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Chapter 15: The Gods Step In

What could have been hours, though only felt like a couple of minutes, passed in peaceful slumber as three forms huddled together, drawing strength from one another even as they bonded through their dreams. Memories played throughout their minds of various pranks and stunts they had pulled together, including one very weird incident concerning llamas with hats. It was with faint smiles that the three ukes awoke; though giggles soon followed as they realized just what position they had ended up in.

Yusei had, in a seemingly universal rule, ended up buried at the bottom once more, just as it always seemed he did when they were together. Yugi was splayed over Yusei's legs, head resting contentedly on Yusei's hip while Jaden, the prankster in him making itself known even in his sleep, was tucked nicely over Yusei's chest. During their rest all three had somehow gotten their arms and legs tangled so it was with great amounts of amusement that the three unwound, though not without first tickling Yusei of course.

Panting Yusei sat up with a groan, limbs aching from all the odd positions they'd landed in. Glaring at the snickering elders he pouted and asked, "Okay knuckleheads, what's going on? Last thing I remember I fell asleep in my bedroom, not here."

Sheepish expressions crossed the other two's faces even as resolve glowed brightly in their eyes. It was Yugi who explained softly, "We brought you in. After the stress of today we couldn't help but remember when you were still gone and, well, we…" A slender finger was laid lightly over the king's lips, silencing him as cerulean eyes gazed fondly at his bonded two. A gentle smile curled at Yusei's lips as he replied, "I understand, my Shadow, my Darkness. I too, was having flashbacks."

Nodding the other two smiled back before a gleam entered their eyes, making Yusei scoot back in bed in slight fear before he was suddenly tackled from both sides, sending all three falling back down. Rolling his eyes at the two hovering over him Yusei gently looped his arms around their waists and pulled them down, giving them permission to lay on him like they all enjoyed. With happy giggles the two snuggled in, limbs' curling around one another until it was hard to determine where one person finished and the next began.

The three rested in silence for some minutes before Jaden sighed, breaking the peaceful silence and drawing the others attention. A frown had crossed the Slifer Red's face, worrying the other two. Nudging the younger Yugi asked softly, "Ju-Ju, what's wrong?"

The sadness that filled those chocolate orbs when they finally met the worried gazes had his beloved two pulling him tighter against them. Finally a muffled sigh was heard before Jaden whispered, "Why can't people trust us enough to know what we are doing? Why can't they understand that we've got secrets too?" Sadness permeated the air as the duo-color haired male was hugged tighter by the other two before Yusei broke the silence, answering more to himself then the others as he said, "I think…they do trust us, but they worry too. Too much at times, and this worry prompts them into acting stupid. I think they want to be the ones we trust as well, so when we don't they get upset and try to hide it through anger, not realizing it's only prompting us not to trust them like they want. We're… different… from them, and they sense it, but don't understand how."

Yugi and Jaden could only stare at Yusei in wonder, snapping the youngest out of his thoughts and bringing a blush to cross his cheeks. So, naturally, he ended up glomped by a squealing Jaden (though how the elder managed when they were laying down and curled around like a pretzel would forever be a mystery) who couldn't help himself. Choking, Yusei tried to extricate himself from the constricting arms, only for another pair to join in as a head of tri-color hair filled his vision. Sighing in defeat Yusei rolled his eyes and asked the ceiling, "What did I do this time?"

Grinning Yugi answered for him, chin propped up on the young Light's shoulder, "What you did Sei-Sei is explain why we were all hurting due to our crushes, and in a way that made it seem a giant misunderstanding, even if we won't be forgiving them for a while!"

A groan escaped the captured teen, even as he fondly wrapped his arms around his partners. Snuggling in Jaden propped his own chin up on Yusei's other shoulder as he added, "Besides, why do we need them anyways? We've got each other, and that's enough for me!" The smiles that met this were so filled with love that the soul room itself began to glow happily, glad that it's owners were feeling better.

Drowsiness once more pulled at the three, drawing them closer to slumber as their bond thrummed gently, warmth and love pouring from each of them as they cuddled into one another. They were almost asleep when Yugi whispered softly, "I just wish that our friends could understand, even a little bit, about why we've kept this a secret."

