Secrets of Harmonia

Epilogue: The New Life of the Harmonias

May 27, 2011 10:35 AM

Pokemon League Reconstruction Site

A large crowd had turned up for Shauntal's funeral to pay their respects to the departed Elite Four member. The three remaining members and the former champion each read a eulogy out loud for their dear friend, which was broadcasted for all of Unova to see on television or online. The gym leaders had all turned up as well, each of them bearing a flower to place on Shauntal's grave. Then White herself stood up and gave her own speech.

"As the new champion of Unova, I feel a certain responsibility to you all. But as the chosen heroine of ideals, as picked by Zekrom, I feel that responsibility even more. That day, one month ago, when Shauntal was killed on these very grounds, there was no question that I had failed."

A hushed wave of voices went through the crowd as White continued, "As you may all remember, it wasn't that long ago that Team Plasma had conducted a series of attacks and propaganda around Unova. Their original aim was to separate humans from pokemon and they were lead by a young man, named N. But this aim was all a hoax to everyone, including N himself. The true intention of Team Plasma's evil mastermind was to make himself be the only one able to use pokemon, so he could take over our beloved region. That mastermind was, in fact, NOT N. It was the leader of Team Plasma's Seven Sages. The man known as Ghetsis Harmonia."

The crowd grew louder and some reporters began shouting questions at White, who put her hand up. "I'm sorry, but I will not be answering questions. Rather than explain the whole story, I will attempt to sum it up. Ghetsis was actually N's father and he tried to use his own son to gain the favour of a legendary dragon pokemon in order to bring this region to its knees. By controlling the one who controlled the dragon, Ghetsis thought he could persuade you all to release your pokemon. He didn't count on another hero interfering with his plans with the other dragon type pokemon. When his original plans failed, Ghetsis attempted to go with a new plan: to control the Sinnoh dragon deities and attempt to bring this region down by violence. This act caused the destruction of the Pokemon League and the death of one Elite Four member, Shauntal. I'm proud to announce I, along with three others, managed to stop Ghetsis for good this time, but I cannot express how regretful I am about not being able to help Shauntal. To all of Unova and Shauntal's family and friends, I extend my deepest apology. Ghetsis's final defeat came at such a terrible price and it is my greatest wish that we, as a region, can move forward from this tragedy and work harder to make all humans and pokemon get along better. I know Shauntal would want the same."

White stepped off the podium and avoided the camera eyes. Her new publicist had told her not to bother going into full detail about Team Plasma and Noah or some money hungry mongel would write a book on it and sell their story without their permission. In keeping silent about the whole truth, White could keep Noah and Catherine out of the public eye and keep them safe.

That was all they wanted and she respected that.

May 28, 2011 1:43 PM

White Forest Mansion Construction Site

Catherine had opted not attending the funeral. She and Noah didn't want to be present among the crowd, so they watched the broadcasting in the Pokemon Center. When it was over, mother and son took a walk around the small town and stopped over at the construction site of their future home. White had personally arranged for a construction company to build her, Black, Noah and Catherine a new home in White Forest. It wouldn't be complete for a year, so while they waited for the mansion to be built, White and Black lived with their parents (keeping their relationship with Noah a secret) and Noah and Catherine lived together in the refurbished hut (something White had also taken care of with the building company, which was a quick and easy job for them).

In the days that had passed, the scars that Ghetsis had left on both Noah and Catherine were slowly beginning to fade. Noah began learning more about how humans lived and Catherine loved watching her son grow up all over again in front of her. They spent every day together and formed a bond that a mother and son were meant to have. Catherine helped guide Noah through life's challenges and taught him everything she meant to teach him while he was growing up. Under her eye, Noah slowly started doing things on his own, such as walking out to neighbouring cities alone and even doing some Pokemon Musicals without Black. He didn't battle as much (still hating the idea of fighting and pokemon getting hurt), but his pokemon friends were always there to keep him safe.

Catherine herself was also healing in her own way. Her distrust of other people was beginning to vanish and she made new friends in White Forest. She had arranged for Ghetsis to be cremated at the International Police Headquarters and said she wanted nothing to do with what became of his remains afterwards. And then there was the unforgettable day Looker asked Catherine out for lunch and she accepted. From there, a slow and steady relationship was blooming. Catherine couldn't have asked for anything more. Looker was always dropping by and making sure she and Noah were safe and comfortable and Noah grew to trust him, too.

As for the Six Sages, they were due to be released in a few more days. When Noah learned that one of the Sages was actually his uncle, he began going with Looker to talk to Rood some more. All the Sages had the same thoughts when they saw Noah: he looked mature, lean and, most of all, happy. Bronius felt at peace with himself for the first time in sixteen years and knew he had done the right thing by telling Looker the truth.

Anthea and Concordia continued to work at the Pokemon League, but they remained Catherine's closest friends. The three women constantly saw each other often for friendly meetings of shopping, lunch or just some talk time. They remained Noah's godmothers and marveled at how different he was now that he was living among other humans for the first time in his life.

The Shadow Triad remained a mystery. The International Police kept a watchful eye out for any strange activity, but no one was worried they would rise up again. Their loyalty was sworn to Ghetsis alone and, now that he was dead, the three ninjas had to find a new master. Hopefully one that wouldn't use them to conquer a region.

May 28, 2011 12:28 PM

Professor Juniper's Lab, Nuvema Town

Since White was too busy with her new duties as the Unova Champion, Belle and Cheren had taken over completing the Pokedex for Professor Juniper. They had decided to work and travel together across Unova and had somehow come across the legendary Tornadus and Thundurus and succeeded in capturing them. When they traveled to the Abundant Shrine, the legendary Landorus revealed himself to them and Cheren had succeeded in catching him to complete the trio. They were now on the hunt for the three deer-like pokemon and talking about traveling to other regions to complete the National Pokedex. Belle loved being an assistant to the professor and Cheren was discovering that there were some things in life that were better to have than ultimate power.

Belle, for example, was a good choice. He was planning on asking his childhood friend to be something more when he got the courage for it.

Black continued to live his life with the secret of his bisexuality in front of his firm-believing parents. He had succeeded in finding a musical agent, who was more interested in representing the champion's boyfriend at first, but then realized Black had an actual talent for musicals. So far, Black's pokemon were rising stars in Nimbasa City's musical theater, but his Oshawott had also started doing some commercials. He was currently shooting a resort commercial with his Swanna and reviewing a contract to do a Black City commercial with his heroic Bisharp.

His parents never suspected anything about being bisexual. Black kept up the facade that he was still happily involved with only White. Maybe he would tell them the truth someday...when the White Forest Mansion would be finished.

White's role as the champion drew in a lot of attention to Nuvema Town. It wasn't an easy life to lead, but White and her mother managed to get through the unwanted publicity and creepy visitors. Eventually, her father finally came home from his business trip in Hoenn and they had a huge celebration for White's rise to fame in the region.

For Black, Noah and White, the path to real happiness was rocky and full of traps. It wasn't easy to forget all the danger they had fallen into along the way, nor could Noah ever really forget his terrible past with Ghetsis. The love Black and White gave him helped him heal some of his nightmares and his mother eased the rest of it. The terrible secrets that surrounded him since birth could never be revealed to anyone, except those he truly trusted...which were very few. Noah chose to live as a new person with his real name and discarded the old person he used to be with a one letter name. With a new identity, people accepted him without realizing he was once Team Plasma's king. It made it easier to forget who he was.

Catherine chose to return to her maiden name and Noah took it on as his own. Their secrets were buried forever and the name Harmonia was now just a distant memory of a past better left alone.


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