got home each night he would pass out from the sheer stress. He wished there was someone he could tell. He contemplated actually telling Mikado but then knew he would probably tell Anri.

He knew that Mikado didn't see Izaya as the evil man he truly was. He knew that Mikado thought something was fishy about Izaya but he didn't completely distrust him. Anri, she was a different story. He could see how uncomfortable she was around him and she would get these looks of anger he had never thought he would see on her face.

He couldn't risk it. He didn't really want them to do some kind of intervention. He just wanted someone to rant to, someone who wouldn't judge him for it.

Masaomi stared down at his cellphone and sighed. It was Saturday morning but he didn't want to go to school. Instead he stared at a familiar number that he hadn't called in a long time.

Saki Mikajima.

She was the only person he could think of when it came to talking to. The only problem with that was it just seemed too cruel. He had already dumped her two times. Once because of his own cowardliness for not being able to protect her and the other time because he thought he only loved Mikado.

Calling her to rant about his mixed feelings for Izaya would probably be a slap in the face towards her. It was just- she was the only one who wouldn't think he was crazy for having feelings for Izaya. Anyone else would try to have him committed.

He was probably going to regret this but he dialed the number anyway.

It only rang two times before she picked up.

"Hello Masaomi-kun, it has been awhile." Her voice was calm and sweet. Masaomi couldn't tell if she was angry at him or not.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I was wondering, do you have time to talk today?"

His heart thudded in his chest. He was waiting for her to tell him no, that there was no way she could have time for him again. He deserved it so he wouldn't be surprised.

However, Saki was a lot more mature than that. Her reply held the same tone as her greeting.

"Of course - I can meet you right now if you like. Where would you want to meet?"

Masaomi contemplated this. He was going to say his place but thought that would be too weird. They needed to go someplace open so she wouldn't get the wrong idea. He couldn't go Russia Sushi because it would be closed and they would judge him for not being in school anyway. He remembered a small café that served coffee and donuts. Since it was still morning he figured that would be a good place.

He told her where and gave her the street names. She told him she would be on her way and then they said their goodbyes.

Masaomi strolled down the streets of Ikebukuro. He didn't really know what he had just gotten himself in. He would be seeing his 'ex' again after four months of being apart. It all seemed so crazy and stupid of him.

When he got to the café he almost turned back and ran away. He stopped because he saw her. She was beautiful as always. She had a strong aura but seemed refined, almost like a pampered rich girl. He remembered why he thought he had fallen in love with her in the first place. He owed it to her to suck up his pride and go in there to talk.

When he walked through the door the sound of a little bell announced his arrival. She looked up at him and smiled, motioning for him to come over. He casually walked to her, trying to keep as calm as possible.

When he took his seat she just stayed quiet, smiling at him.

"Um, how have you been?"

She stirred her coffee a few times and took a sip. "I'm doing well. You don't have to worry about me Masaomi."

Masaomi tensed up some. "Uh, I wasn't… I mean." He felt like an idiot. He just couldn't spit out the words.

"I'm really sorry." He put his head down in shame.


Masaomi didn't look up even after she called his name.

"Masaomi, please look up."

He did so with regret but when he saw her eyes he felt at ease again.

"You wanted to talk to me about something?" She reached over and grabbed his hand to reassure him that everything would be okay.

"I'm not really sure if I should. It just seems so insensitive to you."

Saki squeezed his hand lightly.

"It's about Izaya, isn't it?"

Masaomi's eyes widened in shock.

"How did you-"

"Know?" she finished his sentence for him. "I always got this strangest feeling between you and him. Sure, you had a lot of hate towards him but he was one of the only ones you ever let get under your skin so much. I thought it was only a matter of time before that hate developed into something more."

Masaomi looked away in embarrassment.

"I don't know what to do. I really wish the feelings would go away. I doubt liking him in any way would be good for me. I mean, when I hated him he tortured me so much. If he ever found out about this I'm sure he would torture me in even worse ways. Especially if he knew I would continue to let him."

"I think he might surprise you."

Masaomi shook his head.

