WARNING: Yaoi abounds in this story.

There needs to be more…well I will let you figure out who it is.


Chapter One

Bound. Tied at the back, and tied in the front. His feet and legs were bound together, and his wrists locked by rope that tied around his forearms and upper arms. The discomfort woke him up as he felt his arms beginning to fall asleep. A sudden shift caused his arms to get the pins-and-needles feeling, rousing him from the darkness that was from the lacking feeling of passing out.

Bleary blue eyes looked up as he regained consciousness to the dimly lit room. Where the hell was he? Why was he half-naked? And-most importantly- how the hell did he wind up here? Last he remembered, he was about to do the Great Aether on Sheik, the other players long since taken out of the game. Ike felt he had a chance to win at last. All it took was one good hit, and the four-way match was as good as his!

At least until someone struck him in the back and sent him flying off the stage, the powerful Smash Ball now out of his grasp, and the title of champion of the four-way match slipping through his fingers like oil. How? Ike remembered the stage being bare when he went to go fight Sheik. Link and Marth had both been sent flying too far for either of them to gain any leverage and get back on the stage.

Moving to get up, he fell forward on his face, chin hitting carpet harder than he thought it did. "Ow." He said. Or at least he was supposed to say it had his mouth not been obstructed by a humongous ball wedged between his teeth and lips, making him give a very muffled sound.

What the hell is going on? Ike's mind searched frantically for an answer, trying to gain sight of his surroundings. Maybe there would be a clue as to where he was if he felt around a bit. He began to roll to one side, hoping to get himself at least on his back so that he could sit upright. As he made that final turn, he used his upper body strength to push himself forward and upright, his nose meeting a strange fabric, and catching the smell immediately.


"So, you're finally awake." a voice greeted the bound mercenary, a mischievous tone sounding from the words. "I was wondering when you were going to rouse. I would have hated to have my work all for naught and have to take you to Dr. Mario."

"Who the hell are you?" Ike said, even though his mouth was muffled by the plastic ball. "Oh? What was that? Who am I?" his captor giggled, lifting the piece of leather under Ike's chin. "You know me, but you won't see me. Not until I tell you. But for now," the captor pushed Ike's head back with the piece of leather a motion as if Ike could see his captor's eyes. "You will do as I tell you. And you will enjoy it. Every. Single. Moment. Of it. Whether you want to or not."

When I get out of this, whoever you are, I will HURT you SEVERELY. Ike swore mentally. Pain was coming to the person that had him tied up like this.

Doing the pentagram bondage was hell on wheels to do, as he had to study every single line of which piece of rope went where. But once he had the hang of it he had it down pat. Though it was interesting that Samus and Peach were a little too willing to be tied up in that fashion for practice runs. He would have to talk to Snake and Mario later about that.

But for right now, he had the mercenary eight where he wanted him. Lowering the riding crop from Ike's chin, he stepped back to look at his prize. Ike, sitting there half-naked and bound in a pentagram rope with his mouth gagged by the wonderful pink plastic ball strapped around the mercenary's jaw. He almost fell as he was trying to get used to wearing such a high heel as he was, but it was worth it. He finally had the mercenary all to himself, and he was dying to see if he could make him cry out in the mixture of pain and pleasure. But for now, he had to deal with just admiring his handiwork, and the red flush of anger coming on Ike's cheeks.

Oh dear…who could this be that had Ike tied up like this? Review if you have a clue, or if you liked it. Thanks for reading.