A sleepy snort met this as Jaden replied, "Yu-Yu, of they knew even a fraction of the truth, they'd never let us out of their sight again."

Light taps were delivered to the back of their heads as Yusei murmured, halfway asleep, "Ju-Ju, Yu-Yu, go to sleep. We're going to need it. Besides, how would they ever find out the fact that we're all technically dead?"

Sleepy giggles met this, even as eyes fully closed. Unconscious grins remained on their faces, even as they curled up closer to one another. None of them were awake to see the watching figures as they smiled benignly at the three small ones.


A smirking dragon turned his attention to his companions, before saying, "Looks like I got a head start."

Rolling their eyes at the Crimson Dragon, Ra and the God of Darkness pouted, even as three duel spirits fell over laughing at the sibling-like rivalry between the three. Shooting their chosen monsters fond glares the three turned back to the matter at hand, helping their Little Ones.

Nodding reluctantly Ra held out his palm and a bright orb appeared, showing the circle of his Chosen Duelists. The Dark God did the same, a dark crystal appearing in his own as it showed his Chosen. Exchanging looks the two inclined their heads at the Crimson Dragon, before suddenly disappearing, leaving only their orbs floating after them so their companions could watch as the plan unfolded. Looks like it was time for the other gods to step in.


Ra slowly metalized in the familiar living room of his Little One's home, taking in the familiar forms of his Duelists. In a rather un-godlike action he rolled his eyes at the idiocy of them, though fierce golden orbs softened as they rested on a head of fluffy white locks curled up in one of his Dark's laps. Oh yes, little Ryou was a perfect match for this group of hotheads. Yugi had made a grand choice in that little puff ball, who was a perfect mix of gentleness and cunning. The others on the other hand… A sigh escaped the god as he glared around the room, unwittingly sending shivers down their backs as he contemplated them. As much as he cared for his Chosen they could truly be dense at times, in particular when any matter concerning their heart was concerned. Oh yes, Ra knew exactly how much they cared for Yugi. He was, in literal essence, their heart, the center point that drew them together, be it originally for good or ill. It sadden him though that they had yet to conceive that there had been a time in which they had not paid attention to his Little One, and that time had cost them.

Resolve hardening Ra nodded his head. It was time to make his move.

They wouldn't know what hit them…


The God of Darkness was, to put it mildly, more than a little irritated. There weren't many things that could draw such emotion from him, but his Little One and Jaden's bonded ones were such. To have to watch as they were harmed was a nightmare, and having specialized in nightmares this wasn't pleasant for the god. Unlike his fellow gods he wasn't known quite so well to his Chosen Duelists, if at all. It was his nature, after all, to remain hidden in the darkness, to watch and wait, only aiding when he saw no other recourse. He had watched over them, gently prodding them in the right direction when needed. In fact, it had been he who had aided them in their passage into his realm, Dark World. There was a reason, after all, that the Supreme King of Darkness ruled! It had hurt him, admittedly, to cause his Little One so much pain when Emerald was stolen, but there were things that not even the gods knew. How in the name of his brother was he supposed to have known Jaden was so attached to that mortal? The Dark God let out a huff as he materialized in the shadow of the Slifer Dorms, glaring at the idiotic humans whom he called his Chosen. As much as he loved them, he sometimes really wanted to give them all a good thrashing.

A sigh escaped the god as he looked them over, one part of his mind going over each of their strengths and weaknesses. A frown briefly crossed his face as the statistics for Zane popped up, reminding the Darkness God of the duelist's heart problems. He'd have to do something about that soon….

Shaking his head the figure rolled his eyes before focusing once more. He knew just how much his Chosen Duelists cared for his Little One, but they really needed help in showing it correctly. Unlike the other groups his weren't closed off, far from it. The problem here was that they were used to being all touchy-feely, especially the Emerald and the Onyx. They in particular made contact with his Little Gem, as Jaden had been jokingly nicknamed by his companions when they noticed his odd quirk of calling people by gem names. Ah well, once more he was getting off topic, not an uncommon thing for him though.

Getting back to the matter at hand The Dark God stepped forward, his loyal Hellhounds surrounding him as he approach the unsuspecting group. It was time for him to take action.

For some reason, he doubted they would ever be the same again….


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