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The Underground

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Chapter 6

"James?" Lily called as she entered her boyfriend's house with the key he gave her. She shook the rain water out of her eyes as she stepped passed the Apparition wards on the house. She looked around to find the place empty. Walking around the whole house, she found nothing to give her an idea of where he could have gone. Sighing, she went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. She took a few sips of it before putting the glass down and kneeling on the ground. A discarded piece of parchment that was lying under the table had caught her eyes. She picked it up and looked at it confused. It looked like plans of some sort. Never has she been able to tell head or tails of the Marauders' plans. Only a Marauder could read the plans. A Marauder. Sirius and Peter were Marauders!

Lily ran out of the house and after locking it up, she Apparated away to Sirius's flat first. She pounded on his door and kept yelling for him to open up for a good ten minutes. After ten minutes past, she sighed in frustration and looked at the parchment in her hand. Now that she looked at it, the writing looked like Sirius's. Damn it. I just wasted ten minutes. Sirius is in on whatever plan this is. Why am I even surprised? Those two always do the most insane things together.

Tugging on a strand her hair in frustration, Lily turned on the spot and headed to Peter's flat. She proceeded to pound on his door in the rain for ten minutes, getting no answer from Peter either. Where the hell is he? He's not on this crazy plan either, is he? He's either at the Ministry doing work in the Obliviator Headquarters. With all the Death Eater attacks, they have a lot of memories to erase. So, he's at work, on Order business, at Order Headquarters, on this insane mission, or somewhere else where I will never find him. Best place to go would be Headquarters, I guess.

Annoyed and frustrated beyond belief, Lily Apparated to the Apparition spot in Kings Grave and walked to Headquarters. When she entered Headquarters, only Sturgis, Emmeline, and Dorcas were there.

"Hi Lily! What are you doing here?" Emmeline asked.

"I'm looking for Peter." Lily said, wringing water out of her hair.

"Oh, well, you came to the right spot." Dorcas replied with a grin. "He's upstairs."

Lily smiled. "Thanks." She walked over to the stairs. "PETER, GET DOWN HERE!"

A squeak and something being knocked over were heard. Peter appeared next as he stumbled down the stairs. "What is it, Lily?"

Lily handed him the parchment. "I can't make heads or tails of this."

"What is it?" Peter asked.

"Plans by Sirius and James. I found them in James's house." Lily explained.

Peter examined the plans and frowned. "Where is the rest?"

"There's more?" Lily asked worriedly.


"That's all I found." Lily replied. "It was just lying on the floor."

Peter nodded his head. "They must have hidden the rest and dropped this part without realizing it."

Lily sat down at the table. "What does it say?"

Peter looked at the parchment again. "From what I can tell, they have gone to the Underground to find Lupin."

"What?" Lily screamed, paling dramatically.

Emmeline stood up so fast that her chair was knocked over. "Who else went with James and Sirius?"

"No one else." Peter replied.

"How can you be sure?" Sturgis demanded.

Peter sighed. "This is a plan done by The Marauders, not the Order. If anyone else went with them, they would have come to me first for my help then to probably Lily. We are the ones they trust most of all because we have seven years of history, where the Order is still new to us and we don't know who we can trust with every single thing we do."

"So what do we do?" Dorcas asked.

"Nothing. You can mess the whole plan up and get them killed if you try to go to the Underground right now." Peter replied. Lily was surprised at how calm Peter was being and how rational he was as well. She never truly realized what his part with the Marauders was, but now she saw that he truly did belong with them.

"I hate waiting." Emmeline said, as she fixed her chair and sat down.

"Should we tell Albus what is going on?" Lily asked.

"We should warn him." Dorcas mumbled.

James threw the cloak over his shoulders and pulled the hood up. He stuffed his mirror and invisibility cloak in his pocket and slid his wand up the sleeve of his cloak. It was almost midnight and time for him and Sirius to enter the Underground. They had spent the last few hours keeping an eye on the entrance and scoping the area out. "Let's go."

Sirius pulled his hood over his face and followed James down the alley. His friend pushed the code to open the passage in the bricks and waited until the brick and wooden walls moved out of the way. He nervously fingered his wand that he had in his sleeve. This had to be one of the stupidest things he has ever done with James, and they became Animagi together!

Undaunted, James walked into the torch lit path with Sirius coming in behind him. He knew Sirius thought this was a stupid and extremely dangerous idea. He spent the last few hours talking to Sirius and trying to get him to leave because he wanted to do this alone and he didn't want Sirius to risk himself for Remus when he didn't know him. Remus was his little brother, not Sirius's. But Sirius kept insisting that if Remus was James's little brother then he was also his little brother.

