Authors Note: Okay, this is my first time writing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Story. Before we begin, I just want you all to know that my purpose for writing this is purely recreational. I felt like writing a story and a compilation of images on ponibooru inspired me to write this.

My Little Pony: Alcohol is magic!

By Penman28

It happened one balmy summer night in Ponyville, the lights were low, the moon was high in the sky, and most everypony had gone to bed. However, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity where walking down a dimly lit street in that order.

"So Pinkie Pie, you said this place was a lot of fun, but why did we need to come so late?" Twilight asked, a pang of worry in her voice. She knew in her heart that Pinkie Pie meant well, but she wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box.

"Because it's when all the real fun starts duh! Oh, and they only open after six." Pinkie Pie said in her usual bubbly demeanor.

Rainbow Dash frowned "Six! What kinda place opens after...what the hay?" Rainbow Dash says, unable to finish her question at the sight of the building in question.

It was a large brick structure lit in neon blues, greens, yellows and pinks, with an electric sign featuring the image of a dancing pony on the front. Pinkie Pie beamed at the group and raised her forelegs at the brightly lit building dubbed "The Cyder Barn".

"Well guys, isn't this the coolest night club you've ever seen?" she gushed as the others stared awestruck.

"Pinkie Pie, have you flipped your mane? We couldn't possibly go into a nightclub! What would Princess Celestia say?" Twilight practically screamed, shocked at her friends suggestion.

But pinkie Pie just rolled her eyes "Why not? Theres a guy out front who makes sure you're old enough, which I am. And if I am, then you guys definitely are." She explained, causing Twilight to "face-hoof".

"Besides, the author made sure to give me this magazine showing Celestia stumbling out of a nightclub" Pinkie Pie stated, pulling the formentioned magazine from behind her and showing it to Twilight Sparkle.

"What? Thats got to be fake!" Twilight gasped, magicing the magazine in front of her, seeing herself the celluloid proof that Princess Celestia was indeed being drug from the club by Princess Luna.

Rainbow Dash on the other hand, grinned at her friends "Well, that's enough proof for me, last one ins a rotten egg!" she shouted, bolting towards the door.

Apple Jack laughed and gave chase "You're on sugar cube!"

Rarity followed next, hopes of her finding a rich boyfriend bright in her mind. Pinkie Pie bounced after them all giggling, leaving Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy behind. Looking at each other, the two ponies sighed and followed their friends.

The girls were stopped at the front door by a large ,gruff looking green unicorn wearing a black t-shirt and had a calendar Cutie Mark.

"Just a minute you guys" he grumbled in a gravely tone as his horn glowed fiently. One by one the members of the group glowed in a similar manner till the older stallion gave a nod and stepped aside "All right go on through." he said simply letting Pinkie Pie bounce by.

"Thanks Bouncey, see you tomorrow!" She said happily as she passed, earing a wave from "Bouncy" as the others passed, Twilight lingering behind.

"You used an age recognition spell right? Impressive"

Bouncey smiled "They're my specialty, hence the butt mark. Still, make sure Pinkie doesn't bounce out of control, she gets pretty wild. Also refuses to call me Bouncer." he adds with a sigh, earing a sympathetic smile from Twilight.

"Alright, I will. Thanks Bouncer." Twilight Sparkle said, making her way inside.


The inside of the club seemed dimly lit, even though there where neon bulbs and florescent lights every three feet. With a nervous gulp, she found her friends all sitting at a large table near the bar, pinkie Pie excitedly waving her over.

Apple Jack smiled as Twilight sat down "Hey, we ordered some drinks to start us off, hope that's okay."

Twilight Sparkle chuckled bit "Yeah, I wouldn't even know what buy." she muttered as a black and white pegasus with a drink shaker Cutie Mark walked up to their table with a large tray of glasses, handing one to each of the ponies.

"Alright, as I said, I'm Shaken Stirred and I'm your waiter. Now, I've got a hard apple cyder for the cutie in the cowboy hat."

"Thank ya'll kindly" Apple Jack said with a nod.

"A Sparkle Martini"

"Thank you my good man" Rarity said taking her drink.

"A Strawberry Daquiri"

"Yay!" Pinkie Pie cheered

"A Rainbow cocktail"

"Over here" Rainbow Dash said with a smirk

"A Grasshopper"

"Thanks" Fluttershy squeaked.

"And a Blueberry Brew" he said, sliding a dark blue glass with a light blue umbrella and straw in front of Twilight.

"Err, thanks." Twilight Sparkle said, staring at the drink.

"Alright, if you girls need anything else just let me know." Shaken Stirred said as he made his way back to the bar.

Taking sips of their drinks, Rainbow Dash was the first to notice Twilight Sparkle hadn't touched her drink.

"Something wrong Twilight? If it doesn't look right we could send it back." she explained, taking a sip of her own drink.

Twilight shook her head "No no. It's fine, it's just, I've never really been drinking before."

