The competition rose inside each of the glee club members with a second win at sectionals under their belts they pushed themselves to the limit finding new songs for regional s. And at the end of the day they marched dutifully into the practice room. As Mr. Shuster passed out the new sheet music Finn immediately jumped up and ran to the front of the room to begin his solo. Soon the whole choir began to sing along with the song.

In a dim after school hall way a teenage girl was making her way to her locker. Just beginning at McKinley she had suffered through her first day. And apparently it wasn't a tradition in Ohio to penny new kids but through slushes at them. And she had spent two periods cleaning blue raspberry out of her hair. Really what was the need for blue Flavoring? She thought as she tried once again to open the locker and once again the combination failed. Groaning she hit the locker with her hand sliding down to the ground she leaned her head against the cold metal.

My love throws me like a rubber ball

Turning her head she heard a man's voice coming from down the hall and then more joined in

Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing
She won't catch me or break my fall
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing
Baby's got blue skies up ahead
But in this I'm a rain cloud
You know she likes a dry kind of love
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing

She got up and walked down the hall toward the voices. Coming around the corner she saw a lit up room peeking in their was people in it. An obvious is choir was standing on risers in the back of the room and a tall boy was in front singing the solo lines. They were good she said to herself as the song finished.

"Excuse me?" jumping at the sound of a girls voice she looked into to the room again.

"What are you doing?" she accused

"I was.. Just…" she didn't finish and turned quickly. She ran down the hall.

Sitting on her bed she gazed up at the ceiling. Tired and humiliated from her first day she basically just wanted to stay staring at the ceiling for the rest of her life.

"Were home" hearing her moms voice from down stairs she groaned and slid off the bed.

"How's your day Rosie?" her mother asked

"Fine." Rosie lied

"Make any friends?" her father said as he came into the room.

"No not yet." Unless slusheing is a term of endearment in this place. Rosie added silently.

"Well you will soon." Her mother said from the kitchen.

Yeah I can get them a slushie

The rest of the night passed with no more questions about school or why she had a bit of blue tinge to her black hair. Lying in bed Rosie was staring at the ceiling again. The only minor descent thing was that choir she had seen. Turning over she sat up and got up out of bed. Walking over to a newly unpacked dresser she looked at the photo of her and her friend. It was taken a few weeks before she left her old city and her old life. The two were happy and the photo had been taken at a friend's birthday where the house of people had chanted enough to get the two to sing.

Maybe I'll finely do it for real

That sounded good finely sing for people other than friends for her friend.

The bell rang proclaiming the end of another school day. Rosie looked to the room where students were herding out. Seeing a movement in the corner of her eye she ducked and orange ice pellets splattered on a wall. Hurrying to the room she prayed that no more of the corn syrup bombs would land on her. The room was empty apart from the teacher in it.

"um excuse me" Rosie mumbled the teacher looked up at her

"Can I help you?"

"Well yes I'm Rosie." She said as she was walking over to him

"Mr Shuster."

"Yeah I know I'm in your third period class." The teacher looked embarrassed and apologized.

"Well I was here after school yesterday and I saw those singing students, and I heard you're in charge of those kids."

"Yeah I'm the director of glee club."

"And I was just….. kind of wondering if…"

"You want to join." He said for her

"Well just to see if I can audition."

"Were not taking new members at this moment." Mr. Shuster said

Rosie felt her stomach drop

"But if you just want an audition and your very good I can't tell you no for the good of the team." He finished and gave Rosie a small smile.

"Thank you." Rosie said and for the first time in days the smile wasn't faked.

"Can you be ready on Friday at 4?"

Nodding Rosie thanked him again and hurried out of the room.

Walking into the practice room Mr. Shuster was greeted by Rachel asking about possible solos.

"Not right now Rachel." He told her and ignored the slight scowl.

"Ok I've got good news, tomorrow we'll be in the auditorium."

"How's that good news." Rachel asked

"Let me finish were having a new student auditing."

When Rosie reached her house she dropped the bag on the carpet by the door. Walking through the new home she went up stairs. Rummaging through a box that had not yet been unpacked she tossed the brown tape on the floor. Pulling out a binder she looked through it. It was filled with random sheet music, show tunes from the old books at the library a few Latin pieces she sang in the church choir and not to mention some quite possibly illegally down loaded pop songs. The pieces were filled in with bits of sol fledge and marks were she should breath. But coming across a much revisited packet she smiled. What better way to remember singing with her friend then to sing her song?

The sound of the door opening made her stuff the music under the rug. Walking down the stairs she saw that her parents had come home early.

"School any better today?" they asked.

"Guess so I'm thinking about joining the choir." She said casually slipping her plans in.

"Rosie you know that's not going to look good on a transcript." Her father said from the kitchen. Rosie felt her stomach drop and waited for the lecture that was given to her sister so many times. Her parents droned on that joining the music groups were going to transform her into a slacker or even worse a theater major who would never get a job.

