A friend of mine told me that the only way to get of the writer's block I have concerning this story is to suck it up and write. Then she threatened my life a few times. Sorry for the shortness of this chapter.

Tsuna sits outside, letting the sun soak into his skin. As he relaxes, he decides that Lambo is the greatest mom ever. It's been a week since they injured themselves and Lambo still has the school convinced that they can't attend. Plus, Dino has been ordered to stay in bed unless absolutely necessary. That means Tsuna can simultaneously avoid Basil, Dino, and the Disciplinary Committee. He grins and takes a sip of his water. Life is good today.

Even Reborn is gone on a business trip, which means he won't have to train. Tsuna is in a good mood, which means that when Lambo comes outside and asks if he wants to go shopping with him, he agrees. Normally Dino is the one that goes shopping with their mom, since he's the best at persuasion. And Lambo needs a lot of persuasion to keep from buying everything with cow print on it. Surprisingly, Namimori has a ridiculous amount of cow related items.

The very first store they go to is a bakery. Lambo goes on and on about tiramisu and how Reborn will explode in a fiery rage of gunfire if he doesn't get any when he gets back, but Tsuna is hardly paying attention. His eyes keep darting over to the pet store across the street. He isn't quite sure why, but there's a menacing feeling radiating from the building.

And then any feeling of happiness he had over his days off are wiped from his memory as Hibari steps out of the store and makes direct eye contact with him. Instantly, Tsuna drops to the ground, startling Lambo. He looks down at Tsuna, who is trying to crawl under a table. "What are you doing, Tsuna?"

"Mom. No matter what happens, I need you to vouch for my very painful internal injuries."

Luckily for Tsuna, Lambo isn't Dino, which means he gets what he's trying to say. He simply nods, putting on a concerned face and crouching down to rub Tsuna's shoulder. "Oh my gosh. We need to get you home. I knew I shouldn't have brought you shopping. You're still too hurt to walk around like this."

Tsuna is so busy groaning and wincing that he doesn't notice the crowd gathering around them. He does, however, notice how great of an actor Lambo is and smiles internally. "Oh dear. Can you stand? We'll get you home, don't worry."

"I'll take him home. I know him from school."

Tsuna's blood freezes. That is definitely Hibari speaking. Lambo has no idea that he's the one he's avoiding, and Tsuna has no way to tell him without the other boy noticing. And if Hibari finds out he's skipping school because of a fake injury... Tsuna shudders. Lambo claps his hands together. "Wonderful!"

Tsuna squeaks as he's unceremoniously hefted off of the ground and dragged from the store. He does his best to keep up the pretense of injury, but Hibari gives him a look and he stops. Hibari drags him wordlessly further and further away from people. Away from witnesses. Tsuna notices with slight alarm that they aren't going in the direction of his house. Instead, they're going towards the notoriously abandoned and rusted park.

Hibari shoves him onto a rickety bench and glares at him for a few seconds until Tsuna breaks down into blathering nonsense. He goes on and on about how they really were injured but needed a break from school. Hibari keeps the same cold look on his face until Tsuna mentions Mukuro and his weird antics. Then the prefect's eyes intensify and almost set Tsuna on fire. Tsuna breaks out of his tangent with a small noise of fear.

"What did you tell Rukudo?"

Tsuna's a bit confused. "I didn't tell him anything."

Clearly, Hibari doesn't believe him. "In the past week that you've been absent, Rukudo has asked me out on a date fifteen times. Explain yourself."

Now Tsuna remembers just what he told Mukuro and he can't help but think he only brought this upon himself. "W-well, did he do anything other than ask you out?"


Tsuna nods shakily and inhales deeply. "Then wh-what's the problem? It's only a question. It can't hurt you."

He barely has time to interpret the muted look of rage Hibari gives him before a tonfa is pressed against his throat. He leans all the way against the bench. Hibari doesn't explain, but Tsuna thinks he gets it. He thinks no one will take him seriously or respect him if Mukuro doesn't. It's pretty faulty logic considering everyone with common sense fears him. Mukuro just has no common sense.

"It's not a practical joke, Hibari. He actually does like you."

Tsuna thinks that maybe he shouldn't have vouched for Mukuro, just in case it really is some elaborate prank. But it's too late. Hibari removes the tonfa and turns to leave. "You two had better be in school tomorrow."

He watches the prefect walk away and feels dread twist in his stomach. Tomorrow is going to suck. He has to talk to Basil, he has to avoid Mukuro and Hibari, and he has to deal with the massive amount of homework he's going to have. "Great. I can't wait."