Hi everyone! I wrote this fic because I am still in denial about Snape's death. So I thought I'd rewrite the end (with a little something extra) If you know what I mean ;)
I'll put the warnings at the beginning of each chapter.


-Harry is a bit dark and ebil in this chappie
-A bit of self harm

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, if I did, I can assure you; Dobby would have survived :'( I lifted a sentence from the Deathly Hallows, just so you know where the story begins

Chapter One

Harry saw Snape's face losing the little colour it had left as the snake fang's pierced his neck. His knees gave way and he fell to the floor.

Harry looked on in shock; very aware of Hermione's presence by his side. "We must help him," he whispered urgently after he was sure Voldemort had left the premises. He got up to creep over to the dying man's side but flinched as he felt Hermione's hand clasp at his collar, "It's too dangerous!" She hissed "Besides, you know he's on You-Know-Who's side, he's worthless."

A disconcerting fierceness erupted in Harry as he recalled the moment Snape had killed Dumbledore; leaving The Greatest Wizard of all time to fall helplessly like a ragdoll through the air. "Then we prevent him from dying, so that he can spend the rest of his days rotting in Azkaban," Replied Harry savagely.

Harry winced as he saw a flash of fear cross Hermione's face; but now wasn't the time to reassure friends of his sanity...Revenge lay a mere 10 feet in front of him.

"Hermione, do your best to heal his wounds will you? We just need him stable for now" Hermione's reply came in a small, almost imperceptible nod.

"Migoratus Intus," she whispered, causing a thin, indigo thread to snake out of the end of her wand and wind its way around the deep gash in Snape's neck. Snape's body shuddered and he began gasping for air, his eyes wide with fright.

"He's choking on his own blood," whimpered Hermione

"Good, let him suffer," snarled Harry in reply

Harry looked on as Hermione tended to Snape's wounds. He studied the older man with a sense of trepidation; he looked so vulnerable and human as he lay there, fighting for breath.

"He should last out for now," said Hermione, shaking Harry from his thoughts.

Harry nodded, "Let's finish this thing once and for all,"

"Po...Potter" A strangled whisper sounded from behind Harry as he turned to leave. Harry slowly turned his head and his eyes fell upon the hollow black orbs of his former potions master. Harry tilted his head in query, "Go...good luck."

Confusion washed over Harry as he heard this seemingly sincere comment from Snape but he didn't allow himself time to dwell upon it as he fled towards the castle, following closely on the heels of Hermione.

So the Chapters here are when Harry defeats Voldemort (aww-poor Voldy) but you know what happens here and I think it is best left to J.K. herself to write it XD

The atmosphere that resonated throughout Hogwarts was that of pure ecstasy, the war was over! Peace reigned at last! There was one person, however, who could not fully enjoy the celebrations. Harry's mind kept wandering to the man in the grounds, barely alive. It was easy enough to get away; everyone was so preoccupied that no-one noticed the raven-haired boy fleeing through the castle gates.

He found the professor exactly where he left him. Snape's breath was ragged now and the older man clutched feverishly at his neck. "It is over," said Harry with a sneer, "Your Dark Lord is dead, nothing can save you from Azkaban now" Snape's eyes seemed to fill with joy before quickly clouding with sorrow as he was hoisted into the air by a levitation charm.

"Ju...Just like you...your fa...father," Harry winced as he remembered his occlumency lessons; where he saw into Snape's memories and witnessed his father performing the same spell some 30 years ago. Harry walked steadily to the hospital wing; ignoring the stares from the people around him as he paraded through Hogwarts with Snape held aloft above him; the older man's body formed a graceful arch with his arms and legs dangling freely. "Jus...Just kill me, I've suff...suffered too much grief. Harry...Harry please." The use of his name made Harry's head snap up to look at Snape's; his black orbs were filled with tears and Harry realised the older man was crying.

I'm no better than my father, no better than my uncle...no better than Voldemort himself thought Harry bitterly as he rounded the corner into the already packed hospital wing and lay the broken man down the only available bed. "Madame Pomfrey, Professor Snape is gravely ill...please help him," Harry said, no emotion gracing his voice. Without looking back, Harry walked out of the Wing, bypassing all the cheering happy faces and hurried straight up to the dormitory.

Despite the fact that it should've been one of the happiest days of his life, he was filled with rage, sorrow, guilt, frustration and pretty much every other negative emotion every invented. What had the greasy old git of a professor made him become? A coward. A coward with a crippling desire for revenge. He looked at himself in the mirror and felt sick at what he saw. Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out his wand and held it above his forearm, "Incidere," he whispered and watched with grim satisfaction as a thin red line worked its way up his arm, the searing pain he felt let his rage dissipate and once again he felt in control and calm. He crudely wrapped an old t-shirt around his arm fell into bed for a restless night's sleep.

Eek, so that was all a bit moody :/ It will get more fluffy soon (I was watching gladiator when I wrote this first chappie—sooooooo, it was all a bit tragic up in my brain.

Harry: "Damn you, Tally! Stop toying with my emotions!"

Severus: "What's the matter with him?"

Me: "Hormones, he doesn't really know where he is, or what he wants."

Severus: "Me! He wants me!"

Me: "SHHHH! No-one knows that yet...anyway, he's all set to pack you off to Azkaban"

Severus: "meanie *grumble grumble*"