I'm trying to avoid my homework so I thought I'd start a new story :)

John walked in from work to find a normally messy flat clean. He was so shocked by how clean the flat was that he almost thought someone had broken in but he quickly push that thought aside knowing full well that burglars don't just walk in to people's homes and clean. Taking off his jacket he walked in to the kitchen thinking Sherlock may be in there and would give him some answers as to why the flat was clean but then again if he didn't mention it maybe it would stay that way. He walked in to the kitchen and froze at what he found.

"Johnny-boy! I've been waiting for ages!" Moriarty cried out with joy. John immediately went for a draw that held his gun. "Oh! Things are going to get interesting!" John pulled out the gun and pointed it at the smiling man.

"Where is Sherlock?" the doctor demanded. Moriarty frowned in disappointment making John worry a little.

"Well," He said stepping toward John.

"Stay where you are."

"I came here hoping you could tell me where Sherlock has gone off to." John became worried and a little scared but he shook it off knowing now was not the time to get scared. "I usually keep an eye on him but all day today my men haven't been able to find him." Moriarty became very serious. "I know you know where he is Dr. Watson." In fact John had no idea where his flatmate was. Last he saw him was in the morning on the sofa.

"I don't know where he is and if I did I wouldn't tell you," John said with the gun still pointed at the psychopath.

"I suppose that doesn't matter completely. Sherlock will come home eventually, all I have to do is wait, in fact we can wait together." Moriarty walked toward the doctor and on instinct he pulled the trigger. Nothing happened and the psychopath smiled. "You didn't really think I would let you point a loaded gun at me." He pulled out his own gun. "Now be a good pet and sit."

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Sherlock waited until John had left for work. Once the doctor was out the door Sherlock got up and threw on his coat. He left the flat and grabbed a taxi. He asked the driver just to go where he says instead of Sherlock giving him an address. The driver thought it was strange and was about to ask questions but then the detective offered double the rate in which the cabbie normally asked for. They drove around London going in the most ridiculous directions and eventually leaving London all together. After driving for the longest time they came to a large house, Sherlock paid the cabbie and went inside. An older woman greeted him with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Darling, it's been so long. Your brother will be here shortly. Come and sit with me. How have you been?" They sat down on a sofa in a room with a fire place and a bunch of Victorian furniture.

"I've been doing good Mummy," Sherlock answered with a small smile.

"Good," She said happily. Mycroft walked in and their Mummy jumped up to greet him. All Sherlock could do was glare at his brother.

Mycroft sat in a chair across from the sofa Sherlock sat. Mummy sat down next to her youngest son once again. The Holmes Brothers glared at one another in silence for a long while. Mummy decided it was best to break the tension.

"Sherlock, darling, your brother tells me you are living with a blonde," Mummy said in a way that seemed to be the wrong way. Sherlock looked at Mycroft in confusion.

"Yes," Mycroft started, "The person he is living with is a doctor. Doctor Watson, very interesting person and has in fact taken a liking to Sherlock."

"Is that a fact?" She asked with a smile. "Oh Sherlock, I never thought you'd find anyone but now you have a girlfriend." She hugged him. Sherlock blushed and his confusion disappeared.

"Mummy, I- "Sherlock tried to explain but must have said it too quietly because Mummy got up and headed toward the kitchen.

"I'll make some tea." Sherlock turned to his older brother in anger.

"Mycroft! Why on earth would you tell Mummy that I have a girlfriend!"

"I didn't," He said in defense. "I told her you were living with someone and explained what that person looked like. I just left out the gender part and she came up with her own conclusions."

"Mycroft!" Sherlock jumped off the sofa and was about to throw a fist in his brother's face but to Mycroft's luck Mummy came in with the tea and Sherlock sat back down as if nothing had happened. She sat the tea on the table and gave each of her boys a cup.

"How long will you boys be staying with your dear mother?" She asked sitting down with her own cup of tea.

"Sorry Mummy but I have business as usual so I won't be staying for long but I'm sure Sherlock would be willing to stay overnight." Sherlock was about to protest but Mummy spoke before he could.

"What a splendid idea," She almost yelled from happiness. "Sherlock would you be willing to stay overnight with your dear mother?"

"Of course," Sherlock said with a smile then gave Mycroft a quick glare.

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They waited for five minutes in silence. John took the time to think of how to escape. Moriarty kept the gun pointed at him but John could tell this wouldn't last long. The psychopath is like an evil Sherlock, he would get bored quickly.

"Well, It's 8:40," Moriarty sighed in annoyance. "I am getting tired of waiting and I'm getting a little tired of pointing this gun." He hit some buttons on his phone and two men can in pointing guns at the doctor. Moriarty put his gun down. "That's better. I suppose I wouldn't be bored if we played a game. Would you like to play a game Johnny-boy?"

Those words made John shiver where he sat because those were the words said to him when he was kidnapped of the street by the psychopath. John felt scared but he kept his impression of bravery. Moriarty sat staring, waiting for an answer.

"What's the game?" John asked. Moriarty only smiled.