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WARNING: This story will contain slash, yaoi, and multiple people together! So, if you like this, enjoy, and if you are a little kid or don't like this stuff, hit the little back arrow in the corner. You have been warned, so sit back and enjoy!

Eventual Pairings:

Yuumishipping(?): Yugi X Atem X Ryou X Bakura X Malik X Marik X Seto X Jou

(?): Judai X Johan X Chazz X Jim X Zane X Aster

(?): Yusei X Jack X Crow X Kiryu

Chapter One: Royal Chat

Yusei shot a furtive glance around the currently empty garage before walking over to the chair in front of the computer and, after entering his password and username, logged on to a website known to very few called The Royal Decree. Once there he quickly navigated to a private page that had been set up to admit only six people. Speaking of which, two others were already logged on and chatting. Sending a request he was quickly granted access to the chat.

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Are you finally on!

ChibiHikariMagician: Calm down. He's obviously on since he's logged on! *smiles and sticks tongue out*

Yusei couldn't help but chuckle before replying to his obviously hyper friends.

CardGamesWithDragons: Yes, I'm on. Who gave you sugar? *chuckles*

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: HiHiHiHiHi! No one gave me sugar. *hanging from light and using headset*

ChibiHikairiMagician: *face palms* Grandpa gave me some as a reward for helping out in the shop since it was Pharaoh's day to help but something came up so I covered for him. It was good cake! And SK, how'd you get on the light fixture? I thought it was just a light bulb in glass…

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: I was originally on the dresser, and then I jumped and grabbed the light. It worked! Now I'm on the cabinet.

CardGamesWithDragons: *face palms* Nuf said….. I'm grabbing the headset so I can fix the bolt that just kamikazed itself and leapt off Birdies runner, hitting me in the back of the head *currently glaring at said bolt as grabbing headset*

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Awww, poor Star! You okay?

ChibiHikariMagician: Yes, are you alright!

CardGamesWithDragons: *chuckles* Yes, I'm fine. Though apparently Birdie has been more careless with his runner then I thought. There's so many lose screws and bolts here that it looks as if Turbo tried to fix it!

ChibiHikariMagician: *giggles*

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: *laughs* Sounds inter… Iiiieeeeeee! *thump*

ChibiHikariMagician: *panicking* SK? SK? Are you alright!

No Reply

CardGamesWithDragons: Are you there? Please answer! *begging and worried*

No Reply

ChibiHikariMagician: Oh no, he's hurt! *running around waving arms*

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: *groan* I'm okay. Just fell from the bed rail, sorry for worrying you guys.

ChibiHikariMagician: *relieved* That's fine! Just so long as you're not hurt.

CardGamesWithDragons: Same here.

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Thanks guys, I really am sorry about that.

ChibiHikariMagician: As I said, no prob...PHARAOH!

ChibiHikariMagician has now logged off chat and is no longer open to comments.

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Ummm, what was that?

CardGamesWithDragons: *sighs and shakes head* Honestly, don't you remember last week's chat?

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: No…Should I?

CardGamesWithDragons: *hitting head on runner seat* YES! Go back and look!

Glancing at the screen, Yusei had to face palm as the link to the side page Video Links started glowing, signaling that someone was on that one. With only two people on right then, two guesses on who was there, and the first one doesn't count.

CardGamesWithDragons: SK, wrong one.

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Then where is it?

CardGamesWithDragons: *raises eyebrow* Did you try checking the tab titled, oh, I don't know, Old Chats?

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Hey, that's a good idea!

Yusei had to chuckle at his friends cluelessness.

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Found it! *jumping up and down* When one of our friends comes in our room we type who it is and log off ASAP. That the right one?

CardGamesWithDragons: Yep, that's the one.

ChibiHikariMagician has now logged back on to chat

ChibiHikariMagician: Sorry, Pharaoh walked in looking for a shirt….he was shirtless….

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Lucky you! I wish some cute guy would walk in here shirtless, but no such luck. All I get is a hyper fuzz ball. (A VERY loud 'KURI' is heard at that) A fuzz ball that I love dearly though!

CardGamesWithDragons: Trust me; it's not all it's cracked up to be.

ChibiHikariMagician: Yeah, Priest and Healer were over last night….

CardGamesWithDragons: Did you have to hear them?

ChibiHikariMagician: Noooo, they made sure to keep the moans muffled. Why?

CardGamesWithDragons: Lucky you….. Silver's here for a visit and, well, you get the picture... add to that the walls are rather thin…..

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: I repeat, poor Star! If Gem, Cyber, Proper, Croc, or Dragon went at it where I could here, well, I don't wanna think about it!

ChibiHikariMagician: Sorry Star! I would probably melt into a puddle of tears if it was me

CardGamesWithDragons: Thanks guys!

ChibiHikariMagician: Ra! I think I'm gonna turn into that puddle!

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Why?

ChibiHikariMagician: Keeper, Guardian, and Thief are coming over tonight as well. Oh, and they're bringing a Puppy…. I'm doomed! *starts crying*

CardGamesWithDragons: Hey now, please don't cry! You can come over here tonight if you want and keep me from being alone. Birdie, Silver, and Turbo booked themselves a hotel room for three days, two nights so that, quoting Turbo, I could 'have a little peace since it's now so crowed.' As if I don't know what truly going on…. Stars! Now I feel like crying!

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Can I join in? Just got a text from the others saying they can't come over tonight for our scheduled sleep over since they have 'other business to attend to.' I know I'm not the brightest, but when you get the same exact message from everyone with 5 minutes of each other, even I can connect the dots.

ChibiHikariMagician: Yes, I think I'll take you up on that offer.

CardGamesWithDragons: Good, then I'll see you both (that's a yes, you can come, SK) around 7ish with you guys staying for two days?

ChibiHikariMagician: That sounds good to me!

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: Same here! Thanks!

CardGamesWithDragons: NP. Got to go. Looks like Rose needs help on her Physics again and I can already hear Lion.

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh: That's fine! Bye bye!

ChibiHikariMagician: Bye! See you later!

CardGamesWithDragons has logged off.

SupremeKingHaneKuriboh has logged off.

ChibiHikariMagician has logged off.


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