I'm really sorry you guys :(

I am so so sorry, but this story is going to have to take a back seat for the time being.

The shit has really hit the fan where I'm at right now-I have my exams coming up over the next three weeks and I've then got to go and help my dad move house and a whole bunch of other things. Literally I think I may explode as I don't have a single free day for the next 3 months then I have to get a job to fund uni (if I get in.) My head feels like this at the moment:


So stressed ^_^

I also wrote myself into the biggest rut ever and it took me 16 chapters to get to where I wanted to be by chapter 2 and I'm just so paranoid that my story is really boring-so if I ever get around to finishing it (which I will eventually) I will probably streamline the beginning as well and rewrite it etc.

I want to thank all of you who reviewed (reached 100!) it really meant the world to me 3

Please don't hate me too much and I will one day get back to writing this and it will hopefully be a bit more polished when I do. Also, if anyone does want to pick up this story (as in someone who can actually write-because I frankly can't) then please do!

I guess I'll see you guys around some time, but for now; Tally out.