"How can you even say that after what he did to you?"

Saki looked him in the eyes intently, her smile gone from her face.

"That was my choice. I knew what I was getting into. Izaya did not try to pretend like it wouldn't be a huge risk towards me."

Masaomi frowned. "It was still really wrong."

She smiled again at this. "Probably but that is just the way he is. You knew this, yet you still got feelings for him."

Suddenly it hit him. She was right. He knew what he was but he still stupidly got involved with him. This was his own fault and he was going to have to do something about it.

"Thank you Saki. I'm really an idiot for pushing you away."

Saki laughed. "Yup, you have no idea what you are missing."

They spent the rest of the time laughing and talking about their lives. Masaomi let her talk all about her new friends and life and for once he started to feel a little less guilty about dumping her.

"Masaomi! Where have you been?"

Masaomi flinched when he heard his best friend's voice. He stopped and turned around to face him.

"I had someone important to meet this morning."

"It wasn't Izaya was it? I don't really think that is a good idea."

Masaomi held back his words. He wanted to tell Mikado it wasn't any of his business but he knew his friend was just worried.

"No, it wasn't Izaya. I told you not to worry about that."

Mikado shifted back and forth and seemed to look really uncomfortable. Masaomi wondered what was wrong.

"Anri told me something about you and Izaya and-" he stuttered for the right words.

Masaomi waited patiently.

"She said you and him were kissing that one time after he pulled you away."

Masaomi went white. He didn't want Mikado or Anri to ever know about his secret lifestyle. They were the last people he wanted to know about his stuff with Izaya.

"Is that true?" Mikado looked up at him with a stern look.

Masaomi couldn't reply. He wasn't prepared for this at all.

"Is he black mailing you into this? If he is I can help you."

Masaomi took a step back, not looking into Mikado's face. He was too ashamed.

He was surprised when he ended up bumping into something. He thought he had open road behind him.

"Mikado, it isn't good to make such cruel assumptions without knowing all the facts."

Masaomi's heart almost stopped. Of all the times for him to show up, it just had to be now! Was he doomed to have his secret be revealed?

Mikado only glared at him. "Get away from him. I don't like to think badly of people but I get the feeling you are up to no good."

Izaya chuckled but put an arm around Masaomi despite his protests.

"I'm not up to anything. I can honestly tell you that I'm not doing anything to Masaomi that he didn't ask me to do."

Masaomi wished he could just disappear.

"You see, Masaomi is a horny little boy. He needed a release. I was simply kind enough to provide him with it."

Mikado's stopped short of whatever he was about to say by this revelation. He turned his attention to Masaomi and looked at him with pleading eyes.

Masaomi knew what he wanted. He wanted him to tell him that Izaya was lying, that he was just being blackmailed into it.

Masaomi couldn't lie though. Not this time. He just didn't have the energy and Izaya wouldn't let him anyway.


"It's the truth." He turned away from his friend's gaze. "I couldn't have you so I have been sleeping with Izaya."

Mikado took a step back.

Masaomi prayed this would be enough. He didn't want Izaya to tell him he was getting Izaya to pretend to be Mikado during their sex.

"I don't know what to say."

Masaomi threw Izaya's arm off of him and turned away from the both of them.

"There is nothing for you to say. It's not your fault so don't worry about it."

He felt a little hurt when Mikado had taken a step back. He didn't feel like being around him anymore. Then he took off in a sprint, not knowing that Izaya was chasing him.

He only made it three blocks before Izaya grabbed him by the arm.

"Let me go!" he yelled.

Izaya didn't do it though. Masaomi turned to look at him and glare but the affect was useless because of all the tears on his face. He really didn't want to be crying in front of Izaya, it was like asking to be brutally tortured.

Izaya said nothing; instead he pressed his lips on Masaomi's, pulling him closer.

Masaomi thrashed and pulled away quickly. "Not now, that is the last thing on my mind!"

"Don't lie. You haven't seen me in two weeks and I'm sure you are dying to get some sexual frustration out after that confrontation. Just admit it, you want to do me so hard and picture Mikado that it is killing you."

