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The Marauders Year 2

Chapter 1: Letters

Sirius stood glaring at his father and mother. His father, Orion Black, was pacing up and down in front of him, occasionally sending a nasty look at Sirius. Walburga Black, Sirius's mother, was sitting at the table and was not trying to hide the disapproving and disappointed looks that she was giving her son.

"Sirius Orion Black, not only do you shame the family by being a Gryffindor, but you pulled all these pranks and got a lot of detentions. And what is this Narcissa has told us about a group called The Marauders?" Orion demanded, stopping in front of his son and sending him a hard glare.

Standing in a defiant manner, Sirius glared right back at him. "The Marauders is what my friends and I are calling ourselves." Sirius paused for a moment. He had to be good or he wouldn't be able to go to James's in a few weeks. "There are two Pure-bloods and a Half-blood in the group. We are trying to make the school ours in the next few years. Most of the students already like us so that's a good start." He knew he was lying through his teeth about the last part, but he would do whatever it takes to get permission to spend the last month of summer at a friend's house.

"And are they all Gryffindors?" Orion asked as he started pacing again.


Orion grunted. "You could have picked worse company, I suppose."

Sirius stood tall. "Father, can I go to James's in August and stay with him for the rest of the summer?"

His father stopped pacing and gave Sirius a calculating look. "You are grounded until August. If you stay on your best behavior until then, I will allow you to spend the rest of the summer there, understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Go to your room." Orion ordered.

Sirius nodded his head and spun on his feet to leave the dining room. He ignored his gleeful brother, Regulus, who was obviously eavesdropping, and began to climb the stairs. For the next five weeks he couldn't do anything fun or be mean to his brother, who would surely tell on him or make up stories to get Sirius in trouble. Definitely a Slytherin in the making was Sirius's opinion.

When he reached his room, Sirius found an owl tapping his window. Grinning, Sirius moved towards the window. They only got home yesterday. James sure moved fast.

After delivering the letter, James's owl, called Snuffly, only Merlin knows why, perched itself on the windowsill to wait for a reply.

Sirius sat on his bed and opened the letter.


I know we only got home yesterday, but I'm bored already. There is nothing to do here, not like at the castle which we can explore and where I can get peace. My parents haven't stopped fussing over me since I got back. It is so annoying, but I bet it's better being fussed over than having to deal with your parents.

My parents have asked me all about my friends. I think Remus is their favorites because he is the sanest of the four of us. You won't believe this though. When his name came into the conversation my dad looked at my mom surprised. He asked her if he was the same Remus that went to St. Mungo's seven years ago. Apparently Remus was in some accident that almost cost him his life.

Sirius stopped reading and stared at the wall. He couldn't believe that Remus almost died seven years ago. If he had died, then Sirius would never have even given the name Remus Lupin a thought. He hated that. Remus is one of his best friends and to think they were close to not even meeting. Shaking his head, Sirius turned back to the letter.

My parents refuse to tell me anything else. They said it was a personal matter and that we are not to say anything about the accident to Remus. It must have been horrible if he doesn't want to talk about it.

The biggest shock my parents had was when I told them about you. They would never have thought in a million years that my best mate is a BLACK! They told me they were really proud of me for looking past your family history and being your friend. They are not judging you by your family either just so you know.

After all that talking about my friends, my parents went and grounded me until August for all the detentions I got. They could care less that I pulled hundreds of pranks at school. They just want me to stop getting so many detentions.

What about you? How much trouble did you get in? Can you come over in August? My parents have already approved you coming over. We are supposed to spend the week before the World Cup at Remus's. Don't tell your parents any of this.


As soon as he finished reading the letter, Sirius smiled and jumped off his bed to move to his desk to send a reply back. He checked to make sure his door was closed before he started walking.

Dearly beloved James,

I'm bored too. It's so horrible in this house. I hate this house so much. It's such a dark and evil house. Don't think that's true, do you? They are portraits up all around the house of dead relatives. They never shut up. But that's not the worse. All the books in this house are about the Dark Arts and my mother has hanged the heads of past House-elves on a platter on the wall. Really disturbing, I know. My parents haven't been that bad yet, but it's only the first day of summer.

I just had to talk to my parents. They asked me what The Marauders are. My cousin, Narcissa, told them. She's going to be a seventh year next year. I told them the Marauders are my friends and I and our goals are to rule the school. They know that two of them are Pure-bloods and one is a Half-blood. I'm trying my best to keep them happy to keep them off my back. My dad said that is the best I can do in Gryffindor. They have ground me until August as well. Pranks are unacceptable in their view. If I stay on my best behavior I will be able to stay with you in August.

