Warnings: Will contain angst, slash, some violence and slight dub-con. If any of this offends you, don't read.
Pairings: Arthur/Gwen, Lancelot/Gwen, Arthur/Merlin. And general bromance between the knights.
Spoilers: Everything up to and including Series 3. Our story begins at the end of that series.
Disclaimer: No lyrics belong to me. BBC's Merlin belongs to Auntie Beeb. *Duh!* I make no profit.

Summary: Uther Pendragon is dead. King Arthur has made a reputation for himself as a fair and good king, the kind and beautiful Queen Guinevere is loved by the people, the Knights of The Round Table are revered in all the lands, and the king's clumsy manservant stumbles his way through Camelot as he always has. The King is on his throne and all is right in the world.

Until the rumours start. Rumours that Morgana and her sister are returning, rumours that the Queen is not so faithful to her husband as it would seem, and rumours that the King might have secrets of his own. At first it's nothing more than misunderstandings and gossiping maidservants, but everything is about to change - because Morgana has found out a different secret entirely.

A/N: This story is in progress of being beta-read and edited, thanks to my new beta Avi8. In this process a few of the shortest chapters have disappeared (i.e. been included in other ones). To keep the reviews linked to the correct chapter, however, I've left those chapters blank instead of decreasing the number of chapters. Unfortunately, this chapter is one of them. So to begin the story, you have to skip to the next chapter.