Title: Change of Pace
: NC-17
: Guilty Pleasure, season seven.
: Gibbs can't get his mind off two women: Holly Snow and Abby Sciuto. Reasoning that Abby will never be his, he takes Holly up on her offer of a night together...

Author's Note: I did a pic-fic about this a while back, and always meant to continue it someday. Since I'm totally Dina-Meyer-obsessed at the moment, and because Jo.R is writing such an amazing fic featuring Holly Snow (Scarlet Pleasures – check it out!), I got a little bit of motivation to write this first part. Warning: if you don't like Gibbs/Holly, you're not going to like this.

It's based on the assumption that Abby's canon interest in Holly is due to infatuation, and that she confided in Gibbs about it a little bit. See the pic-fic here: hinkykinky (dot) livejournal (dot) com (slash) 52547 (dot) html. Warning: the pic-fic dialogue is very silly and quasi-implausible. ;)

You need me, Gibbs... Use me.

I set down the book I've been trying to concentrate on with a sigh, closing my eyes and reliving Holly Snow's seductive proposal for the hundredth time. She's probably slept with more men than I've arrested criminals, but that doesn't make me want her any less.

Especially since I know that she's waiting for my call.

Spend a night with me, she'd whispered into my ear during that charged conversation. Not as a client. No fees, no contracts... just us.

Am I crazy for holding out? There was a time I'd have called her the instant we were both free. And god knows, it's been a while. What am I waiting for?

"Abby." I speak her name aloud, wishing it wasn't so complicated.

Abby is my forbidden pleasure – the fruit I can't touch, the boundary I can't cross. She doesn't even know it. Hearing her today, sighing over Holly and wondering if she'd be able to afford her rates... that just makes it worse. If I spend the night with Holly and Abby finds out, I don't know how she'd react. Add in the fact that I would trade all the Holly Snows in the world for one night with Abby, and...

It's never going to happen. She's never stepped any closer than playful flirting and hugs, and I can't bring myself to ruin the friendship we have. Turning down Holly's offer makes no sense, under the circumstances.

And maybe she can take my mind off Abby for a while.

Decision made, I locate my cell and call Holly.

"Agent Gibbs. I was hoping it'd be you. This is a social call, right?"

Her voice has a slight smoky edge – not as pronounced as Abby's, but enough to set my pulse quickening. "Ready for that change of pace?"

"You'll have to come to me. Can't go more than two miles from my place, remember?"

"I remember." I'm already on my feet, looking around for my jacket. I took a cold shower earlier – for all the good it did. I don't need to do anything besides head out.

She gives me the address and hangs up with nothing more than a parting, "See you when you get here." I grab my car keys and head out, not bothering to lock the door behind me.

She opens the door wearing a form-fitting tank top and pyjama pants that manage to be stylish, despite the fact that they're nightwear. She's still wearing make-up, though, belying the casual look. Not that she really expects me to believe that she hasn't made any effort to impress me, but the illusion is almost enough to fool me.

She's definitely a pro. I know it, and she knows that I know. It doesn't stop her from giving me one of her stunning smiles as she steps back to let me in. "Glad you could make it."

I wait until she's taken my coat and beckoned me through to the living room to speak. "You're treating me like a client."

Holly shrugs, handing me a glass of wine and then sitting lotus-style on the couch. "Habit, I guess."


Holly takes a long sip of her wine before shrugging. "It's not that clear-cut. My approach with clients is to act like I want them. And I want you."


A tinge of annoyance now – we're making progress. "Because you can hold your own against me. Because you don't treat me like meat. And because I want to see the part of you that you hold back."

I smile and drink some of my own wine. "That's a privilege earned."

"Even though you know I can keep a secret?" She's letting down her guard; no less seductive, but with less of a defensive edge to it. Curious, now.

Shaking my head, I say, "Don't count on finding it."

