Author's Note: Okay, things are going a little different than I originally planned. The result is that this chapter is 100% Gabby and 100% kink-free. And there's going to be a chapter five. ;)

I forget how to breathe, and my mind becomes a mass of confused thoughts and feelings. The emotional overload is so intense that I almost speak my safeword. If Gibbs was fully clothed, I probably would have.

He's not, though. He's getting to his feet, and his chest and abs look just as toned as they've felt whenever he's hugged me in the past, and his eyes are travelling over me in a way they've never done before...

I had a dream last week that Holly and Gibbs double-topped me. Sometimes my dreams can be scarily accurate, but I'd never imagined that that one could-

"Abby." I look over at Holly, grateful to have something to focus on. She places a hand on my shoulder. "Do you need to safeword?"

"I..." I still don't know, and it takes me a moment to recall the word I want to use. "Yellow. I need time out."

She nods and leans against the doorframe, waiting for me to speak. I turn back to Gibbs, trying not to blatantly check him out for the second time in less than two minutes. "I don't... I mean... Why are you here?"

He ignores the question, cutting to the most important issue. "Do you want me to leave, Abby?"

"What? No!" He smiles, then – just a little, but enough to reassure me. "I'm just confused."

"Holly saw us together. Told me some things."

I glance over my shoulder, but the doorway is empty. I'm alone with Gibbs. In a bedroom. And he's not wearing a shirt.

Oh, god...

He takes a step toward me, and then keeps coming when I don't flinch or step back. His fingers slide over my jawbone, up behind my ear, and I close my eyes, leaning into the touch. "Am I dreaming?"

There's a tinge of amusement to his voice. "Hope not."

"Is this... just for tonight?"

"With Holly? Maybe."

"No, with you." When I open my eyes, his face is so close that my knees go weak. His lips are just a couple of inches from mine, and his eyes are so blue, and he smells so good... I've never wanted to kiss anyone so badly in my life, but I daren't, not until he tells me if this is the only time...

His voice is low, intense, barely audible as he repeats himself. "Hope not."

I rest my fingers over his heart, and he sighs, pushing forward against my hand. His gaze drops to my lips, and he's so close now, but holding back... why? I speak his name, and it emerges almost as a whimper. "Please..."

The moment shatters, and he kisses me for the first time, one hand at the back of my neck, the other arm around my waist, drawing me tight against him. Relieved and unspeakably turned on, I press myself closer, wrapping my arms around his neck and realising with a soft moan that he's already getting hard. I flick my tongue out against his lips, a request, and he deepens the kiss immediately, taking control the way I always imagined he would.

One kiss melts into two, three, four. It doesn't even occur to me to stop. He pulls me backwards to the bed, and I collapse gratefully onto it before my knees give out, loving the sensation of Gibbs' body pinning me down, the feel of his thigh grinding between my legs. He trails kisses over my spiderweb neck tattoo as if he's wanted to do it for years, and as he licks and then gently bites the pounding pulse point in my throat, I gasp out without meaning to. "Fuck..."

His thigh presses more firmly against my clit, and his soft laughter against my ear sends thrills down my spine. "Patience, Abbs."

"Ten years..." I slide my hand down his warm, firm abdomen, over the front of his jeans, rubbing him through the denim. He groans, thrusting into the touch, and pulls me atop him, then unzips the back of my dress, his fingers moving over the cross tattoo on my back. "I've been patient."

He pushes my dress down to my waist and then pins me to the bed again, his lips finding mine and his hands cupping my breasts, sliding over the skin, tugging at my pierced nipples gently until I gasp into his kiss. "Wanted you for so long," he tells me, then trails his lips down my throat, over my breasts, teasing each nipple with his tongue.

When his devious fingers slip up my thigh and over my soaked panties, I arch against him, whimpering. "I need you..."

"Wait," he murmurs, and gets up from the bed for long enough to close the bedroom door.

I feel a flash of sympathy for the woman on the other side of it. "Poor Holly."

Gibbs shakes his head, sitting back down next to me as I push myself up on my elbows. "We talked about this before you got here. She doesn't mind."

At his urging, I wiggle my dress up and over my head, then duck under his arm as he reaches for me again. "You're overdressed."

The unrestrained grin he gives me in response makes my heart skip, and he stands up again, unfastening his belt and then the jeans. I watch as he pushes them down over his hips, taking his underwear with them. Oh, god, naked Gibbs is better than I could ever have imagined...

He leans over me again, and I kiss him hard, trailing my fingers over his cock teasingly. Groaning, he pushes the heel of his hand down against my clit, the piercing there shifting against the skin. "Oh god, Gibbs, you're killing me..."

He slips his fingers into my panties, his touch gentle against my clit hood piercing. "This feel good?"

