Private Guest

Chapter 1: The Guest Room

Benson was once again called to Mr. Maellard's office for which he felt he was obviously going to get scolded once again for not doing enough to crack down on Mordecai and Rigby slacking off.

"Benson" said Mr. Maellard as he turned around on his chair, "I am going to give you the job of ensuring a private guest who'll be staying with us for about a month or two will get the needed rest he deserves."

"Oh yes sir, you can count on me, who's the guest?" asked Benson.

"His name is Darth Vader" said Mr. Maellard, "we're a neutral planet, so sending him here for a vacation will make any hostile forces look otherwise."

"Oh don't you worry sir, I will keep good tabs on our guest" said Benson.

About a few minutes later, Benson had gathered everyone to welcome in the private guest, while Mordecai and Rigby were ordered to keep tidy the guest room.

"This sucks!" cried Mordecai, "We're doing more chores for a private guest?"

"Yeah, we never have a guest over here" added Rigby.

"He must be a very private individual" continued Mordecai who was busy making the bed or at least trying to.

"You know, a private guest always keeps secrets from everyone around him, something that would make him an obvious laughing stalk" continued Rigby.

"Let's just finish these jobs okay" said Mordecai who wanted to get back to goofing off.

After the two had finished their duties, back outside, an Imperial shuttle landed right in front of the park to which a certain Darth Vader got right out where Benson along with Skips, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost were there to greet him.

"I see you had no trouble landing on our planet, welcome to Earth Lord Vader" said Benson.

The Dark Lord inspected the area as he gazed across the park.

"Very primitive, the rebels won't know that I am here" continued Lord Vader.

"Cool costume, you know who'd like something like that, my mom!" laughed Muscle Man.

"This isn't really a costume, it is meant for my very existence" continued Lord Vader who didn't seem to like Muscle Man.

"Don't you worry, your room is just about completed" said Benson.

Benson snaps his fingers to have Skips taking the Dark Lord's bags upstairs.

"Hope you have a pleasant stay here" added Skips who picked up the Dark Lord's bags.

As Skips headed upstairs and unloaded the bags, the Dark Lord then immediately locked himself in his guest room to stay for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Mordecai and Rigby whom were exhausted from their work were wondering who was their guest they had to do all the work for.

"This stinks, Benson says the private guest doesn't want to be bothered with anything" said Mordecai.

"I know, and now part of our chores includes cleaning up after him!" cried Rigby, "We could barely make his room!"

"Yeah, I know, there must be a secret somewhere which our guest doesn't want to know" said Mordecai.

"You want us to search his room for clues?" asked Rigby.

"Yeah, let's" laughed Mordecai.

As the two were waiting patiently for the guest room to be empty to look for clues, the Dark Lord decided to go out on a stroll and literally take a walk in the park. When it was finally empty, the two rushed right into the guest room and noticed something odd was in the center of it. It was a large orb of some sort, and they noticed that the bed was relatively untouched by the Dark Lord.

"Isn't it strange, he hardly has used the bed" said Mordecai.

"Just what's with this thing in the middle of the room?" added Rigby.

"I don't know, I wouldn't touch it if I didn't know what it was" said Mordecai.

"I say we lay low within the room itself for a bit" continued Rigby, "hiding right under the bed."

"I'm not sure if it's a good idea" continued Mordecai.

"Come on, it'd be fun!" cried Rigby, "Besides, what if the guy Benson has staying with us, is so private, that he might be balding or worse?"

As the two headed under the bed and waited for the guest, Mordecai was indeed having second thoughts about this obvious deed. After the Dark Lord had his walk, he headed toward his chamber and took off his helmet. The two gasped as they couldn't believe what they saw, it was worse than the Dark Lord just balding to which Rigby quickly took a photo of it. The Dark Lord was unaware of their presence, nor did he seem to care about his exposed humiliation.

"This is gold" whispered Rigby to Mordecai.

"I don't know let's get out of here before he spots us" continued Mordecai.

As the two snuck out of his room unseen, Benson came along and noticed the two were not doing their chores.

"Why are you two not back at work?" asked Benson to the two.

"We were just heading there" continued Mordecai.

"Well, get going then!" roared Benson, "Or I can fire you both!"

As the two headed back to work, the Dark Lord whom was resting was unaware that the two had taken an embarrassing photo of himself of him not having his helmet on. It was just then that Muscle Man and High Five Ghost were going to go on their schedule of bullying the two in question when they themselves would come across the photo of the Dark Lord.