A glass of wine later, we're more comfortable with each other. Holly's smiles are genuine and spontaneous, and I'm done with quizzing her about her motives. Our wine glasses sit side by side on the table, empty, and we lock gazes for one breathless moment of inevitability.

Holly stands up, and before I can follow suit, she straddles my waist, giving a purr of appreciation as I cup her ass and pull her in closer. "You know, your self control is amazing. Most men would be ripping my clothes off right now."

I shift her a little so she can feel me getting steadily harder against her, and she laughs softly. "What are you waiting for, Agent Gibbs?"

Sliding a hand to the back of her neck, I pull her down into a kiss, and she opens my mouth with hers, deepening it with a soft moan. She grinds against me, the warm pressure welcome against my cock, and I slide my fingers over her breasts, pulling at the fabric over her nipples a little.

Holly tugs my shirt off, then lets her hands wander over my chest and abdomen while I leave my mark at the curve between her neck and shoulder. "You know, my rule with my clients is 'no marks'," she breathes into my ear. "You're doing something very few men have gotten away with."

Amused, I run my finger over the slight bruise I've left with my mouth. "Anything else you want me to add to that list?"

"I'll keep you informed." She pulls off her tank top and arches an eyebrow at me, as if challenging me to make my move. Her skin is smooth and unmarked by tattoos – damn it, Gunny, not now – and I lean in to taste it, brushing my tongue gently against her nipple, and then harder.

She rocks against me, her fingers sliding through my hair, pressing me closer. I follow the unspoken cues, biting down gently and then smiling against her skin as she whispers, "Fuck..."

I make sure I give her other breast the same attention, until she's breathing hard and her eyes are heavy-lidded with pleasure. "Let me up."

I release my hold on her waist, and she gets to her feet, pulling me up after her and grabbing my belt buckle, towing me down the hall by the belt. Her bed is huge, which is no surprise, and after unzipping my jeans with tantalising slowness, she pushes them down over my hips, then tells me to sit.

When she kneels gracefully at my feet, my pulse pounds, and I lean back on my hands, knowing what she plans to do next. "Gonna hold my hair back for me so you can watch?" she asks, surprising me.

"Hmm." For a second, I watch her watching me, ignoring the demands of my cock. She wets her lips subconsciously, and I lose control, gathering her hair out of her face, holding it there with one fist and then tugging lightly. "Don't tease, Holly."

She gives me a fleeting grin, then leans forward to take me into her mouth, licking and sucking with a finesse that makes me forget everything else. Every now and then, she makes eye contact, and her amused pleasure at dismantling me this way just takes me higher.

After a while she breaks off, surging up from sitting on her heels to kiss me, hard. "Enjoying yourself?"

"You have to ask?" I slip my hand beneath the waistband of her pants, inside her underwear, and rub two fingers firmly between her thighs. She's so wet that my imagination skips ahead, and I see myself driving inside her, hard and deep.

She tightens her grip on my cock, stroking firmly, and I groan against her shoulder, a slave to the practised movements of her hand. Her breath hitches as I slip my fingers inside her and curl them, seeking her sweet spot. Tilting her hips forward, she moans, her touch faltering a little.

"You're good..."

She almost sounds surprised. I laugh, pulling her up onto the bed beside me. "Coming from the infamous Holly Snow, I'll take that as a compliment."

"It's a nice change," she admits, brushing curls out of her eyes.

Without her hand at work against my cock, it's easier to focus, and I tug off her remaining clothes. She lounges back against the mattress, then remembers the ankle monitor she can't take off and scowls, her vanity offended. "Relax, Holly. I know how you got it."

"We should do this again once it's gone," she says pointedly, a reminder that tomorrow, we'll start working on that. "I feel like I should have tattoos and piercings all over."

"I've met plenty of innocent people with tattoos." I nudge her thighs apart and kiss my way down from her bent knee, all the way across her inner thigh.

"Point taken." Holly sighs when I blow lightly on her clit, fidgeting a little. "Now who's the tease?"

