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Pairings: HP/DG/SB, NL/HA (more to come)

Summary: Follow Harry through his Hogwarts years, most of the events from the books happen, can't give too much of a description, I don't want to give away the important parts. Harry will be entered in two marriage contracts; one with Daphne Greengrass and one with Susan Bones. There might be some light bashing for Dumbledore and some of the Weasleys (Molly, Ron, and I don't know about Ginny yet).



- Parseltongue

Chapter 1 – The Fateful Night

It was a cold night on October 31rst 1981 when the fidelius charm's protection around the Potter cottage fell. Lord Voldemort, the most feared Dark Lord since Gellert Grindelwald, had arrived outside the hiding place of the Potters. Now, why had the Dark Lord chosen to attack what people would think was an insignificant little family? Well, one of his servants, otherwise known as Death Eaters, reported to him part of a prophecy made about the one with the power to destroy the Dark Lord would be born at the end of July, and would be born of parents who have thrice defied the Lord. Voldemort being the genius he is (albeit an evil genius,) can't have competition running around, that would make him look bad. Everybody knew that the Potters had already defied the Lord on several occasions and were getting on His nerves. But the final factor in choosing to attack the Potters was the little comment dropped by the Death Eater that reported the prophecy. Said DE had a stupid grudge against James and was hoping to get revenge through his master, so he let drop that the Potter child was specified by the seer. So this is why we find our favourite evil Dark Lord Voldemort outside the Potter cottage.

'The things I do to conquer the world' mused Voldemort, 'I mean really? It has come down to murdering a child capable of destroying me; the most feared Dark Lord of all time? What is this world coming to? Ah well, let's get this done and eliminate the threat.'

(From inside the cottage)

We find our happy little family playing in the sitting room of the cottage not too long before little Harry's bedtime. James is sitting on the couch with his wand resting on the side table next to the couch, he is watching his wife Lily play with little Harry with some of his toys. James takes a look outside and sees a cloaked figure looking at the house, which shouldn't be possible, the house is under the fidelius charm he thinks, and Peter was the secret keeper. But it seems the cloaked figure could indeed see the cottage.

'That no good little bastard, if I survive this, I'm going to hunt down that traitor of a rat myself and kill him.' thought James, as he looked back to his family. 'First I have to get the family to hide.'

"Lily! He's here, take Harry and hide! I'll hold him off." He said as he picked up his wand and ran to the front hallway.

Lily tried to remain calm so as to not terrify Harry, and picked him up. She ran up to his nursery and put him down in his crib and pulled her wand from her pocket. She spun around and started throwing up defences on the door, stinging hexes, locking charms, impertuble charms, and a whole other mess of wards and defences to keep Voldemort out. Now Voldemort being the arrogant evil son of a bitch he is, saw that James spotted him and the woman who he presumed was the wife picked up the child and ran away, laughed and waited a couple of minutes before blowing the door open. After all, where was the fun in a kill when you didn't get to play around a little?

'The fools have no chance against me! Hahahahaha' thought the Dark Lord as he started to laugh.

He lifted his wand and flicked it towards the door of the cottage, sending a silent blasting hex at it. The door was blasted off its hinges and Voldemort walked forward into the house. He looked around and saw a staircase ahead of him, leading to the upper level of the home. He strode forward but found his path blocked by one James Potter.

Voldemort spoke calmly, "Get out of my way you fool. I'm in no mood to have to kill extra people tonight. We can do this the hard way or the easy way." This was true; the Lord had no intention of killing anyone other than the child.

"You monster, I'm not going to step aside so you can kill my family! You'll have to get through me first." James replied while raising his voice.

Voldemort stood there in silence for a moment, 'What is it with these people who insist on lining up to die instead of moving aside and living? Well like I said, no one else is going to die except for that child.'

"So be it." He said quietly.

He flicked his wand disarming James before he could react. Voldemort then stunned the man, binding him with a body bind curse and ropes. The Dark Lord was feeling somewhat nice tonight seeing as the threat against him would be dealt with soon, he levitated James into the sitting room and set him down on the couch. He spun around and continued up the stairs, he cast a spell to check for the presence of the others and found behind the first door on the right. Now, Lord Voldemort is most definatly the most arrogant person in the world, he figures since he's the strongest, no one else can put up any kind of defences against him. Well he's paying for it now, he reached out to turn the door handle but finds that not only can he not touch it, he finds himself being blasted backwards in the wall. He stood back up and he could feel burns on his skin.

'Damn, that mudblood is really going to get it, although I do have to admit that it would've been a pretty good defence against anyone else.' Thought Voldemort as he slashed his wand through the air towards the door and blasted through the defensive charms. The door being blasted off its hinges as well, a small scream sounded from inside the room. The Dark Lord stepped into the room and levelled his wand at the woman.

Lord Voldemort raised his voice and spoke "Step aside silly girl, the child is the only one to die tonight. Get out of my way, now." He was growing tired of sentimental people.

Lily replied with a yell, "Over my dead body! I won't let you harm my baby! You can go to hell." She raised her wand to defend herself and Harry.

Voldemort laughed, "I've most likely got a spot waiting for me but that won't happen, I can't die because no one can defeat me. Anyways, I've got to keep this moving along so... STUPEFY!" He finished with a yell and moved too fast for Lily to defend. She crumpled to the floor, unconscious. Voldemort turned his attention towards the child in the crib, the boy wasn't crying, as Voldemort thought, but was observing the newcomer with startling emerald green eyes, the exact same as his mother. There was a curiosity in the eyes of the child and Voldemort realized that this child really was going to be powerful someday. "Well child, it would seem as though I really have to kill you, can't have a powerful rival running around now can I? Goodbye child... Avada Kedavra." The sickly green curse shot out of the Dark Lord's wand towards Harry, who watched it with his green eyes. Harry's magic reacted in the only way it could to protect him, and absorbed the curse and shot it back at half power towards Voldemort. Not expecting this turn of events, Dark Lord Voldemort was too shocked to react and was hit by his own rebounding curse. Unimaginable pain shot through him as he felt himself be ripped from his body, He rose as a black vapour and saw his body turn to ash as a result of the blast.

'This isn't over!' He thought, as he kept rising and fled to the Albanian forest far away from England.

As soon as Voldemort's body burned to ash, the spells on James and Lily failed and both of them jerked back awake. As they both tried to process what exactly happened, they both realized something at the same time, 'Harry!' James quickly stood up and ran up to the nursery to find Lily comforting a crying Harry. He rushed over and checked them both over, except for the lightning bolt shaped scar on Harry's forehead, they were both unharmed. They looked around for any signs of the infamous Dark Lord, and all they found was a pile of ash and a robe. All they could think of, was something must've happened when the Dark Lord went to kill Harry. The family left the room and went to sit in the sitting room, glad to still be alive.


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