At the end of the tunnel, James and Sirius stopped in the shadows and looked out at all the sleeping figures on the ground. Sirius kneeled on the ground as he looked around. He and James waited a few minutes in silence as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. To be able to find Remus without waking anyone they had to be able to do it in the dark. The only light they got was from the torches in the tunnel and that didn't help much in the clearing. They couldn't use their wands unless it was absolutely necessary.

"Are you ready, Prongs?" Sirius whispered. Using their nicknames always got them to calm down when they were doing something dangerous.

James nodded his head. He pulled his cloak out and threw it over himself. "Wait here and call me on the mirror if something comes up."

"I know, Prongs, just go." Sirius replied.

James nodded his head and pulled the hood of his invisibility cloak over himself. He walked along the edge of the clearing. It was safer even though he was invisible. He had no chance of stepping on someone and waking them up if he was on the edge of the clearing. His job was to find Remus while Sirius kept an eye on everyone in the clearing.

James entered the first tunnel he came to. In the back of this tunnel he came to a room filled with weapons like knives, swords, spears, guns, and bullets. The guns lay on tables with bullets while the spears, knives, and swords were leaning against the wall or were hanging on racks on the wall. Shuddering at the idea of this weapons being in the hands of the enemies, James noticed a door on the side of the room and decided to go through it. He pushed it open and entered a short tunnel that led him to another room. This room had mats on the floor, targets on the walls, and punching bags. Spots of blood could be seen on the wall and mats. It was obviously the training room.

Grimacing, James left the room through the tunnel of this room. He came out the second tunnel in the clearing. He sidled along the edge again to make it to the next tunnel. This tunnel was next to the one that led to Greyback's room. He walked to the back of the room and came across a thick wooden door with a big padlock on it. Curiously, James pulled out a lock picking set and kneeled in front of the door. After easily getting the lock opened, James pushed the door open a crack and looked into the room. He froze at what he saw. It was a prison cell. There were five people chained to the walls in there. He took in each of their appearances. They were all covered in bruises and cuts. Two of them still had wounds that were bleeding, new wounds obviously.

Closing his eyes tightly and letting out a frustrated sigh, James pulled the door shut and locked it back up. Saving them wasn't his mission. If he did try to save them, it would just put his mission in jeopardy.

James left the tunnel and walked along the edge of the clearing. He walked pass the tunnel that led to Greyback's room. He stopped at the tunnel next to the one that led to Greyback's room. Before entering the tunnel, he let his eyes sweep over the sleeping forms of the people in the clearing. A few of them shifted in their sleep or let out snorts.

James slipped into the tunnel. In the back of the tunnel he came across a black wooden door. He grabbed the doorknob to open the door. Before he could open it though, he heard his name.

"James Potter."

Tensing, James grabbed his mirror. "What is it, Sirius?"

"I just saw some werewolves get up. I think it's almost morning." Sirius whispered.

James frowned. He hadn't realized that so much time past already. "Get above ground, Sirius. I want to check one more tunnel. Get out, please."

Sirius nodded his head. "Be careful."

James slipped the mirror in his pocket and opened the door. He slipped inside and closed the door. The room had a bed and dresser; that was all. On the bed sleeping was Remus. His black cloak lay on the floor next to his bed. A few silver knives were on the dresser and a few were lying next to Remus's cloak. Clenched in Remus's fist was another silver knife to be used against any intruders which made James flinch. Silver was dangerous to werewolves. His hand had to be severely burned by now. His other hand lay under his pillow.

After a quick glance at the door, James slipped the invisibility cloak off himself and moved over to the bed. "Remus."

Remus sat straight up, eyes flashing. His hand came out from under his hand to show that he had his wand and his hand with the knife flashed forward. James gasped and dropped to his knees so the knife went over his head.

"Damn it, Remus. Relax. It's just me." James hissed quietly.

Remus stared at him with a frown. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Be quiet. No one knows I'm here." James said quietly.

Remus jumped off his bed and grabbed his cloak. He quickly threw it over his shoulders. "Why are you here, damn it?"

"To find you." James replied.

"Why? You know that I'm a werewolf….."

"And I don't care. You didn't even give me a chance to reply before you left. What did you think I was going to say?" James hissed, glancing at the door nervously.

Remus looked at the cloak in James's hands. "An invisibility cloak?"

James looked at it, blinking at the sudden subject change. His friend was not going to distract him that easily. "Yeah. Remus, I don't care that you are a werewolf."

"You have to get out of here." Remus hissed.

"Not without you." James replied.

"What?" Remus growled. "I can't."

"Why not? You left before."

Remus looked away.

James grabbed Remus's arm. "Please come with me. I want to talk with you but not under these stressful and dangerous conditions."

"It's dangerous for you to be with me. I'm a werewolf and second-in-command down here." Remus replied.

"You're my brother." James said.

Remus groaned. "Damn it, James."