Izaya had a 'don't lie to me' look on his face and Masaomi shuddered. He was half right. He really wanted to do him hard but not because of Mikado. Mikado had nothing to do with it anymore.

Losing all of his restraint he grabbed on to Izaya and began to kiss him, hard. He clung on to him and grabbed his ass, squeezing it with all of his might. Izaya let out a grunt and Masaomi knew this was it. He would get Izaya to scream out, no matter what it took.

After they broke apart they knew what to do. They walked towards Masaomi's home since it was the closest. They didn't say a word to each other the whole way. The sexual tension was so high that anyone walking by gave them strange looks.

When they got to his home they went right back to making out, Masaomi pushed Izaya up against a wall roughly. He wanted to ravish him over and over with no remorse.

They bumped and ground into each other, over and over. Masaomi moved away from Izaya's mouth and went to his ear. He licked it slightly and then clamped his mouth over it to suck.

Izaya bit his lip. He had sensitive ears and it was killing him to have to be so quiet.

He knew what he was going to have to do to keep quiet. He used his strength to push at Masaomi, to get him to sit on the couch. Masaomi protested at first but gave in. He flopped down on the couch with a thud but it didn't faze him. His face was filled with so much lust that Izaya couldn't help but smirk. It was so tempting for him to taunt the boy but he swallowed his words and kept it all to himself.

He got down on his knees in front of Masaomi and began to undo his belt and pants. Masaomi looked down at him but didn't move. His heart thudded in his chest, he knew what was coming.

Izaya pulled Masaomi's boxers down and watched as his cock sprung out. A little bit of precum was already making its way out.

He stuck his tongue out and licked it off quickly.

Masaomi squirmed. Then Izaya took all of him in at once, sucking him so hard that Masaomi began to convulse on the couch. He held on tightly, trying to keep from thrusting into his mouth. It felt so good. Izaya wasn't holding anything back this time. The thing he was doing with his tongue was unexplainable.

Masaomi closed his eyes and just closed off his mind. He just wanted to feel it all. He wanted to forget everything that had just happened and pretend it didn't exist.

Unfortunately, doing that was a huge mistake. When Izaya grabbed his balls and began to play with those as he sucked, Masaomi couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Izaya!" he yelled out in ecstasy.

Then he opened his eyes and froze.

So did Izaya. Izaya pulled away and Masaomi wondered if it was all over now.

He tried to think about how to take it back but there was no way. He wanted Izaya only and he knew his face was showing it.

"It's about fucking time."

Masaomi's didn't understand until Izaya came face to face with him, a knowing smirk on his face and an evil glint in his eyes.

"I got tired of having to be quiet. Now you are all mine."

He pulled Masaomi into another kiss, and then moved over to his neck to suck. Masaomi moaned and let out a yelp when he felt Izaya bite him slightly.

"What the fuck?"

Izaya only laughed. "I'm marking you. No one else is to touch you now."

"What are you, a dog?"

Izaya licked the wound on his neck, a slight bit of blood showed but nothing too bad. "I would have preferred if you compared me to a vampire."

Masaomi snickered. "Not likely."

"Where is your lube?"

Masaomi pointed to his room and Izaya left quickly. Masaomi sat there, wondering what was going on. Did this mean it was okay for him to want to fuck Izaya as just Izaya? Did Izaya already pick up on all of that way before he even decided on this?

His inner questions were cut off when Izaya came back in the room and removed his pants. He opened the bottle of lube and began to coat his long, hard, and thick cock with it.

Masaomi gulped. It was pure torture to watch this. His own cock throbbed in excitement until something clicked. Did this mean he was going to be the bottom this time?

"Uh, Izaya, what are you-"

His question was cut off when Izaya grabbed him and began to kiss him again. He pulled off his shirt and Masaomi, letting their two bodies rub up against each other. Flesh on flesh, the heat making them even more turned on.

Masaomi almost forgot what was going on until he felt Izaya's finger near his bottom.

"Izaya, I'm not so sure about this."

"Don't worry; I will be gentle."