Don't worry, I'm not telling my parents anything. The only way they will find out is if my little brother steals my letters and shows them to my parents.

Write back soon! This is all the enjoyment I will be able to get for the next month.

Love Sirius

P.S. Do you think it is possible that the accident Remus was in is the cause of him leaving school once a month?

James tossed Sirius's letter on his bed and dug through his trunk until he found his brown leather book. He pulled his wand out, tapped the book, and whispered the password. His book unlocked and words started to cover the pages.

"What is it?" What could it possibly be?" James mumbled as he sat on his bed.

Symptoms of Remus before he disappears:

-deathly pale

-looks very sick

-eats very little or not at all

-very irritable

-very tired

Sighing, James snapped the book shut. They've been trying to figure out what is going on with Remus for months now and have gotten almost nowhere. Remus was a tough vault to crack, but James was determined. He hated secrets among friends.

Hi Sirius,

Dearly beloved, really? Have you lost it? I don't think that house is good for you. Your mom is insane. Why does she hand House-elves head on the wall? That's horrible. You should treat them with respect. It is really disturbing.

About Remus, I'm not sure. The accident might have something to do with why he disappears. It's the only lead will have right now so we can look into it. The only problem is that I'm not sure how to get more information about it. My parents are being very tight lip about it. Do you have any idea?


Remus sighed. He was bored and it was only the third day of break. His homework lay next to him, but wasn't going anywhere. Usually he was able to get it done easily, but his friends weren't here to make him doing homework more difficult. They would always bother him while he did homework, while annoying, he did find it funny sometimes and it got him to concentrate more with him trying to block his friends out more.

His attention was diverted from staring at the ceiling when he heard his other squealing downstairs. He lifted his head off his bed to look at his bedroom door, trying to decide whether he wanted to go see what was going on or not.

Sighing, Remus rolled off his bed. Whatever was going on downstairs had to be more fun than just lying on his bed doing nothing.

"Remus!" Lena smiled at her son. "Your Uncle Eric is here."

Remus grinned. He loved Uncle Eric. Eric was his mother's younger brother. He loved to have fun and worked as an escape artist. He knew nothing about the wizard world, of course. Also as a muggle, they never told Eric about him being a werewolf. They didn't think it was safe.

Eric came out of the kitchen with a big grin on his face. He was a little taller than his sister. His dark brown hair went down to his shoulders and he had black eyes. It was a slightly intimidating look. Being an escaped artist seemed his best job ever with that look. "Hey kiddo! It's been a while with you sneaking off to that boarding school of yours."

"Hi Uncle." Remus replied.

"Remus, I have to get to work. Eric said he would stay here with you." Lena said.

"I don't need a baby sitter." Remus pouted.

Lena smiled at her son. "I know dear, but it was an unexpected visit. And besides, this gives you guys time to bond."




Remus sweat dropped as he looked at the letter.


I haven't been allowed to read my letters or reply because I've been grounded for all the detentions and pranks from school. No need to put up such a fuss.



Three weeks of no contact and all I get in reply is two bloody sentences. What the hell kind of friend are you? I'm bloody bored over here. I am ordering you to tell me what you have done the past three weeks. I need something to do.



Since when do you read? You want me to send you a letter of everything I've done, but you don't read. Why should I waste my time telling you anything?



Because I'm bored! Now tell me!



I got all our homework done. My mom told me I had to get it all done before the World Cup. My Uncle Eric came over. He's my mom's little brother. He taught me how to pick locks the muggle way. I guess it might come in helpful if we ever need it. Other than that I've been pretty lonely and bored. My mom is always off working and I have no friends in this town to play with.



Where the hell are the details? You always give details. There were no details in that letter. You are not helping my boredom.



Remus isn't helping with my boredom. His letters are always short. Go yell at him for me.


Remus, my love,


Your one and only love,


Remus stared at the letter for a couple hours with wide eyes.


What the hell? Why must you always say love? It's getting a little creepy.



So, you insist on sending me short letters as well? What kind of friend are you?



What about you? Your letters are just as short.


James and Sirius,

You are both annoying prats; I hope you two know that.

My mom says you guys are bad influence and I should stop hanging around with you guys. I think I'm beginning to agree with her. Why did I ever start hanging out with you guys in the first place?



Cause without us your life would be dreadfully boring. We saved you from that boring life.



