Judging by the reaction it got at the kinkmene, this is probably worth uploading here. Copyright Bioware and so forth.

"What do you mean he's rude?" Merrill gasped.

Isabella paused, whiskey bottle halfway to her mouth. She exchanged a look with Varric. "Daisy," the dwarf began in his patented 'I know best' voice, "Hawke is the grumpiest, bitchiest human I know."

"He's rude to everyone Kitten," The pirate chimed in.

"Well, I know he's rude to the templars," Merrill conceded. She thought for a moment. "And the mages." She thought some more. "And the Nobles. And the merchants... and the beggars, though I think that's a bit mean, and they..." seeing Isabella's look, Merrill flushed slightly in embarrassment."Well... okay, he is rude," she pouted.

Her face softened at a thought.

"But he's always so nice to me," she sighed contentedly. Seeing her friend's disbelieving faces, she frowned. "It's true!" she cried, "he's always kind to me! Like two nights ago for example," she continued, eyes staring off into nothing as she blissfully recalled. "I was over at his house, reading some books on Elven history he'd bought for me, some of them were really expensive too from the look of them. Old at least. Possibly rare."

Isabella and Varric exchanged incredulous looks. Hawke had invited Merrill around? He never invited anyone to visit, and he was abrasive as sandpaper whenever they did.

"I could tell he was bored but he didn't move in the chair for hours while I sat on his lap reading them, at least I thought it he was bored, but do you know what he said?" Merrill prompted, eyes shining with happiness. Isabella and Varric shook their heads, mouths hanging open slightly. "He said he loved cuddling me, and he'd do it forever if I let him." Merrill was positively glowing at this point, hugging herself and lost in her own little world of bliss, completely oblivious to the stunned looks on her companion's faces.

The mood was ruined by Varric's room door suddenly slamming open. "There you are," snapped a glowering Hawke. "I've been looking for you idiots everywhere. You and Merill need to come with me and round up Broody McEmopants." The man's grin was feral. "We have a hot date with some slaver scum."

Leaning aside to let Merrill scamper past, the man glared at Varric and Isabella's barely contained mirth. "What?"

A small drabble for the kinkmeme, in which a grumpy/aggressive Hawke is revealed to be a total softie with his love interest. In this universe, this particular Hawke realised (after hearing Merrill's first two sentences to him) with a loud sigh of resignation (that everyone else present thought was resentment) that he was going to be wrapped around Merrill's little finger. Which he duly was.

Rather like me in real life actually. Expect more of this sort of thing. I've got two or three others I'm polishing up for uploading here. I've also got a Mass Effect thing brewing though it remains to be seen what becomes of that.