Masaomi wiggled around a bit when Izaya placed his first finger in his ass. It felt so strange, but not half bad.

But then he placed more fingers and Masaomi couldn't help but wince.

"Ow, that fucking hurts."

Izaya covered Masaomi's mouth with his own, as if telling him to shut up. The distraction helped because before long all he felt was pleasure from it. He rocked his hips, giving Izaya the signal that he was ready.

Masaomi gasped when he felt Izaya's hard shaft at his entrance. He couldn't believe that he had to play the uke this time. He never really imagined it that way.

Izaya eased slowly inside of Masaomi. Masaomi let out a small whimper as Izaya let out a groan of pleasure. He was waiting for this for so long. He knew that the tight and virgin muscles in his ass would feel like heaven on his penis.

Masaomi could feel himself being stretched out as he went deeper and deeper. It hurt a bit but there was something more, something that made the hurt slowly fade away.

When he pulled back out Masaomi felt empty until he pounded right back into him, filling him all the way back up. Masaomi let out a moan so loud he was sure his neighbors would complain later.

Izaya let out his own noises as he began to pump him slowly. Masaomi was in so much bliss, he never thought being fucked in the ass could feel so good. It also helped that his own penis was being rubbed in between their stomachs. The sensations were overwhelming.

"Fuck Izaya, this feels so good."

Izaya began to suck on his neck again, kissing him all over and then focusing on one spot. Masaomi let out so many different moans and groans but tried to keep them on a lower level.

Their thrusts began to get frantic, each one getting closer and closer to their finish. Izaya used his right hand to grab at Masaomi's penis and began to stroke him along with his thrusts. Masaomi could feel tingling sensations all over his body and arched his back to meet with the thrusts, hoping to get him as deep as possible.

Masaomi wrapped his legs around Izaya and dug his heels into his Izaya's back. He was almost there, he could feel it.


At the sound of his name being called he couldn't hold on any longer. He had longed to hear Izaya make more noises and talk to him during sex and he finally got his wish.

He came all over their stomachs as Izaya continued to thrust into him a few more times before cuming himself.

They flopped down all the way on the couch and Masaomi couldn't help but laugh.

"You would think we had a couch fetish or something since this is the second time."

Izaya licked the edge of Masaomi mouth and let out a little purring noise. Masaomi had his turn to lift his eyebrow.

"Don't worry, this is just the start. I have many more ideas and place for us to do it."

Masaomi blushed a bit at this, but it answered one of his many questions. Izaya wasn't going to stop having sex with him just because their game had ended.

"Oh yeah, well next time I'm going to get you to say a lot more."

Izaya laughed. "Thank God. I don't want to be quiet anymore."

"Did you know?" Masaomi had to ask. It was now or never.

"Know what?"

Masaomi scowled. "Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about."

"Ah, already going to discuss that are we?"

Izaya rolled off of Masaomi and then grabbed him into a bear hug. "I had an idea after the second time. Why do you think I avoided you for two weeks? I wanted to torture you and get you to slip up the next time we did it. It seems my plan worked."

Masaomi snuggled into the hug even though the words Izaya was saying made him a little mad.

"You are such a bastard but I guess it can't be helped. I want you despite that."

"Glad you are finally starting to be honest with yourself Masaomi."



"Shut up already."

"Never." He pulled Masaomi into another deep kiss then released him and smiled.

"I will never be quiet again."

Masaomi pounced. "You shouldn't have done that."

Izaya let him do as he pleased. "You sure are feisty but I don't mind. That is one of the many things I love about you."

Masaomi froze. He never expected to hear those words come from Izaya's mouth.

Izaya saw the look of shock on his face. "You are truly clueless. I would have never let you fuck me, even as a game, if I didn't want you all for myself."

Masoami shook his head. "I swear." He didn't continue his train of thought out loud. He knew he was doomed. He loved this man no matter how horrible he was. He knew it wasn't going to be easy and he couldn't trust his own words of love but that didn't matter. Right now, what they had was good enough.

"Be prepared, it is my turn to ravish you. Be sure to make all the noise you want."