I nod, parting my thighs to give him better access, and he kisses his way down my stomach, then pulls off my panties. "Never been with a girl with one of these before," he says, stroking his fingers over the ring piercing gently. "Anything I should know?"

Wow. Hot, considerate and honest. I'm already in love with him, but this just makes me love him more. "It's sensitive. Mostly in a good way."

He presses a kiss lightly against it, his eyes on my face, and I just about die of sexual frustration. "More... please..."

Gibbs gets to work in earnest, kissing, then caressing with his tongue. The movements of the metal ring, combined with his licks and gentle sucking, have me trembling and gasping within a couple of minutes, and I push against his tongue, seeking more. When he slides a finger inside me, I cry out loudly enough for Holly to hear, and probably her neighbours, too.

That just turns me on even more, and as Gibbs adds a second finger, beginning to finger fuck me slow and hard, I cry out encouragement, moving against his fingers, seeking more. "Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs..."

He lifts his head, smiling at my frustration. "Never gonna be able to hear you say that at work again without thinking of this."

I cover my hands with my face, trying to control myself so that I won't just grab his head and force him down. "Please don't stop, please..."

He renews his efforts, more confident with my reactions to his teasing of the clit ring now, flicking his tongue just right, curling his fingers inside me to hit me right there-

The orgasm is sudden, but intense, breaking in strong pulses around his fingers and leaving me shaky, breathless and suffused with post-orgasmic languor. I murmur to him wordlessly, reaching for him, and he kisses me with a slow smile, brushing hair away from my face and watching me with a hungry intensity.

I know he's holding back from taking what he wants, giving me time to recover, but I don't want him to have to wait a second longer. "Take me," I whisper, reaching down between us to stroke his thick, hard cock firmly.

Gibbs reaches for a condom, but I shake my head at him. "I'm on birth control. You don't have to... unless you want to."

He doesn't need me to tell him twice. He moves over me and I guide him inside easily, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him in deeper. His growl of pleasure makes my pulse skip again, and I tilt up against him, squeezing my internal muscles around him and watching his eyes fall closed in response.

"God, Abbs..." He pulls back slowly, almost all the way out before driving back in. He sets the rhythm, and I quicken it as I recover from my orgasm, instinct driving me toward a second one. Responding to my fingernails digging into his shoulders, he takes me harder, more roughly, spurred on by my gasped curses.

He drives into me almost violently as he comes, his entire body grinding against me, pressing my clit ring into my clit again. I follow him over the edge with a breathless cry, holding him so tightly that I'm probably gonna leave bruises. For a while, we just cling together in the afterglow, and I try to get my mind to accept that this hasn't all just been a crazy fantasy.

As soon as I can sit up without my head spinning, I lean over and grab the bottle of water on the nightstand, twisting off the cap and draining a third of the contents. While Gibbs takes the bottle and does the same, I stretch out with a contented sigh.

Gibbs pulls me back into his arms, pulling my skewed pigtails out gently, then running his fingers through my hair. For once, I don't feel the need to say anything. I've said it all through kisses and touches, and for the first time in years, I feel as though the world is perfect.


"Hmmm?" I raise my head from his chest to look at him.

"Not used to seeing you this quiet." His concern is obvious, and totally unnecessary.

"I'm okay. Really, really, really okay."

He relaxes, pulling me into a soft, slow, loving kiss. And right then, there's a tap at the door.

Gibbs raises a quizzical eyebrow at me, and I reply by calling out, "Come in, Holly!"

The sultry Madam opens the door, tilting her head appreciatively as she takes in the sight of us, naked and curled up together on her bed. "I figured from the lack of moaning and screaming that you were taking a break. Was I right?"

A little shy now, I nod, while Gibbs sits up and rearranges pillows for us to lean back against. "About more things than one," he says, his tone of voice hinting at a conversation I haven't been a part of.

"I figured you were the piercing type," Holly says to me, sitting on the end of the bed in her sexy red dress.

Feeling guilty about how absorbed in Gibbs I've been, I start to apologise. She puts up a hand to stop me, shaking her head. "I kept myself busy."

"Really?" I tease her, before I can stop myself. Beside me, Gibbs chuckles.

Holly refuses to confirm or deny, crossing her legs demurely. "What I came here to ask is whether you still want to do some kink. If you don't, don't worry. I can understand you might be... exhausted."

Her wicked smile belies the prim and proper position she's sitting in, and I look over at Gibbs to gauge his reaction.

He's as unashamed of his nakedness as I am, which adds fuel to my guess that he and Holly have already gotten horizontal. And if it was with any other woman, I'd be jealous and insecure and freaked out.

Since the dream I had about the three of us, though, I don't feel that way around Holly. My subconscious has already convinced me it's a good idea, even though Gibbs and I have only just found each other. "Why don't you guys tell me what you had planned?"