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Prologue History Never Stays History

Bella POV

Sitting in my chair in front of my vanity mirror I looked at the dress my best friend Alice picked out for me to wear to dinner at her parents' house tonight and shook my head. Alice forever played dress up with me, even now while I was twenty-five years old. I normally hated wearing what Alice picked out but I was far too nervous out of my mind tonight to care. Tonight would be the first time I've seen her brother in almost four years. I tried to get out of dinner saying it was a family dinner, but it didn't work. First Alice started to wine saying that I didn't love her and I hated when she did that. Then she told her mother Esme who almost cursed me out telling me that I was just as much a part of her family as Alice and Edward were.

I still remember the first day I met my best friend and the man I would love forever. We were in second grade; I had gotten skipped from first grade so I was nervous and scared I wouldn't make any friends. Alice came over and sat down next to me. She seemed so hyper, I felt intimidated because she was such the opposite of me. Smiling she said.

"Hi I'm Alice Cullen."

Nervously I smiled back "I'm Bella Swan" Alice smiled then loped her arm with mine and said, "We'll be best friends forever." I smiled back unable to do anything else but believe her. Then one of my pig tails were pulled, tugging my head back.

"Eddie leave my best friend alone."

I heard Alice say, I turned my head to see a boy with bronze hair and green eyes smile and sit on the opposite side of me. "Bella this is my stupid twin brother Edward." Alice told me. I wish I would have known then how much I would love Edward, but hey I was only six. To me he was just another boy, who even then had girls following behind him.

As the years went on the three of us were pretty much inseparable, my brother Emmett would tease us by calling us the three musketeers. I did pretty much everything with them, but whenever I wasn't with them I was with my other best friend Jacob Black. His father was best friends with my father Charlie. I never really could understand why but Jake never liked the Cullen's, Edward specifically. Whenever I asked Jake why he would just say that he didn't like the way Edward looked at me, as if I was something to eat. I would tell him he was crazy because Edward and I were just friends.

By high school I figured there was no way the gorgeous Edward Anthony Cullen was remotely attracted to me. He was now tall and muscular his skin was slightly pale; his bronze hair made me want to run my fingers through it and his green eyes pierced me even more then the day we met. Every girl in school was crazy about Edward, but I couldn't blame them.

One day by the end of our sophomore year Alice, Edward and Alice new boy friend Jasper and I were going out to the movies. Edward and I complained that we felt like we were intruding on their date. "Oh please, the two of you may as well kiss and make it official. This is a double date." Alice told us, and then disappeared into the movie theater with Jasper, who was now giving us an apologetic look.

Then we were alone in the lobby of the movie theater. I felt my cheeks flush with heat so I looked down at my feet. I bit my lip and refused to look up at Edward from fear that he would be upset. "Bella" I heard his musical voice call to me. I slowly pulled my head up and now realized he was standing closer than I thought he was. He brought his hand to my face and his thumb made small circles on my cheek.

"Would you slap me if I kissed you Bella?"

Edward asked me, I thought I must have heard him wrong. There was no way Edward wanted to kiss me, me plan old Isabella Swan. We were just friends; of course I found him attractive what girl didn't, but why me? Edward could have any girl he wanted. My enter dialogue was ended when I watched Edwards face come closer to mine and then his soft lips cover my pink ones. It was a soft kiss at first, sweet making me moan in satisfaction. Then Edward pulled me against his body and my arms went around his neck and into his hair. We heard someone clear their throat and we reluctantly pulled away. Looking to see who cleared their throat I felt my cheeks turn red again when I seen my older brother Emmett with his girl friend Rosalie.

"If you're done sucking my sister's face off Eddie we would like to get past."

Emmett teased causing Edward to slide both his hands into his pockets and me to cover my face with both my hands. "Ow Rose!" I heard Emmett yell. Removing my hands I assumed Rosalie slapped Emmett on the back of his head like she did often. "Do you have to embarrass her you idiot?" Rose asked him. Emmett looked from me to Edward.

"Sorry guys."

He said taking Rose hand and walking past us. I still had yet to look at Edward as we still stood in the lobby. "I'm sorry Bella" I heard Edward say, was he really sorry he kissed me because I wasn't.

