"Skinned her alive, ripped her apartScattered her ashes, buried her heartRise up above it, high up above and see

- - -One night of the hunter, one day I will get revenge "

{Night of the Hunter – 30 seconds to Mars}


I growled in anger at the bronze-haired man standing before me. His coal black eyes gazed at me, raking over my deep crimson eyes and sneer appearing on my face. He had left me. He left me to go through hell. To suffer. I had no pity for him – I didn't care that he was now suffering like I had. I wondered if he knew how I suffered. How I sat there, day be day in a cold and dark room. Nothing to do but stare at the walls. Nothing. My life was useless. I was a lab rat for their damn tests. All they ever did to me was send waves of electricity through my body, causing me to be weak. Vulnerable. It was like they had punished me for something he did. I was being punished because he decided to leave me behind, he decided he didn't want me.

I could have killed him then. Walked forward and ripped his flawless face on, burned it to ash. Never have to see it again. But I wanted to wait. I wanted to wait until he was suffering most. Until he couldn't breathe – couldn't piece himself together. I would kill him then.

I also wanted to wait because of Victoria. She was the one who changed me. I remember the words she spoke as she dragged my almost lifeless body out of the huge, gaping hole she had made into the thick wall. "You just wait, honey." I remembered her perky voice in my ear. The first voice I had heard in months. "I'll change you. Years from now, when he is in pain. When he suffers, we'll kill him. We'll make him enjoy it. He can suffer like you have." Those words pleased me. I wanted him to feel the pain that I had to endure. I wanted immortality. I wanted to be invincible. I. Wanted. Him. To. Suffer.

"What." I sneered.

"You could come back, be happy with me Bella." He spoke softly, clutching his chest.

"Why? So your pain can end? I'm glad you finally seem to have realized what I went through, Edward," I spat.

An idea sparked up in my mind, one I couldn't pass. I would put my shield around him like I had the last time we crossed paths. That was the only way he could read my mind.

I bit back laughter as I thought of my first experience in the mental asylum. It was fun to watch him suffer.

I was sitting on the cold floor, soaked with tears and sweat. My mind was racing – images of Victoria thrashing me on the ground as Jacob sprinted up to fight her off of me, his soft fur brushing on my face as my blood poured on the dirt... Diving off of the cliff... Charlie coming to save me. Renee signing me up to go to the mental asylum. But the worst memory? The one that made me scream at night, thrashing around and ripping the frail cotton blanket they gave me...

"It will be as if I never existed."

Those three words were making me shudder violently on the floor, my frail back pushed up against the stone cold wall which held a mark for each torturing day I spent here. I grasped my hair and started sobbing violently, ripping tendrils out.

Edward was clutching his chest. Just like I had many years ago. I pushed on to the next memory. The one that terrified him, the one that he wanted to come so soon.

Victoria dragged my frail body out of the ragged hole, she brought her mouth up to my ear. I was sure she was about to kill me – to rip me apart. I wanted it. I wanted death. I wanted the suffering to end. But instead, she whispered this into my ear: just wait, honey. I'll change you. Years from now, when he is in pain. When he suffers, we'll kill him. We'll make him enjoy it. He can suffer like you have."

Edward's hands were pinned to the tree I had cornered him into. I was face – to – face with him now. About eight inches apart.

"You haven't seen the newest one." I curled my lip up.

"He's been suffering for eighteen years." I said to Victoria and snapped a thick tree branch out of my way.

"He's going to suffer for a century more." She looked back to me and smiled deviously.

Edward was almost crouched down on the ground. He was gasping for breath. I let the scene play over and over until he screamed.

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