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****Hey I know I promised and Outtake so here you go.

This is the outtake for before Alice wedding and Bella is still pregnant with the twins. I love all the support I really have the best readers thanks so much!

Payback (Outtake)

Bella POV

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I didn't know if it was possible for me to get any bigger without tipping over. Today was Alice's wedding day and to say last night she celebrated hard would be an understatement, and the fact that Rose and I couldn't drink only made it worse. I looked back at the bed and Alice and Rose were still sleeping. Just like the night before Rose's wedding everyone stayed at my house and the guys went to Emmett's. Emmett, just the thought of my older brother just now turned my cheeks red with the memory of last night. He had finally gotten payback for me tapping him in tights, a tiara and a tutu.

"Bella why are you so embarrassed about strippers we had them at Rose's bachelorette party."

Alice said as she placed the little white lace outfit Rose and I brought for her to wear. "I don't know Alice maybe because I wasn't eight months pregnant then or maybe because I wasn't married then. Or better yet maybe because my best friend didn't tell the strippers that I needed attention because I didn't have a bachelorette party of my own!"I yelled embarrassed. Rose warned me that Alice planned to tell the strippers to give me some undivided attention to make up for me not having a bachelorette party of my own. Alice giggled as if I told a joke,

"Really Bella I don't know what the big deal is, if you really don't want me to say anything I won't."

Alice said but I knew that look in her eyes and she was up to something mischievous. I rolled my eyes not bothering to argue with her about this. The twins started to move around and I placed my hand over the spots they were nudging.

"Oh I want to feel!"

Alice yelled practically bouncing my way. She placed both her hands on my stomach and smiled up at me. "They are going to be a riot Bella." Alice said and I groaned honestly wishing she was wrong.

"If Addison does not come out in the next twenty-four hours I am going to give myself a C-section."

Rosalie said entering the room looking completely miserable. In her last two months her stomach grew to my capacity and she was only carrying one baby. I tried not to giggle at the irony. Jasper and Alice agreed to move their wedding day back at least a week to remove the chance of Rose going in labor on their wedding day, but Addison is entirely too stubborn and is still holding on to her mother's womb.

"Oh Rosie, maybe she'll come tonight, or tomorrow doing the wedding when you're walking down the aisle with Em, that would be kind of funny."

Alice said now walking over to Rosalie and rubbing her stomach. "Addy is that what you want to be born on Aunt Ali and Uncle Jazz wedding day?" Alice said talking to Rose's stomach. Both Alice and Rose laughed so I assumed Addison kicked.

"I take that as a yes."

Alice said and we all laughed, "Oh she is such an attention hog already." Rosalie said rubbing her stomach. I laugh now when I say, "Ha just like her father." Alice smiles and agrees.

"Ali, would you hate me if I went in labor on your wedding day?"

Rosalie asked and Alice looked at her as if she had grown a second head. "Why in the world would I hate you Rosalie? It would be the best wedding gift ever." Alice told her and Rosalie smiled,

"Damn guess that cookware set Edward and I got you will fail in comparison uh?"

I joked and we all laughed, "First of all if the two of you got us some damn cookware I will kick your ass's" Alice told me and I laughed knowing damn well Alice doesn't and couldn't cook worth a damn.

"But Alice you're about to be a wife, don't you think you should at least learn to cook. I mean Emmett and I got you guys a cook book and a food processor."

Rosalie joked with a smirk and I laughed even harder now. "You two bitch's are not funny." Alice said then she walked out of the room. Rosalie and I laughed until we both had tears coming out of our eyes.

"I guess it's a good thing that we really paid for an extra week in Paris instead uh?"

Rose asked and I smiled nodding my head. Rosalie and I felt horrible that Alice wasn't having her Paris wedding so the four of us got together and paid for another week in Paris for Jazz and Ali for their honeymoon.

"Alright ladies the party's about to start!"

Alice yelled from down stairs, Rose and I looked at each other, "You would think she planned her own damn bachelorette party the way she is ordering us around."I said walking over to Rose and helping her up from the bed. We both giggled when our belly's bumped and Rose plopped back down on the bed.

"The two of you are ridiculous."