My family is so bloody annoying. Narcissa came over the other day and said that when she graduates next year she is going to marry Malfoy. I'm going to become related to MALFOY! This is horrible! You must save me.

By the way, have you heard from Pete? He's being like Remus and ignoring us.



Who the hell would want to marry that git?

I got a letter from Pete today. He's coming over tomorrow. Apparently his aunt has to go away on a business trip. When will you be able to come over?



I will be over in three days. The family is coming and I have to be here for that dinner. Hopefully I will make it through the dinner with nothing happening.



The dinner went smoothly. I kept my mouth shut the whole time and acted like the respectable Pure-blood son my parents tried to raise me to be. I'm flooing over later today.


The fireplace flared up with green fire. Sirius came walking out of the fire, pulling his trunk behind him. On his face was the maniac grin he wore when he was doing an extremely insane prank or he was going to hex Snape or maybe he had just finally lost his mind.

"You should have seen my parents' faces when I said Potter Mansion. They looked so mad when they realized that my best mate is a Potter." Sirius said when he saw James lounging on the couch in front of the fireplace.

Sirius's eyes swept over the room. There was a couch and chair in front of the fireplace. A coffee table sat in front of the couch on top of a rug. Magazines and a center piece sat on the table. To this right there was a door. Behind the couch was wooden floor with no wall behind it that led to a hallway. A window was on the left with white curtains pulled aside so you could see outside. Next to the fireplace on the left next to the window was a piano.

James laughed and stood up. "They'll just have to get used to the fact that I am your best mate because I am not going anywhere." He crossed the living room to the door on right. He pulled the door open and peeked his head inside the room on the other side. "Mom, Sirius is here."

"Where is Peter?" Sirius asked, still surveying the room. This house looked nicer than his, not as gloomy or depressing as the Black Mansion.

"Sleeping. We were up late last night." James motioned to the entrancing behind the couch. "I'll show you to your room."

The young Potter led Sirius through the entrance and into a hallway. In the hallway was a staircase and a door next to the stairs. Along the stairs was a hallway that had a door straight back and another door on the wall halfway down the hallway that probably led to the same room as the door in the sitting room. A table was sitting next to the stairs with a flower, a few letters on it, and a candle. Directly to the left was a pair of golden double doors with glass windows with thin golden lines decorating them.

James grabbed the opposite end of Sirius's trunk to help him carry it up the stairs.

"I wish we could use magic." Sirius said when they reached the top of the stairs.

"You and me both." James replied. He wrapped his brow. "Now that I think about it we could have asked Larky to take it upstairs."

"Who?" Sirius asked.

James led Sirius down the hallway, pass the balcony that looked down to the first floor with a door opposite the balcony. When they got passed the balcony they were met with more doors on both sides of the hallway now. James walked passed two doors and stopped at the third on the right. "This is Pete's room. We have to wake him up."

Throwing the door open, James strutted inside and towards the bed. He kicked it. "Oi, get up Peter!"

Peter groaned.

"UP!" James demanded. "Sirius is here."

While this was going on, Sirius took a look around the room. It had a red carpet and two windows with golden curtains, Gryffindor colors. The walls were a pale yellow. The bed, which had bright red covers and pillows that looked close to the color of blood, was in the center of the room, between the two windows, leaning against the wall. There was a dresser, trunk, nightstand, and a closet in the room as well.

"I'm up, I'm up!" Peter sat up in his bed. "Hi Sirius."

"Hi Pete." Sirius nodded his head.

"Sirius and I will meet you in my room when you are dressed." James dragged Sirius out of the room. He took Sirius to the room right next to Sirius. "I'm keeping us all together in the same area of the house so you won't go and get lost."

Sirius looked around his room. His room had a bright orange carpet with black curtains on the two windows in his room. The covers on his bed were a darker orange than the carpet. His walls were white. Other than that his room looked just like Peter's.

"I figured since you like the Cannons you could have the orange room." James pushed his glasses up. "My room is directly across the hallway and Remus's is going to be next to mine."

"Across from Pete?" Sirius asked as he put his trunk in front of the bed.

"No, other side of my door." James replied.

"Why?" Sirius asked.

James shrugged. "I liked the color scheme of that room better for Remus."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "That sounds girly, James."

"Remus said he would come over tomorrow and we will spend a week here, then go to his place for a week." James explained.

