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"Digimon attack"

The Return of Leomon

The Digital Gate

In the Real World:

"Guys!" Takato yelled as he ran to catch up with the other tamers (except Suzy). "What is it Goggle-Head?" Rika asked annoyed, but then again when isn't she. "Calm down Rika." Ryo said as he turned around. "Yeah listen to Ryo, Rika." "Shut up Kazu." "I know how, pant, we can, pant, see our, pant partners, pant, again."

"Uh, Takato we can't, short of them coming to the real world." Henry pointed out. "Oh Really? And why is that may I ask?" "Takato you know why there isn't a digital gate left in the city." "He's got a point Chumly." "Yeah." Kenta stated agreeing with Kazu (as always) "Uh Kenta why do you always agree with Kazu?" Henry asked at which Kenta blushed.

"What would you say if I were to tell you that I found one?" Takato asked as he put his hands behind his head. "I would probably say: Let's get packing." Ryo said with a smile. "Then get packing because I did in fact find one." At which everyone did an anime mouth drop. "Where?" Henry asked excitedly, being the first to snap out of the shock. "Same place where we went there in the first place." Takato replied. "Wait where is that? I never went with you guys so I don't know." Ryo ask sheepishly. "Don't worry about it we'll show you." Rika said taking his hand, unfortunately for her everyone saw.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" they all laughed. At which Rika let go of Ryo's hand. "Wait where's Jeri?" Takato asked concerned. "I don't know she was with us a second ago." Henry answered. "Don't worry, Takato can tell her in school tomorrow." Rika suggested. "Okay so tomorrow after school we meet at the park?" "Right."

In the Digital world:

"I'm so hungry." Guilmon complained as he, Renamon, Calumon, Impmon, Terriermon, Gaurdromon, Lopmon, Monodramon, and Marineangemon where walking and flying, respectively, across the desert to the Mudfridgeymon village. "Will you quit complaining?" Renamon asked annoyed. "Sorry but I miss Takato-mon, and missing people makes me hungry." He complained again. "What doesn't make you hungry?" Terriermon and Impmon asked at the same time. "Nothing I geuss."

Guilmon replied causing hem both to sweat-drop 'he doesn't get jokes. What's wrong with him' Impmon thought to himself. 'well at least he admits it.' Terriermon thought. "Hey Renamon." Monodramon said. "Yes Monodramon?" Renamon replied. "Why is it that I go from my Ultimate form of Cyberdramon down to Rookie yet Marineangemon gets to stay in Mega form?" "I don't know." Renamon replied after a few minutes of thought. "Momenti, Monodramon momenti." Terriermon said.

"You weren't kidding when you said he says that word in almost every-other sentence." Monodramon muttered to Renamon as he snickered. "I warned you didn't I" she replied snickering as well. "We're here." Lopmon and Gaurdromon said at the same time. "Welcome to the Mudfridgeymon village." The Mudfridgeymon Elder said with a smile. "How are you doing sir?" Renamon asked. "Fine just fine since you and your friends got rid of that accursed bike." He said ushering them in to the village. "Now are you going to be staying for any length of time?" he asked as he led them through the village.

"No we're just here to make sure that we are still welcome in case we need shelter." Renamon explained. "Oh, very well. And yes you do, after all you saved our lives from that bike. It's the least that we could do." He said with a smile. "Um Mr. Elder sir." Impmon said. "Yes little one… wait I never seen you before, all well any one traveling in the company of this village's savers is welcome as well. Wait speaking of our savers where are the humans that were with you last time you were here?" "Home." Was Renamon's answer. "Ok. So what is it that you want little one?" "Before I tell you could we talk in privet?" "Of course." And the walked to the Elder's hut.

In the Real world, the next day:

"Okay class today we will be going over last night's homework…" at which the entire class groaned. "I'm just going to ignore that…" "Jeri." Takato whispered. "Yes?" Jeri replied. "What would you say if I said that we could go back to the Digital world?" "I would say that I'm only going to see Calumon." She replied. "Then get packed and ready to see him because I found a…" "TAKATO." His teacher yelled (I don't know her name so yeah) "Yes?" he replied scared. "I don't care whether you saved the world or not, in my class you don't talk while I'm talking understand?" "Yes." "Okay then… now where was I oh yes… plus twenty-six… ninety-three…" "I'll tell you after school okay?" Jeri nodded.

After school:

"Takato where are we going?" Jeri asked as Takato dragged her behind him. "To the park." "Why?" "To meet up with the other Tamers." "Why are we meeting up with the other Tamers?" "Because I found a Digital Gate." "Really where?" "You'll see."

And with that they found Kenta, Kazu, Rika, Ryo, Henry, and Suzy. "Uh Henry, why is Suzy here?" "Because she's a Tamer to so therefore Lopmon would have a fit if we didn't bring her." "Okay, but then where are Impmon's Tamers?" "I don't know." "Well we have to find them if we're going to visit all the Digimon then Impmon would want his partners there to." "I don't know Takato we don't know how old they are."

"Yeah you're right but how would we handle Impmon…" "Hey you people know Impmon?" came a scream as to little kids started running at them "Uh Impmon… I don't know "what you're talking about, hehe (a/n nervous laugh)" "I know that you were talking about Impmon, so how do you know him?" the Girl asked. "Uh how do you know him?" Henry asked. "One day when we were visiting out Grandma Impmon came back after a couple years of being gone. And when he left the first time it was because we couldn't share him. And when he left the second time Mako gave him his favorite water gun. And after a while after leaving he got really big and had wings and flew to attack that red blob." She explained. "Wait I remember when Beezlemon lost his gun during the fight he yelled something about that being Mako's favorite and started beating on the bubble Jeri was in… wait do either of you have one of these?" Takato asked as he took out his digivice. "Hey you have one to?" the girl asked as she took one out. "These must be Impmon's Tamers!" Henry exclaimed. "You're right. Okay what would you two say if I said that we could go see all of our friends in the Digital World?"

"Takato! We already have to worry about Suzy, I don't want to have to worry about kids we don't even know." "Yeah I know that but what do you think Impmon would say if he found out that his Tamers weren't here when everyone else's were?" "Good point don't want to have to deal with that." "Okay then now that that is settled what are your names?" "My name's Ai…" "And my name's Mako." "Okay then we meet here in one week… seven days… and we come prepared to leave for the Digital world."

End Chapter

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