So this basicaly Sam's thoughts on what went down in Frontierland (6.17). My sad attempt at be humorous, which still looks more sarcastic than anything else...

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you reconize (no matter how much i wish i did), please don't sue me.

"Our lives are weird man." it wasn't the first time I've said it and it probably won't be the last simply because it was blatantly true.

I mean hunting evil as a job occupation does to lend itself to strange situations, but I'm pretty sure some of the situations that happens to dean and I on a daily basis never happen to any other hunters.

What? You disagree? I got one word for you, angels.

This leads me to today.

So today we got zapped back in time on a mission to get phoenix ashes to "gank that bitch Eve", as Dean so eloquently put it.

What's with the phoenix ash you ask? Honestly I have no idea, i just found out that they were real yesterday.

Anyway we were transported to the Wild West, which by the way is over romanticized. That's something I already knew, but Dean had to find out the hard way.

Haha ya, that was funny and disturbing at the same time.

Things were going good; Dean had shot the phoenix with the colt and was just about to get the ashes… when we just had to get zapped back to the future, dumb angel.

Speaking of back to the future, what happened next was like a lame reenactment of the last scene in Back to the Future II. Only instead of a lightning zapped delorian we had a fried angel and instead of Doc Brown none other than Samuel Colt had sent a care package of phoenix ash.

Yes, we can peg this mission as a success, but seriously our lives are reflecting cheesy 80's movies now?

I hate 80's movies, especially sequels. Ever seen Grease 2? No? Good, keep it that way. Dean however disagrees with me, about 80's movies not about Grease 2, I don't think he'll ever admit to liking a musical. He claims the back to the Future trilogy is classic, I think the first one was okay but again sequels are always awful.

I almost wish I could say that this was the strangest thing that's ever happen to us but that would be a straight up lie. I'm pretty sure being actors on the show of our lives was worse than this.

Anyways our strange lives go on… Well, that is until tomorrow or maybe next week when we face another thing that probably wants to snack on us…

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