Ahh, I love doing fics like this. It's all my favorite pairings too~! I listed it in the Spamano category, but it covers all four. To be quite honest, I put it in this one so more people would read it (pfff), especially since the other pairings aren't as popular. Without further ado, enjoy!

Elizabeta stomped down the stairs to the basement, kicking open the door with a force out of place on such a lazy day.

That is, it would have been lazy, had she not had plans to clean the house today. Spring was on its way, and Elizabeta was not going to let the break in the clouds go to waste by sitting around doing nothing. Naturally, if she wasn't going to be lazy, he wasn't either.

"Gilbert Beilschmidt, I've come down here three times now, so get your ass out of bed!"

No response except for a particularly loud snore.

She grit her teeth angrily. "You have five seconds to wake up before I beat you into oblivion. One. Two. Three. Four. Five—"

"—times now! Wh-What should I do?"

Toris cast a pitying look at his adoptive younger brother, wishing there was something he could do for the boy. "I'm sorry, Raivis, but I don't know. I have to get going though, I have more chores. Just do your best, I suppose." Without further ado, Toris continued on down the hall, abandoning a shivering Raivis. Raivis's eyes began to fill with tears.

"H-He was supposed to be up an hour ag-go… Oh, what do I do…?" Raivis tiptoed into Ivan's bedroom, shutting the door behind him and scurrying to the Russian's bedside. With much reluctance, Raivis reached out a shaking hand, placing a feather-light tap on the large slumbering body in front of him. "S-Sir? A-Are you awake yet? I-I'm terribly sorry for this, but you were s-supposed to be awake a couple hours ago… I tried to wake you, I-I did! Can you hear me, sir? It's time to—"

"—get up, bastard! The market opened four hours ago, and we need to get groceries!"

Lovino was positively fuming, glaring at the unconscious Spaniard next to him. How could someone be so irresponsible? (Lovino himself had only woken up three minutes prior, but that was hardly of consequence at the moment.) "Are you hearing me? Get up, dammit!"

Antonio whined pitifully, clinging to Lovino's leg tightly (the closest part of Lovino he could find) and nuzzling it with his face. "But I'm tired, Lovino. We can go later. It's open until three, anyways…"

"It's almost two, idiot!"

Another tired whine from Antonio. "C'mon, can't I just have—"

"—five more minutes, Aniki?" Yong Soo flailed his long sleeve about in search of Yao, reluctant to open his eyes. His brother swatted his hand away when it found his hip.

"No. You've already had plenty of sleep, so it's time to wake up, aru."

Yong Soo quirked an exhausted smile of victory when he felt Yao's figure through cloth, extending his other arm and securing them about Yao's thigh. Yao let out an indignant squawk as he was pulled on top of his brother, wheezing slightly at the sudden lack of oxygen. Without a chance to protest he felt himself being maneuvered under the blankets, strong arms encasing him and pulling him against Yong Soo's warm chest. "Please, Aniki? Just a little bit longer?"

His cheeks flared red at the sudden turn of events. "F-Fine, aru. But only a little bit."

A tired grin bloomed on Yong Soo's face. "Yay~ Thank you, Aniki."

"Hmph. Just go to sleep, aru."