Just like Daxam said yesterday, the full moon is out. I'm stuck in my room, pacing back and forth. Xemnas placed a 'spell' on my room, so the only way anyone can enter is by dark portal, and so I can't get out by the door. Too much stuff in going through my mind for me to focus and make a portal to get out.

Like they knew what I was thinking about, someone portalled into my room.

I growled lowly, "Get out."

The calm, quiet voice that came from under the hood, "It's me, Alehyyx. Relax."

"Get away." I snarled, ready to attack him if he didn't leave me be.

"If you attack me, I can report you to the Superior."

The threat and voice finally clicked. "Don't threaten me, Zexion. If you come any closer, I will attack and I won't get blamed for it. You knew not to come here."

"I can fight back, you know. I'm not just a scientist."

"You don't know who you're talking to. I can hurt you if I want to, VI."

Zexion clutched his lexicon to his chest. "I can hurt you back."

Every step I took toward him, he stepped back. One more step... His back hits the wall of my room, ah, the perfect prey. Helpless, weak, pathetic prey.

He looks up to me, hood falling from his head, the one visable eye was wide and full of 'fear'. "I only came to help you... I do the same with Saix when this happens to him."

I growled. "Then why are you not with him? Why are you here?"

"Xemnas told me to help you this time, Vexen is with Saix."

I put a hand on the wall beside his head, the other gripping his chin. "Don't you think that was a bad move? I could not hope to fight Vexen, but you... you I can handle..."

VI looked up at me, scowling, "I doubt that."

I lifted him up by the front of his cloak, making him gasp for air, "Care to say that again?"

"N- No..."

I turned and with all my strength, threw him into the large window pane that was in my room, making it shake with the force of the hit. He groaned and slumped to the floor. At the sound of a few more portals opening, I turned away from my prey.

Xemnas stepped out, Larxene; XII, and Demyx; IX, at his sides. He motioned once to Demyx, and he stepped forward.

I growled, making the weaker Nobody wince. "D- Dance, water, dance!"

A jet of cold water dumped on me, soaking me head to toe. I glared at him, snarling, "You little BRAT!"

Xemnas looked at Larxene, "Small shock."

She nodded, snapping her fingers and letting a small bolt of lightning at me. The lightning and the water was a BAD mix. I howled out angrily, falling to my hands and knees.

Zexion moved over to me and smirked, "Looks like the guard dog's back from rolling in the dirt."

Xemnas narrowed his amber eyes at Zexion, "Do not patronize her, VI."

Zexion looked from me to Xemnas, "I apologize, Superior."

"Don't apologize. It's a sign of weakness."

VI nodded, "Yes, Superior."

"Good." He crossed his arms, "Zexion, go to the labs. Demyx and Larxene, you are done here."

Demyx gave a faux salute, "Yes, Sir!"

All he got in return was a fierce glare, making him portal away quickly. Xemnas turned on me and snarled, "Alehyyx, why would you attack him? Not even Saix has done that."

I glared, "He wouldn't leave me alone."

"And that's a reason to attack?"

"I warned him."

"You did?"

"I did."

Xemnas crossed his arms, "You won't explain yourself further, will you?"

I let out a low growl, "I feel no need to explain any further, Superior." I glanced out the window to see the moon slowly moving behind some clouds. "Now, if you don't mind. I would like to go see Saix."

Our Superior glared down at me fiercely, "When I went to see him today, he was not in a very good mood."

"I doubt he would be, Sir, locked up like a wild animal. It only makes the whole experience worse. How long have you done this to him?"

"Since we first found out what could happen if we didn't."

I sized him up, "Did he complain?"

Xemnas looked taken aback, "No, he didn't."

"Because he doesn't want to complain... He's too loyal. Do you think we like being locked up like animals? Do you think we like being treated like this?"

"Uhm... No.."

I let out a low growl, "Exactly. How would you like it?"

He looked away from me, "I wouldn't..."

"You understand now, yes?"

