Not even gonna lie about this. This is pretty much as cracked as Reborn! can get with me. I'm making sure to keep them in character (because OOC-ness and crack just make people unhappy sometimes). It has a plot, I assure you (just don't look for it for a while). I needed a incest AU with these two like fire, thus this was born.

Tsuna rubs his eyes as he sits up in bed, yawning heavily. He looks over at his alarm clock and has to blink a few times to be sure that he's seeing the time correctly. After a few minutes go by, he decides that he's not asleep and that he is, in fact, awake at three in the morning. He looks to the other side of him to try and find what woke him up and nearly crawls out of his skin. Two glossy, brown eyes stare back at him from under his blanket expectantly and a hand clamps itself over his mouth just before he lets out an ear splitting scream. "Tsuna, calm down. It's me."

He yanks the blanket off of them, and he can see his brother Dino grinning up at him impishly. He sighs against the hand on his mouth and it's removed. "Dino," Tsuna groans, laying back down and rolling onto his side to face the older male, "What are you doing in here?"

"I just wanted to have a sleepover with my adorable lil' bro," Dino whispers, draping and arm around Tsuna's waist and snuggling up to him. Tsuna rolls his eyes, but freezes when he smells alcohol and cigarettes. He frowns. They just moved from Okinawa to Namimori a month ago, and his brother is already in some kind of trouble?

"Where have you been? You smell awful. Did you just get home?"

Dino stops rubbing his face into his neck and pulls away to stare up at Tsuna. His grin goes lopsided and his eyes are apologetic as he moves further away, to the other side of the bed. He scratches the back of his head nervously as he stumbles over an excuse. "Well, I made a new friend today in school. His name is Kyouya. He's pretty antisocial, but he's a good guy. Anyways, he started this disciplinary committee a week ago and is recruiting for it. I joined today and we spent all night trying to bust these kids who were using the school roof to smoke and drink. I bet I smell awful."

Tsuna laughs softly. "I'm just glad you aren't doing anything bad. Hm… I think I've heard of the name Kyouya before. What grade is he in?"

Sienna eyes widen dramatically, and Dino practically flings himself from Tsuna's bed. "I almost forgot! He's outside waiting for me! I told him I wanted to recruit you and he said to bring you down! He's going to kill us both if we don't go down right now!"

Tsuna barely has time to catch his balance as he's dragged from his bed. Dino's hand is gripping his hand tightly as they tiptoe their way to the stairs. He motions for Tsuna to keep quiet as he goes to ascend to the entryway. As much as he loves and trusts Dino, he's absolutely sure he's pulling him to his death."He's kinda violent so be ca—"

His words are cut off as he slips on the first step, tumbling down the rest and dragging his brother with him. When they finally reach the bottom, a tangled mess of bruised limbs, Dino hisses and whines. Tsuna is laying on his chest with a panicked look. "Shhh! If dad hears us..." They both shudder.

They stand after a few minutes of trying to get detached from one another (although Dino is way too touchy-feely and doesn't help very much) and make their way outside. Dino is still holding Tsuna's hand (something he's been doing since childhood and refuses to grow out of) and leading him to the sidewalk. Another person is waiting for them under a street lamp, face shadowed out by the angle his head is tilted. "Hey, Kyouya."

"I thought I told you not to call me that, herbivore."

Immediately, Tsuna recognizes the voice. He freezes in his tracks and starts to consider running back inside. If that voice belongs to who he thinks it does, he's done for. Absolutely done for. Dino seems blissfully ignorant to Tsuna's odd behavior and keeps pulling him toward the boy. "Aw, don't be that way. You told me not to call you boss, so what do I call you?"

"Call me Hibari."

Yes, he's dead. Tsuna decides in that moment that his brother is an absolute moron. He's only been at Namimori Middle for a month, but he already knows that Hibari is a violent tyrant who has no qualms about beating the life out of anyone he deems deserving (which is basically everyone). "That's boring. I'm sticking with Kyouya. Oh! This is my cute little brother that I was telling you about."

Tsuna squeaks, but manages to cover it with a cough, as he pushed forward. Hibari's stare is hard and Tsuna waves awkwardly. Suddenly, the glare is turned on to Dino. "Sawada Tsunayoshi. You two have different last names." Internally, Tsuna is about ready to commit ritual suicide. Hibari doesn't like anything that could disturb the peace of Namimori. He knows this because he's heard Hibari lecture people on this particular issue while attempting to beat their organs out through their throats. And two brothers (who look absolutely nothing alike) with different last names, a suspiciously violent and mysterious father, and a possibly species confused mother (that happens to be male) screams disturbing. In more ways than one. If Tsuna's lucky (he's not), Hibari won't find out about his family for a while.

Dino chuckles and shoves his hands into his jacket pocket. "I kept our mother's maiden name. Tsuna was still a baby when our parents split up, so our dad changed his last name." Hibari nods as if accepting that explanation (as if it had been important) and lifts his arms to reveal he's wielding two tonfas.

"Then, Sawada. Let's see if you can hold your own as well as your brother," Hibari says.

Tsuna's confused until he sees Hibari coming at him, ready to strike. He ducks under the first one and manages to twist to the side with just enough time to avoid the second one. The strikes come fast, lightning fast, and Tsuna's reflexes are forced awake as he tries to avoid death by bludgeoning. He finally realizes that Hibari won't stop until he counters with something. Tsuna curses silently under his breath. His dad certainly made sure that he was more than ready for a fight. Although Tsuna prefers to avoid violence altogether, his dad taught him some defensive martial arts and made it very clear that Tsuna will be forced to train in some sort of weapon soon .Tsuna doesn't even want to contemplate why his father feels he needs to be prepared for a fight. As it is, he can only counter by striking minor pressure points on Hibari's arm, rendering them useless for a few minutes.

The tonfas clatter to the ground noisily in the silent of the night and Hibari smirks. Tsuna figures he went easy on him. Why, he's not sure, since he's well aware of how much Hibari likes to beat people up. Not that he's not grateful. He prefers his lungs in his chest and his genitals not in his intestines. Hibari shakes his arms and bends down to pick up his tonfas. His hands don't even shake.

M-monster. He's definitely a monster, Tsuna decides. The only other person who had been able to recover in a matter of seconds was his dad, and he doesn't want to contemplate those implications. Because, if not Satan himself, Reborn is certainly a monster.

"Not bad, Sawada. Do you know what being in this committee means?" Those gray eyes seem to hold a glare of their own, which is fucking scary. Aside from the fact that he can feel gray hair forming on his scalp and years being shaved from his life, Tsuna has no idea what anything is anymore. So, he really has no choice but to pull an answer out of his ass.

"T-to discipline those that break the rules…? And disturb the peace of Nam-mimori."

Hibari smirks, turns, and walks away. Tsuna watches in mild surprise and Dino keeps grinning. "See? I told you he's antisocial." As Tsuna watches Hibari leave, he can't help but frown.

My brother is going to get me killed.