Rarity hmphed over her martini "Then nows the perfect time. You're amongst friends, you're at a rather quaint club, nothing like those at Canterlot mind you, but it's nice. What I'm saying is, if you're going to have you're first drink, it might as well be with those you trust."

Twilight blinked, Rarity had a good point. Sighing, she wrapped her lips around the drink and took a sip of the beverage, earning a cheer from the table.

Blushing, Twilight Sparkle gave a wide grin "It's really good guys!"

Pinkie Pie nods "Yep! I have a knack for picking out drinks for people. Now come on! It's time to party!" she announced, the others raising their glasses in agreement.


After her seventh Blueberry Brew, Twilight was now good and drunk. Looking around, she saw many interesting aspects of the club she hadn't when she first arrived. Maybe it was do to her new drunk perspective, or maybe it was that some of the others needed to be drunk too. Either way, looking around she saw some fascinating things.

On the dance floor several groups of ponies had gathered to dance to the loud thumping beats. Out of the corner of her eye Twilight saw the mailpony, Ditzy? Derpy? The name escaped her, but she seemed to be dancing rather closely with a dark blue colt with a shaggy brown mane and a fountain pen Cutie mark. However, everyone else's attention was on Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. They were grinding on one another, grabbing the full attention of everypony there, especially the boys.

Giggling, Twilight heard the door open and saw Apple Jack helping Rainbow Dash out of the club. It was so nice seeing friends help eachother out.

Twilight sighed and got up to go dance with Pinkie and Fluttershy, when she noticed a colt with a green fur her age sitting alone at the bar.

"Heeeeeyyyyyy" she grinned, taking the seat next to him at the bar.


The next morning Twilight Sparkle was greeted by the day with a swift kick to the eyeballs.

"Uuuuhhhh stupid sun. Spike, take a letter telling Celestia to make the sun less bright." Twilight groaned, covering her head. After a few moments of silence, Twilight looked up "Spike?"

All of the sudden, the front door slammed open, causing Twilight to bolt upright in bed.

"Breakfast is here!" The tiny dragon shouted, causing the pony to fall out of her bed.

"Thanks Spike." Twilight growled, making her way downstairs.

As she entered the kitchen, she saw Spike look embarrassed standing in front of a table full of assorted pastries and two cups of coffee "Sorry Twilight. I got worried when you came home late last night, shouting everything you said and acting just plain weird. I tried to contact Princess Celestia, but got Princess Luna instead. She just told me to get breakfast and coffee ready and to be as quiet as possible. I uhh, kinda forgot the last part."

Twilight smiled and put a muffin on a plate "It's fine Spike, I appreciate you getting this for me. Though I have to wonder why you got so much, you even got two coffee's, and I know thats the one thing you refuse to drink." she said, taking a slow, quiet sip of the coffee.

Spike, who'd taken the time to pour a glass of juice, nods "Well yeah, but I just figured Luna's advice extened to the friend you brought home."

Twilight began to choke on the coffee. "What? who came home with me? Rarity? Pinkie Pie?"

Spike shook his head "No, but the way you were acting I wish it was Rarity. You brought this boy home and were kissing him and laughing at stuff that honestly wasn't that funny." he explained to Twilight's growing surprise.

"Is that coffee I smell?" A voice called from the living room.

A moment later, Twilight and Spike were greeted by the same green colt from last night. He was her age, with a darker green mane, cropped tail and a Cutie Mark of a Book with a worm poking out of a hole in the cover. He seemed to be very shy, unable to look Twilight in the eye.

He gulped and finally looked her way "Um good morning. Listen about last night"

Twilight blushed "No, let me go first. I'm sorry about last night, I'm not usually so forward to bring a complete stranger home. I think I might have had a bit too much to drink last night. I don't even remember what we did..."

The colt shook his head "Hey I was drunk as you, maybe more so. I don't remember much but I know we didn't" He blushed "We just kissed, a lot. And I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bothered you. It's just, cute mares never talk to me. If you want, I'll just get the coffee to go." he said, grabbing the coffee with magic and turning around.

Twilight blinked "Wait!" The colt stopped and turned


Twilightblushed but smiled "I wouldn't mind if you joined me for breakfast. Taht way we can get to know eachother better and have a shot at remembering it."

The colt smiled and set his coffee back on the table. "I'd like that alot. I'm Booker W. Ormstrom, but everyone just calls me Book Worm"

Twilight nods "Hi Book Worm, I'm Twilight Sparkle."

Book Worm smiled and sat at the table "By the way, you have the greatest collection of books I've ever seen."

Twilight smiled back "Thanks." She said, wondering if her friends were having as much fun as she was this morning.


Apple Jack shifted in her sleep and opened her eyes, waking up face to face with Rainbow Dash.

"Good morning Apple Jack" The tom boy cooed, a small look of confusion on Apple Jacks face.

And there it is, my first story. What did you think? Like it? Hate it? Let me know in a review.