James smiled. He could always get Remus to do anything he didn't want to do.

Remus drew his hood up and grabbed some of his silver knives. He slipped them into his sleeves and pocketed his wand.

"Sirius is waiting for us above ground. He kept an eye on the clearing for me. Some of them woke up so he had to get out of here." James explained to Remus.

Remus growled. "You two are so foolish. You shouldn't have come here. It's dangerous."

"Just shut up, Rems. It's done." James replied. He threw the invisibility cloak over his shoulders. "Before we leave, I'm calling Sirius."

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Remus asked, raising a brow.

James pulled out a mirror. "Two-way mirror. Sirius Black."

"What is it, James?" Sirius asked.

"Are you above ground?" James asked.

"Yeah." Sirius replied confused.

James nodded his head. "I found Rems. He's coming with me back above ground."

"Good. At least this mission wasn't in vain." Sirius said.

"Dark Moon!" A female voice shouted from the other side of the door as she knocked loudly and speedily.

James pulled the hood of his cloak over himself and disappeared instantly. He slipped the mirror in his pocket and moved to a corner of the room.

"What?" Dark Moon asked as he opened the door.

Vilene's anxious face was all glossy and sweaty. "Can I come in?"

Dark Moon stepped to the side. "What is it?"

Vilene looked at the door, nervously.

Dark Moon took his wand out and waved it out the door. "Anti-eavesdropping spell on the door. What is it?"

"I can't do this anymore!" Vilene cried and latched onto Dark Moon.

Dark Moon jumped in surprise. "Vilene?...Vilene…."

"I hate it down here!" Vilene wailed. "I hate playing this evil werewolf so I won't get killed. I hate killing. I hate living down here!"

Dark Moon tried to pry the girl off him. "You've only been down here for two months. You'll get used to it."

"No, I won't! I'm a Muggle. I'll never be used to it" Vilene screamed. She gripped Dark Moon's cloak in her hands. "I can't do this plan that Greyback wants us to do. I can't! It's wrong! I don't want to work for You-Know-Who! He's evil!"

Dark Moon pried Vilene off of him and pushed her a step away from him. "You have two options then. One: Suck it up like I have and learn to kill when you need to so you will survive down here. Two: Run. You can run away if you want, but you have to be careful and you have to leave the country. If you do that, you will have it hard. You are a Muggle so being a werewolf on your own will be hard. That's all I can give you. I don't know what you want."

"I don't want to be here anymore. I want out." Vilene said.

"Then run. You can leave when you want and return whenever you want. Just leave at some point and run to a far away country where you can't be found and never come back." Dark Moon replied.

"I'm scared." Vilene said.

Dark Moon sighed. "Take your sword with you; find someone you trust completely in the Underground to go with you. It's always best to take someone with you, someone to watch your back."

Vilene hesitated, then looked up at Dark Moon with wide eyes. "Will you go with me?"

Dark Moon sighed in annoyance. "I can't. I have things I need to do down here. I can't leave. Find someone else."

"I'll try." Vilene replied, though she sounded greatly disappointed.

Dark Moon opened the door and waved her out. When she was gone, he leaned against the door and sighed.

James appeared in the room. "What was that about?"

"They trust me and come to me with problems." Dark Moon groaned. "It's such a pain."

"We have to leave now. Padfoot is rather impatient." James said when he noticed that Remus didn't want to talk about it.

"Padfoot?" Remus asked confused.

"Peter, Sirius, and I have nicknames for each other. I'm Prongs, Peter is Wormtail, and Sirius is Padfoot." James explained as he pulled the hood of his cloak back up and disappeared.

"Why?" Remus asked.

James smirked. "I'll explain later. Just leave."

Dark Moon sighed and left his room. He heard his door close behind him as James exited with him. He led James straight through the clearing, passed everyone who was moving around and getting ready for the day.

James weaved in and out of people, being careful not to hit any of them. It wouldn't be good to be caught right now.

When they made it above ground, Remus stopped when he noticed someone in a black cloak talking with Aqua. "Who's your friend, Aqua?"

Aqua whipped around to face Dark Moon. "I don't know. I just met him. His name is Solar."

James tapped Remus's shoulder. "I think that is Sirius." He whispered in Remus's ear.

"Aqua, go inside or get lost. I have a meeting with him." Remus ordered.

Aqua nodded her head and entered the Underground.

Solar walked out of the alley with James and Remus following him. They walked for twenty minutes before they entered another alley. Solar pulled his cloak off and turned to Remus. James pulled the invisibility cloak and black cloak he had on off as well.

"Solar?" Remus scoffed at Sirius.

Sirius shrugged. "First thing that came into my mind."

"We are Apparating to my house." James said.

"Right." Sirius and Remus chorused.

The three disappeared one after another.

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