"Don't be Edward, I liked it."

I said then blushed when I realized I said the last part out loud. "Did you really?" he asked. I looked up into Edwards face and could see the embarrassment of being caught by my brother still on his face. "Yes, what girl wouldn't enjoy being kissed by you?" I continued ready to slap tap over my mouth. I looked away unable to look at him now. I heard his light chuckle then he turned my face to look at him again.

"I wasn't worried about other girls Bella, just you."

He told me, causing me to blush again. "I like when you do that." He continued, "Do what?" I asked him feeling like I missed something. "Blush, you look even more beautiful when you do it." He answered. My cheeks felt like they were on fire now. "I don't think so Edward. I'm just plan Bella." I told him. He chuckled again when he said.

"You really don't see yourself clearly Bella."

"Why did you kiss me Edward?"

Jeez! Bella why ask, if anything ask him to do it again. My conscience yelled at me. He was silent for a minute as if trying to decided how to answer my question "Because I like you Bella, I have for a long time. When Alice said we may as well kiss, I couldn't help myself." He finally answered. I felt my heart flutter when he said he liked me, I wanted to scream out that I loved him but decided that probably wasn't a good idea.

"You like me?"

"Yes, a lot actually. I was worried about how you felt about me."

He told me honestly. Stay calm Bella; don't go all psycho stalker on him. I told myself. "I like you too Edward." I finally said and blushed again from being so forward with him. Edward took my hand and interlaced our fingers. Smiling his gorgeous smile he asked. "Would you like to go to the movies with me Bella?" I laughed as I looked around then said

"Um Edward I'm pretty sure we're already here."

"No, I meant as a date, like as my-my uh girlfriend."

He said nervously running his free hand through his hair. Did Edward fucking Cullen really just ask me to be his girlfriend? "Yes!" I screamed out quickly not wanting him to begin rethinking it and taking it back. Edward laughed again I assumed at my eagerness. From that day on we were boyfriend and girlfriend all through high school. Where ever Edward was, I was there to. I went to every basketball game he had, every swim meet, I was there. Same for Edward, I wasn't in as many activities as he was but he was always there for me.

When Jacob first found out that I was now dating Edward he was so pissed he wouldn't answer my phone calls for a month. Edward would always just tell me to forget him, but I couldn't Jake was still one of my best friends. Eventually Jake got over it and things went pretty much back to normal. My life was bliss; I had Edward who I could proudly claim as mine. My best friend Jake and the sister I never had out of Alice.

Edward hated that I was so close to Jacob, but I continuously told him that Jake and I were just friends. "You have to trust me Edward." I remember telling him. He would always kiss the top of my head and say. "I do trust you Bella; it's him I don't trust." Part of me wish I would have listened to him. The summer after graduation from high school we were having a graduation party at the Cullen house. I invited Jake, because he was still my best friend even if he didn't like my other best friend and my boyfriend.

"Hey Bells."

Jake called to me when he came into the house. I smiled seeing his face. "Hey Jake, happy you could make it." I told him giving him a hug. "Yeah of course, is there some where we could talk?" he asked me looking nervous. This wasn't like the Jake I knew at all. "Umm yeah sure." I told him leading him out to the back yard. Jake fumbled with something in his pocket for the longest time before he looked up at me.

"Jake what is it? You're making me nervous."

"Are you and Edward like real serious?"

Jake asked me catching me off guard with his question. "Define serious Jake." I told him already feeling uncomfortable to where this conversation was leading. "Have the two of you had sex yet?" he asked looking down at his feet. I felt my cheeks turn red as my fist balled at my sides. "That is none of your business Jacob Black." I snapped at him.

"Bella, I just think that before you go any further with Edward you should know how I feel about you."

Jacob continued, I felt the blood flush from my face. "No Jake I don't need to know." I told him trying to walk away. He quickly stopped me now standing extremely close to me. "I love you Isabella, I always have." He told me and before I could stop him his lips were on mine. His kiss was hot; and yet passionate. I knew I was letting the kiss last longer than it should have but it was so different then kissing Edward. I quickly remembered my surroundings and that this wasn't Edward kissing me. With as much force as I could gather I pushed Jacob off of me.