"Just look at where your sister is." Her mom said as they now sat down to dinner. Now that's harsh she thought as she looked down at her plate. Sure Lidia was living on minimum wage working at a store. But her older sister was at least making her own decisions unlike me.

"Just tell me that you'll join a debate team or NJHS love." Looking up at her parents she nodded before clearing away the dinner dishes.

It was late when Rosie crept down to grab the new cordless phone. Going back to her room she turned the light bulb in the closet on. Sinking bellow the curtain of clothes she gently closed the door. Dialing the number she waited for the familiar voice to pick up.

"Yeah?" she was groggy and Rosie could imagine her on the pull out couch in the little studio apartment.

"Liddy its me." She whispered

"Whats wrong?" immediately Liddys was worried and Rosie could hear the sound of sheets moving."

"Nothing. Just wanted to tell you I'm breaking the contract." Rosie smiled. The contract was what the siblings had said about the strict rules that had been set up years before.

"Why?" Lidia asked

"I wanna join glee club." Rosie stated simply.

"You're not doing it for some crazy reason you just want to sing show tunes with E wingers?" Lidia laughed thinking about the kids at his school who were the theater/glee geeks.

"Their not all show tunes they were singing U2!" Rosie exclaimed laughing quietly.

"Oh what a revolution their doing Bono."

Rosie smiled and then began to feel tears creep up. If Lidia was home she could see the sarcastic look on her face.

"Well good luck Rosie I know you'll get it." Lidia said before saying she had to be up at four to get the store ready. Rosie listened to the phone click before beeping hanging up she leaned back in the closet. She was going to break the contract.

It was the end of the week before she knew it. And now after school she smiled at the clean shirt that had been spared from corn syurped ice all day. She stood on the stage in the auditorium as the club came in. first in and taking the seat closet to the stage a girl wearing a plaid skirt and a penguin grandma knit sweater crossed he legs and arms before giving Rosie a glare. Biting her cheek she rolled her toes inside of her shoes before she looked to Mr. Shuster coming in to the room.

"Okay Rosie if you could just tell us what your singing we can begin." Mr. Shuester said as he sat down. Rosie nodded and swallowed.

" Reflection" and no sooner she said it she heard the girl in the penguin sweater whispered to the boy next to her she soon was hushed by the glee club. Casting a look back to the man at the piano she gave a slight nod. The song began to play and she listened to the chords.

Look at me I will never pass for a perfect bride Or a perfect daughter Can it be I'm not meant to play this part? Now I see That if I were truly to be myself I would break my fam'ly's heart

The words flowed out as she remembered the song. As the bright stage lights glared at her she imagined being back home. She was in a crowed living room with Liddy. she was playing the piano and smiling at her younger sister. Putting herself in that dream she felt the fear melt away.

how I pray,
that a time will come I can free myself, and meet their expectations
on that day,
I'll discover someway to free myself, and to make my family proud
they want a docile lamb, no one knows who I am
must there be a secret me I'm forced to hide?
must I pretend that I'm someone else, for all time
when will my reflection show who I am inside?
when will my reflection show who I am inside

As the song went on she imagined that beside her was a girl. Her greatest friend. Stella was their. She was singing with her.

Who is that girl I see Staring straight Back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don't know? Somehow I cannot hide Who I am Though I've tried When will my reflection show Who I am inside? When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?

The song finished and only now did she hear applause. A shaky breath was let out before an enormous smile covered her face.

"Welcome to Glee!" Mr Shuseter said and Rosie laughed.

The club left the room and Rosie accepted the congratulations from the members. A goth Asian girl Tina she reminded herself pushed a boy in a wheelchair Artie.

"So why did do that song?" Tina asked

"You know it just kinda fits. And not just because I'm Asian. Rosie answered smiling.

"Could you tell me why Rachel doesn't like me." Rosie said having just learned the girls name.

"Rachel doesn't like new competition." Artie replied "Don t worry she'll warm up."

I hope so don't want the haters to be hating Rosie thought. It was only when she got out of the auditorium that she realized that she had really broke the contract. Hope I can keep it up.

"So are your parents excited about you singing?" Tina asked the group was now outside the school waiting to be picked up.

"Um..." Rosie began. "Can you keep a secret?" she asked ad the two nodded "they think I'm on the debate team."

'They don't like the arts?" Tina asked

"Yeah my mom pretty much hates anything that's not gonna get me a great GPA. "

"Well at least you have a mom." looking over to the doors she saw Rachel coming over

"Oh don't start with that!" Rosie exclaimed "Its like telling a guy that just got lynched nice view from the tree." Rosie said annoyed Rachel looked annoyed for a moment before storming off.

"I'm probably not doing well to make her like me." Rosie said

"Mehh probably not. " Artie added

AN Hope you like it! I tried to make her un Mary sue like and I hope I did. Rosie probably wont like Rachel and vice versa. Please review! This isn't really gonna follow the series and a few more people may show up!