Xemnas nodded, "Yeah."

"Open a portal for me to his room." Just as he was about to say something, I spoke again, "Open one. Now."

Xemnas nodded once I bared my fangs and he swept a hand to the side, making a portal for me. I stomped through the darkness and was met with pearly white stone walls. I spotted a flash of azure blue in the corner. Saix was lying on his side, curled into himself, hair splayed out on the ground.


He moved to a sitting position, whipping around to look at me, the golden eyes were wide and wild. "What?"

"Are you doing okay?"

He let out a barking laugh, "Am I ever? I cannot handle this any longer... It is too much."

"It's only a few more hours."

"Why are you so calm..?" He hesitantly asked.

"I've been out of the moonlight for a while."

"It is going to be a few hours, you know..."

"A few hours? Until what?"

"I am back to normal..."

"I'll wait with you."


It's been a few days since the moon was full, and both Saix and I have had those terrible memories. I was sleeping in Saix's room because we feel safe if we are together when the memories come.

I woke with a jolt as Saix let out a yowl of... possible pain. I looked over at him, he was shaking, fingers threaded through his hair. Another startling cry fell from his lips, and I rushed over to his side. Rolling him over onto his back, I was shocked to see blood falling from the scar, down his cheeks, even into his eyes.

"S- Saix? Are you okay?" Of course he isn't okay, stupid! "Can you hear me?"

His eyes were wide, a glazed gold with streaks of blood red. He took in a quick breath, his back arching as pain ran up and down his spine.

He told me he had this memory already, but... painful memories are usually the harder ones to get rid of. Saix let out another cry and his body shook again with a frightening tremor.

Almost suddenly, he jerked up, sitting and clutching at his chest, where his heart should be. Dried crimson was caked onto pale skin, he panted, short for breath and brought a hand up, to where the pain was coming from. He ran a hand over his scar, collecting a thin layer of blood on his fingers. The dullness in his eyes was slowly leaving, but the red from the blood remained.

He gasped, "A- Again..? Why did I see it again..?"

"Bad memories sometimes replay themselves..." I whispered quietly.

His eyes widened, "I do not want to see it again... Please, may you go get Xemnas and Zexion..?"

I nodded, "Sure." and disappeared in a wisp of darkness.

I walked out of the portal near Xemnas' office, hearing Zexion and the Superior shouting back and forth. I knocked on the door, loud enough to be heard. "Superior!"

Xemnas' deep voice boomed angrily, "Enter."

Once I walked into the room, I saw Zexion nearly cowering in a corner. I smirked and turned toward Xemnas, "Sir, Saix is in trouble, he wanted me to get you and VI."

Zexion let out a barking laugh, "The mutt was sent to fetch us, is that it?"

I turned and snarled at him, "This coming from the guy who got his ass handed to him by the so called 'mutt'?"

Zexion glared at me, "The only reason you stood a chance was because you had the full moon. Otherwise I would have won."

I laughed, "I'm sure you would have, VI. But that isn't how it ended, huh?"

He growled, taking a step closer, "Why you little-"

Xemnas glared hard at the Schemer, "Enough. Zexion, get to Saix. We will be right behind you."

The Superior swept his hand to the side and a portal of swirling darkness appeared in the room. I'm surprised this castle has hallways with all the portalling around we do. The only time someone sets foot in the halls is to do patrol, or they're not focused enough to make a portal.

Zexion slunk into the portal like a dog with it's tail between it's legs. Xemnas and I quickly followed him and we all arrived in Saix's room.

Xemnas' eyes widened as soon as we stepped into the room, "Saix!"

My mentor was curled into himself once again, his claws were digging into the sides of his head, blood was pooled around him. He was shaking violently, body uncontrollable in its tremors.

Superior turned to Zexion, "Help him now, VI!"

Zex scrambled to assist him, turning him on his back, his eyes red with blood from his scar. Saix gripped The Scemer's shoulder and whispered desperately, "Help me..."