"Damn it Jake, why did you kiss me, and in Edward's house!"

I yelled at him, and then I saw Edward standing at the back doors entrance. I seen all the pain on Edwards face and I wanted to die. He quickly walked away and I slapped Jake across the face in anger. Jacob looked shocked for a moment. "Jeez I'm sorry Bella; I swear it will never happen again." He told me looking truly sorry and horrified with his self "Damn right it won't! Don't you ever touch me again Jacob Black." I screamed then stormed into the house after Edward. Alice quickly rushed over to me.

"Bella what the hell just happened? I never saw Edward so angry before."

"Where did he go Ali?"

I asked her needing to find him and explain things to him. "Up stairs to his room I think." She told me. I quickly went for the stairs hoping I didn't trip as I ran up the steps. When I got to Edwards door I didn't bother to knock I stormed in causing him to look at me with so much hate my heart nearly stopped.

"Shouldn't you be outside making out with the dog?"

He sneered, I hated when he called Jake that. "Edward please let me explain." I begged walking into the room and closing the door behind me. "There is nothing to explain, I saw you kiss him Bella." He snapped at me. "He kissed me Edward, I swear it meant nothing." I told him. Edward didn't say anything to me; he wouldn't even look at me. "Edward look at me." I told him feeling like I needed to see his eyes, but when he did look at me I wish he hadn't. Edward had never looked at me with disgust but he did that day.

"Do you love him Bella?"

He asked me, "I love you Edward." I told him hating this was how I was finally telling him I loved him. I watched the surprise in his eyes, then I seen something else but it quickly went back to disgust. "I don't want you around him anymore Bella." He more like ordered. His tone surprised me. I guess you could say it was just the idea of Edward dictating who I could and couldn't talk to. It was my decision to continue or not continue being friends with Jacob not Edwards. If he truly trusted me I felt it shouldn't have mattered. Edward knew me better than that, if I let people tell me who I could and couldn't see we wouldn't be together because of my parent's wishes.

"Edward he is my best friend and you can't tell me who I can talk to are hang around."

I told him feeling my stubbornness get the best of my mouth once again. "Then Bella as long as you consider him your best friend you can consider me your ex boyfriend." He told me, my heart crushed at that very moment. "Edward please do not do this to us." I begged feeling the tears in my eyes. I seen a part of my Edward in his eyes then he snapped back in to this person I didn't know.

"I'm not doing anything to us; you did when you kissed that mutt in my parent's house."

I walked over to Edward, who stepped back away from me. "I can even smell him on you, damn it Bella!" he yelled causing me to jump back. The tears came faster now, his bed room door opened and Alice, and his parents Carlisle and Esme stood at the door. Alice seeing my tear stain faced quickly rushed over to me. I couldn't stop crying as I begged Edward not to break up with me; I tried telling him that it was all just a huge misunderstanding.

Alice and Esme took me out of his room and to Alice room as they tried to calm me down as I cried more into Alice's shoulder. That was the day I lost Edward.

Alice being the great friend she is never for one second stopped being my best friend after Edward and I broke up. There were some rough patches but overall Alice was always there for me. Her parents never stopped inviting me to dinners or family events. Other then not having Edward it felt like nothing changed, and yet my entire world had crumbled. I found out from Alice that after a year and a half in college Edward enlisted into the Marine Corps. When we were together he always told me how he looked up to and respected the men in the Marines but I never thought he would enlist. The idea of Edward in the Marines scared me, but he was a grown man.

Somehow we managed to avoid each other over the years. I seen him once when I was twenty-two, Alice had gotten into a car accident. My father who was the chief of police use to always warn her about driving like she was on a race track. Thankfully she was alright but we all showed up to the hospital to see her anyway. When I seen Edward in his uniform I thought my eyes had bulged out of my face. I never thought there was anything that could make Edward more beautiful, but his marine uniform did just that.

"Bella you're drooling."

