Two days later-

Modo was one seriously sadistic bastard, Throttle thought as he glared at his brother from across the cushion strewn eating/lounge area.

It had been two days since he and Vinny had come up with a plan to help Ruby come out of her shell, so to speak and Throttle had made a serious mistake in underestimating the knowledge of his older brother when he had decided to wait to put his plans to help their shal-la into action.

Apparently Modo had been onto the plan that he and Vinny had come up with before they had even had a damned plan. And as such, Modo had taken it upon himself as the older brother and Ruby's current designated partner- to keep them from following through with said plan.

And true to character, the grey furred giant had been doing everything that he possibly could to keep them from doing anything short of stealing a few kisses from Ruby whenever they thought the big guy wasn't looking.

However today seemed to be different.

Today for some reason his sha-la was currently sitting in Modo's lap wearing one of the traditional martian outfits that had been left for them. To mark them as someone's nag-la-ru's.

Apparently though it went against the rules and customs of their people, Modo had decided that if she wanted clothing so badly then he would fix her up with one of his outfits.

The nearly transparent, shimmering opalescent mint green silk had been wrapped around Ruby's body in a way that reminded Throttle of the outfit the earth woman from the old TV show, I Dream of Genie, had worn. It fit her so perfectly that one would think it was meant to fit her like a glove. Her hair had been professionally styled and hung down from a ponytail in silky, wild looking curls that gave her a more primitive and untouchable look.

She looked as beautiful as an ancient princess. Everything about her appearance was meant to tease and tantalize their senses. From the hair style to the way Modo had dressed her, everything was meant to drive them crazy with desire.

And damn his brother's hide, it was working.

Everytime he looked at Ruby and saw how his brother touched her or fed her or heard the rumbling purr of affection that vibrated in his chest- Throttle wanted to rip his heart out and lay it at their shal-la's dainty little feet in an effort to get her to pay such close attention to him instead.

But since he doubted that his shal-la would let him touch her ever again if he killed his brother since at the moment he seemed to be in her favor. Besides, Throttle knew deep down that his sha-la wasn't watching Modo out of affection. Not true affection anyways.

No, she was watching his every action out of wariness.

Since Modo had been appointed her designated partner, he had taken her more times than Throttle had managed to keep track of. And though she didn't fight him anymore, Throttle knew that she didn't exactly enjoy the sex. Which saddened him and his brothers to know since they were trying so hard to please her. But then maybe that was the problem.

She knew that they were obligated to please her now that they had taken the 'oath'. And that in itself made her feel obligated to make things as simple as she could for them.

It was an endless cycle.

Modo shifted, drawing Throttle's gaze as he stood up, holding Ruby bridal style in his arms as he muttered a soft, "Excuse me bro's." And started to walk away. Heading in the direction of the bed.

Ruby wrapped her arms around his neck and settled her chin on the back of one of her hands and asked in a small voice tinged with weariness, "Are we going to do it again?"

Modo's ears twitched slightly as he went over her question in his mind. They'd done it four times today already. And he knew that despite how careful he tried to be, he sometimes got out of hand, wearing her out as well as making her body sore. Knowing this made his choice simple enough, he'd had enough for now. She needed to rest now that she had eaten something. "No sha-la. We're not going to do it again... Not today."

She sighed in relief and startled him when she lifted her head and gave him a small kiss on the cheek before settling down again.