Disclaimer: I don't own the song or the show. Just the idea you know. The song is from a Barbie movie. The show is what you may see. But I think you will like if you love me for me

Jade stood on the platform by in Tori's house. She grinned watching the commotion going on. Suddenly a song came to her. She opened her mouth and began singing.

Once a lass met a lad

"You're a gentle one," said she

In my heart I'd be glad

If you loved me for me

Every time Jade sang Beck was reminded of how much he loved her. There was something about her voice that was magical. His heart nearly caught in his throat.

You say your love is true

And I hope that it will be

Beck joined in the song. He made up the words that came to his heart.

I'd be sure if I knew

That you loved me for me

Once again Jade's melodious voice filled the air.

Could I be the one you're seeking?

Will I be the one you choose?

Can you tell my heart is speaking?

My eyes will give you clues

Beck walked up to the platform and grabbed her hand.

What you see may be deceiving

Truth lies underneath the skin

They sang the next lines together.

Hope will blossom by believing

The heart that lies within

I'll be yours

Together we will always be as one

If you love me for me

Who can say

Where we'll go

Who can promise what will be

But I'll stay by your side

If you love me for me

If you love me for me

And the song ended with a kiss.