Alice whispered from her hospital bed. I quickly closed my mouth and wiped at the corners of my mouth earning a laugh from Alice. I cut my eyes at her this only making her laugh more.

"Happy to see you're feeling good Alice."

Edward spoke, his voice gave me chills and I wanted nothing more but to envelope myself into him. "Oh Eddie you know there is nothing that can keep me down. Happy you came to visit me though." Alice told him, hating that she rarely ever seen her twin brother anymore. I couldn't help feeling like I was to blame. Edward then turned and looked at me. I was always able to read his emotion in his eyes but there was something there I still couldn't identify what it was.

"Hey Bella"

He said, I couldn't speak I was honestly to surprised he was speaking to me at all. I continued to look at him and I didn't realize I hadn't said anything until Alice hit my arm. "Oh uh…Hi Edward, you look good. I mean…what I meant was that you look good in your uniform. Oh god I mean…I'll just leave the two of you alone to catch up." I said embarrassed and quickly rushed out of the room. I sat in one of the chairs that sat outside of Alice room and tried to compose myself. I hated that even now seeing Edward turned me into a blubbering idiot.

Jasper walked up holding a bouquet of Alice favorite flowers. "Are you alright Bella?" he asked me seeing my face. I looked up at him "Edward's in there." I told him. Jasper's mouth formed an O then he sat down next to me. "Look Bella you know I think of you as my sister, so what I'm about to say is only because I care. You still love Edward?" I know Jasper was asking me not telling me, and I loved him for caring. "Is it obvious?" I asked him in return. Jasper sat back against the chair. "Bells you have to either let him go or tell him. Does Jake know you still love Edward?" Jasper asked, I closed my eyes realizing the minute I seen Edward I forgot all about Jacob.

"No, Jake thinks I'm over Edward, and I'd like to keep it that way. I can't hurt Jake too."

I told Jasper, about fifteen months after Edward and I broke up ironically enough I started dating Jacob. It was innocent movies and dinner at first. It wasn't an instant love romance like it was with Edward, but I did love Jake. He made me feel a little bit whole again. Alice hated that I started dating Jake and our friendship hurt a little more for it.

"No offense Bella but being in love with both of them and not acknowledging it is what got you in this mess in the first place."

Jasper told me, I knew he was right but what could I do. I had already hurt Edward, I couldn't hurt Jake too. I knew that I made a mess out of everything and there was no away of fixing one without hurting someone else. Before I could responded to what Jasper said Edward came out of Alice room. Jasper stood up and shook Edward's hand.

"It's good to see you Edward."

"Yeah you too, Jasper."

Edward said, and then he looked over at me. I seen my Edward in his eyes and my heart cried out to him, but I knew he couldn't hear it. I wasn't sure when Jasper entered Alice room but we were left alone. Edward sat down next to me and I looked down at my feet unable to look at him. "It's really good seeing you Bella" I heard him say, I felt my heart flutter.

"It's good seeing you too Edward."

I told him wishing I had the confidence to say more than that. "Bella I just want you to know I hate the way things ended between us." I looked up at him then, "Me too" Before I realized what was happening Edwards lips were on mine and my hand was in his hair. His kiss felt like home, it was sweet but urgent. My lips slightly parted and I felt his tongue press against mine and I moaned. I heard Edward growl in his throat has he deepened our kiss. Eventually Edward pulled away and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"I'm sorry Bella"

"Don't be, I liked it."

I told him then we both laughed remembering me saying that about our first kiss. "We can't do this you know?" he told me, I wanted to ask him why forgetting about Jake again. He untangled his hands out of my hair while I reluctantly pulled my hand out of his.

"You're with Jacob and I'm with Tanya, now."

He said as if he heard my thoughts. I thought my heart fell into my stomach. Did he just say he was with someone? I asked myself. I bit my lip and instead I asked. "Alice told you I was with Jake?" for some reason I felt like I betrayed him even more by dating Jacob. "No, Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley did. I always knew you had feelings for him." Edward said now standing up, I quickly stood up also. "Edward I swear there was nothing going on between me and Jake when we were together." I tried explaining again. Then his eyes changed and the Edward I didn't know returned.