The boys left the room and went to James's room to find Peter already there, sitting on James's bed which had blue coverings. James's room was arranged differently from the other rooms and was the biggest one Sirius has seen yet. His carpet was tan and his walls were red. He had two windows facing the backyard with black curtains hanging on them. His bed was pushed against the wall, adjacent to the wall with the windows. Quidditch magazines, letters, and books were thrown upon his desk which sat in front of one of the windows. James's dresser was adjacent with the wall with windows, opposite the bed. Junk littered the floor, going from prank supplies to Quidditch gear to books. In the corner of the room near the desk, Sirius saw James's broom.

James looked where Sirius was looking. "Newest model, just came out a few weeks ago. My dad got it for me and just gave it to me a few days ago since I got out of punishment."

"Have you flown it yet?" Sirius asked excitedly.

"Of course I have. It flies awesome. Did you bring your broom?" James asked.

Sirius grinned. "Of course, I'm not going back home until next summer and I need my broom if I want to try out for the team this year. It's last year's model."

"That's a good broom." James replied.

"BOYS, DINNER TIME!" Maria yelled.

The boys left James's rooms. "Hey, Remus told me that his muggle uncle taught him how to unlock doors the muggle way. Do you think if would annoy your parents if you learned too?"

"Yes," Sirius smirked. "Let's have Remus teach us when he comes over tomorrow."

"Hello Sirius dear." Maria greeted when the boys entered the dining room.

Sirius looked around the room. A table with sixteen, seven on each long side and one on the short ends was in the center of the room. In the center of the table was a flower arrangement with scented candles on either side of it. A fireplace was at the end of the dining room. Above the table was a chandelier. The floor was made of smooth, shiny wood. On the wall at the end of the room was a locked cabinet, Sirius guessed it had liquor locked in it.

"Got a big enough house, James?" Sirius asked as they sat down, a grin on his face. Who was he kidding? His house was almost as big as this house.

"I didn't buy the house." James replied nonchalantly. He turned to his mother. "Where is dad?"

Maria smiled at him. "He will be home soon. He's running a little late. I swear he should just retire already."

"With the way things are going with this Voldemort person I can understand why he hasn't. He wants to catch as many of those followers of his as possible and he doesn't want to give his job up to just anyone." James replied. "He wants someone that he trusts completely to have it. Someone who will not follow Voldemort."

"What do you know about Voldemort?" Chris asked as he walked in the room.

James turned to him. "Welcome home dad. And not much. I know he's one of those guys that believes in blood-purity and such. He has a bunch of followers and is already attacking muggles. I don't get that though. What do muggles have to do with bloody-purity?"

"It's not about blood-purity, James. He wants pure-blood wizards and witches to rule. He thinks muggles and muggle-borns are scum and are beneath all pure-bloods. In his view, muggles are to bow down to pure-bloods." Sirius explained solemnly.

Peter gulped. "Isn't….his followers, aren't they the ones who hurt Remus and killed his father last Christmas?"

"Yes." James growled, leaning back in his seat.

"Is that where you learned about Voldemort?" Chris asked seriously.

James sighed. "No, before break, Remus showed us a newspaper article about him, then after the attack we read about it in the newspaper."

"Any tips on want to do in these dangerous times?" Sirius asked.

Chris sighed and shared a look with his wife. "I don't want to frighten you kids. Not much information about Voldemort is being released. The ministry is hoping to catch him seen, but he's hard to find and when we do find him, he kills right away. He has no honor when fighting. He won't even give you time to draw your wand. Always keep your wand on you and if you know you are going into a dangerous situation, have your wand out and at the ready."

James nodded his head. "You know we have to tell Remus all this. He needs to know as much as we do. He was unprepared when he was attacked."

"That was their first attack." Maria said. "No one could have been prepared for it."

"Remus's luck must suck." Sirius replied gravely.

Chris nodded his head. "You boys be careful at the World Cup. Times are becoming dark. You must always have constant vigilance. Never let your guard down if you want to survive the dark times that are approaching. Be careful who you trust and stick by your friends. They will be all you have if we do go to war with this Voldemort person."

Silence fell over the kitchen. Each face was looking sad and in deep thought. Peter looked really scared at the thought of Voldemort. The boys couldn't believe something like this was going on outside of Hogwarts. Inside Hogwarts you were oblivious to everything going on in the real world. This was the real world and no matter what, the boys weren't ready to face the whole situation. Chris knew this and did not tell them everything about Voldemort. He would tell them more when they were older and more ready for the information. For now all he could give were the basics and tips to keep them safe.

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