I wait until she looks down at me, holding her gaze. "Don't fake it."

Her surprised laughter fills the room, tapering off into gasps and sighs. I take my time, following the directions she gives, pushing her toward the brink with my fingers and tongue. My mind wanders, wondering whether Abby has piercings I don't know about, and I take out my sexual frustration on Holly until she's trembling and half-sobbing with her own need.

Her hands glide over her own breasts, and she cries out sharply, grinding herself against my lips, clenching in waves around my fingers. "Oh my god... can I keep you?" she murmurs, drifting on the afterglow, and I stretch out beside her, knowing better than to take her seriously.

As soon as the initial post-orgasmic languor fades, she reaches for the condom on the nightstand, then rolls it on without a hitch. I pin her to the mattress and push into her, and she thrusts her hips up to meet me, driving me almost all the way. "Fuck, Holly..."

"Ooh, now we get to the dirty talk..." She wraps her legs around my waist and lifts her head to kiss me, smothering my groan as we begin to move together. "Was I right?" she asks, her lips moving against my shoulder. "Do you like it rough?"


"Now's not one of those times?"

I roll us over and then sit up, Holly straddling my waist again. She gasps at the deeper angle, and I can't help but growl at the sensation. "This not good enough for you?"

She takes me with controlled surges of her hips, the friction between us driving me wild. "Oh, it's plenty good enough, Agent Gibbs... Just promise me a rough session one day."

I'm almost too far gone to answer her, lost in the sensations of her body against me, around me. She slips her hand between us to touch herself, giving herself the final push toward her second climax, and it's only a couple of seconds before I follow her, collapsing horizontal with Holly atop me.

She laughs breathlessly, remaining where she is until she regains the strength to move. Then she gets rid of the condom and lies down beside me, propping herself up on one elbow. "That was fun."

"Best night I've had in a while."

For a few minutes we just lie there, content to relax and drift. My brain slowly kicks into gear again, and supplies me with one wry thought: I only thought about Abby a couple of times...

I steer my thoughts back toward the woman I'm with. I've had a good time – better than good – and it seems unfair to her to be thinking of Abby again. Holly's gazing at me with a knowing look, though, and I frown a little. "What?"

"Who is she?" She doesn't seem jealous or possessive, but that shouldn't surprise me. If there's anyone who's mastered the skill of no-heartstrings-attached sex, it should be Holly Snow.

I don't want to talk about it with her, though. None of her business. So I just shake my head at her, warning her without words to back off.

"Oh, come on... Like I'm gonna know her, anyway. Unless... have I met her? What was that agent's name...? Ziva?"

"Not Ziva."

"Then where's the harm in telling me?"


She sighs. "Okay, okay... If you won't tell me who, can you tell me why you're not together? Might do you good to talk about it..."

Maybe it's cause she's DC's most famous Madam, through and through. Or maybe I'm just getting sentimental. Either way, I start talking, slowly, filtering my words of any obvious trace of Abby. "Close friends. Incompatible interests. And I've been divorced three times."

Holly nods. "You don't wanna break her."

"Or what we have now."

"How long have you wanted her?" she asks, and then looks sympathetic at my expression. "Ever think she might want you, too?"

That thought is sometimes the only thing that gets me through the night. "Occasionally."

"Maybe you should just get it out of your system. Clear the air."

Just the idea of what could go wrong makes me wince. "Can't go there."

"Okay..." She sits up, glancing down at me. "You want some more wine?"

"Sure." She gets up, unashamed of her nakedness, and halts in the doorway when I speak her name, looking back at me. "Tonight... wasn't about her. For the most part. I came here because of you."

For a long moment, Holly stares at me, her expression unreadable. Then a small smile touches her lips, and she turns away, resuming her path toward the wine. "I know."

Chapter 2 will be related to part 2 of the pic-fic – again, it has silly dialogue! hinkykinky (dot) livejournal (dot) com (slash)52988 (dot) html.