I heard Angela say from behind me, she tapped me to move over then helped Rose from the bed. "Thanks Ang you're a life saver. We would have been up here all night." Rosalie said and I laughed agreeing. We went down stairs and I groaned seeing my living room filled with so many people. The only plus was that my mother and mother in law were not here tonight. They were both watching Morgan; honestly all her grandparents were watching her. Edward didn't get it but we were not about to argue with them about it.

"Bella, Rose because you two are my dearest and closest friends and neither of you can drink; I will do the honors of having all of your drinks tonight."

Alice said then we watched as she took three shots of tequila and smiled at us. "Holy fuck she's going to be drunk before the party actually starts." Rosalie said in a whisper and Angela and I laugh. Some music starts to play and everyone starts to dance. I told Angela and Rose I would be right back and walked to the kitchen, there was food everywhere but I only wanted one thing. I opened the fridge and pulled out a yogurt.

"I knew you were coming in here for that."

I heard Emily say from behind me and I turned around feeling like I was busted. "I couldn't help it." I told her placing the spoon full of yogurt in my mouth now. Emily giggled then came over and rubbed my belly I saw a sad look cross her eyes and then she smiled.

"You know Hunter has really taken to Morgan."

"Yes I know. I think they are just happy to have someone to play with."

I told her and she nodded her head in agreement. "How is he at home?" I asked her. Emily smiled an infectious smile, "He's amazing, fit right in." From the moment Sam and Emily brought Hunter back to Forks and to our house to meet Morgan he was infatuated with her.

"Bella did you hear me Rose said the strippers are here."

Emily repeated pulling me from my thoughts, "Aww man, you know what Alice plans to tell the strippers?" I ask Emily as we walk out into the living room. "Yeah Rose told me." Emily said with a smirk on her face. We walk out into the living room and I start to laugh seeing two large fake cakes sitting in the center of my living room.

"Let me guess they are going pop out of the cakes?"

I ask, "Yes for the two of us!" Alice says too damn chipper about this, I roll my eyes and let her guide me over to the chair.

"Alice I swear I will pay you back for this."

I tell her as I sit down, "Oh Bella you're so dramatic." Alice tells me sitting down in the chair next to me. Rosalie smiles at the both of us and then turns on the music. I groan really not wanting to see any man's cock in my face other then my husbands. Then I decided that maybe another man would have been a hell of a lot better then who actually popped out of the cake.


I screamed in shook as my brother stood up in the cake and danced to the music while Rosalie laughed hysterically. He gave me that stupid ass grin as he danced for me then we he turned around and showed off her butt less pants I almost through up right there and then.

"Dance baby!"

Rosalie yelled making all the other ladies laugh and I shut my eyes, not wanting to see any more of my brother's ass then he has already showed me. Everyone was laughing and I knew I was practically red. Emmett trying giving me a lap dance and I was so thankful for my belly. He turned and smiled at me showing me those damn dimples.

"I'm going to kill you Emmett."

I tell him and he grins harder then rips is damn pants off and vibrates. Yup I was going to be sick. The twins started kicking and I was so happy they couldn't see their uncle. I jump up from the chair and give my brother the nipple twister of a life time and everyone laughs hysterically. The music stops and playing and I hear the laughter of guys. I look up and I spot Edward, Alice was practically wrapped around Jasper in a corner.

"You knew about this?"

I ask him and he shakes his head no, "Love I swear I had no idea he was going to do this." Edward told me walking over to me.

"Payback little sister."

Emmett said with a proud smile, I looked over at Rosalie and she giggles, "I'm sorry Bella, but just like Edward I'm on the side of my spouse." She told me and I had to laugh because I could understand that, because if it was Edward and I would swear him to secrecy.


I yell knowing damn well the little pixie was in on it, she turns around and smile at me. "I'm sorry Bella when Em told me it was just too funny to resist." She said and I actually growled, making Edward laugh.

"Hey wait a second Alice, when you planned Bella and my wedding we were not allowed to see our future husbands the night before."

Rosalie said and Alice blushed. "So maybe I only agreed to Emmett's prank because I knew I would get to see my Jasper." She told us and we both shook our heads.

"Oh Emmett, nice payback. But mine is the one that keeps on giving. Uncle Ballerina will be aired on television in September big brother." I told him and he groaned while everyone in attendance laughed.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I saw Alice waking up and I knew it was time to get her married to the love of her life.

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