"It doesn't matter it was just high school puppy love right?"

Then he laughed and ran his fingers through his hair. "I have to go, bye Isabella." He said softly and then he quickly walked away. It hurt; did he really think that what we shared was just puppy love? I didn't see him again after that, at least not until later tonight and I was nervous.

Edward POV

I walked into my bed room of my parent's home not surprised my mother hadn't changed a thing. It felt weird being home. I served two active terms in the Marines and was finally serving a four year inactive term at home. My mom was excited just to have me home; she planned a huge dinner tonight which included my sister and her boyfriend Jasper, my uncle Aro with my cousins Jane and Felix, and my father medical partner Garrett and his wife Kate. I tried telling my mom this wasn't necessary but she wouldn't hear of it.

"Happy to be home Eddie?"

I heard my pixie of a twin sister ask from my bedroom door. I turned to look at her and smiled I couldn't lie I was happy to be home. "You know I hate when you call me that?" I told her sitting down on my bed. Alice smiled and walked into my room and sat down next to me. "Yes I know you hate that nick name but you love me more." she stated with a smile. "You should probably get ready for dinner; mom will be done cooking soon and you know she hates starting late." Alice warned me, I smiled.

"How long has she been planning this dinner?"

"Since she found out you were coming home."

Alice told me getting up from the bed after reading a text she received on her phone. Alice looked nervous when she looked back at me and I knew it was something that would probably make me up set. She walked backwards towards the doors entrance.

"Mom invited Bella and she's down stairs."

Alice quickly said then she closed the door before I could respond to her. Isabella Swan, I hadn't seen her since I was twenty three at the hospital after Alice accident. While everyone was worried about how I would feel about her being there, it was actually anxious. Despite everything I couldn't wait to see Bella.

I remember the day I met Bella we were in the same second grade class together. Alice had already claimed her as her best friend. I always thought Bella was the prettiest girl I had ever met, even then at the age of seven.

Once we were in junior high school the other boys started noticing what I already noticed, that Isabella Swan was beautiful. Bella had long, thick dark brown hair, fair-skinned with chocolate brown eyes and full lips. I always felt she was short compared to my 6'2" height, but her beautiful slim curvy frame made up for what she lacked in height.

I was crazy about Bella and the only person who knew was Alice. Eventually Alice got tired of Bella and I not doing anything about our feelings and started playing match maker having us go out with her and Jasper.

Bella and I started dating in the summer before our junior year of high school. I smiled remembering our first kiss, I was nervous as hell to kiss her. I couldn't understand how she didn't already know I was in love with her then, but I had decided to play it cool. We were inseparable, other than the time she spent with her best friend Jacob we were always together. I didn't like how close they were, I never did even when Bella and I were just friends. Once we started dating and she told me about Jacob's reaction I knew he was in love with my Bella. This made him my competition and I wanted to rip his throat open.

Bella never listen to my warnings probably assuming I was just a jealous boyfriend. Which I was mostly, I could never understand what Bella seen in me. I was arrogant, stubborn, a know-it-all as Alice liked to call me, and always protective of Bella. Then the day of our graduation party I watched as that ass whole stuffed his tongue down Bella's throat. What pissed me off was that Bella kissed him back. I felt like my worst fears had come true. Some part of me knew she had feelings for him, but as long as she denied it I could too. We broke up that day, and I almost hated myself watching Bella cry. Then when Bella told me she loved me I wanted to tell her I loved her too, but I couldn't. I was too angry about the kiss and that when I told her I didn't want her around him she argued with me like I wasn't being reasonable. Everything in me wanted to go outside and kick his ass because Jacob knew what he had done to our relationship.

I didn't want to break up with Bella that day or any other day for that matter. I had always planned on making her my future wife. Now she was dating the guy that was the reason for our break up, and I still couldn't deal with that reality.

"Son, you're mother said it's time for dinner"

I heard my father say outside my bedroom door. "Alright Dad tell her I'll be down in a minute." I replied standing up to change my clothes. I pulled out a cream sweater and black slacks to wear. I knew I had to prepare myself mentally for facing Bella again, especially since I was still in love with her.

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