If she loved him as much as I did, she would hold him a little closer.

The way that she looked away, as though embarassed to be near him, made me furious. How could she not see how lucky she was? His sapphire eyes, always on her. His arms were always around her. She was so ungrateful that it drove me insane.

If she loved him as much as I did, she would hold onto his hand just a little longer.

The three of us always walked together; we were best friends, most would say. I would stand to the left, Naruto was always in the middle. His smile and happiness was the glue that kept us all together. Even when he and Sakura started dating, I noticed that he gave an honest effort to keep me involved, much to Sakura's annoyance.

It made me a little hopeful, though, when he would still save a seat next to him for me at lunch, when he would call me to offer to come to the movies with the two of them, though I always declined.

But the two of them held hands, now, and Sakura always let go without a second thought when we got to her class room.

If she loved him as much as I did, she would never look away from those smiles he gave her.

When his smile lit up the room, the entire hallway when they parted ways. If I could, I would be content with simply watching him smile. I never smiled; No, Uchiha's didn't smile. We, at most, smirked. We had to act cold and emo and have a "screw the world, I'm an UCHIHA" attitude.

But I always wanted to smile, when Naruto smiled. It was the kind of happiness that you couldn't help but feel, too. The purity in his face, the way his too~blue eyes shone when he smiled . . . Even though he smiled at her. But Sakura always returned it quickly, before retreating into her classroom.

If she loved him as much as I did, she would also make the most of their moments together.

When we were walking together to our classes, a little more than five minutes, it was the few daily moments that were guarenteed. I desperately kept him talking, whether it was making him argue with me or go on and on about something Kiba dared him to do. I wanted, no, I needed to hear him speak.

If she loved him as much as I did, she would never take his voice for granted.

"Okay, teme."

I raised an eyebrow, realizing that he stopped walking. What? Did he realize he had forgotten to kiss Sakura goodbye? I had noticed, actually, and was quite pleased when that certain display of affection was left out for the day.

"You've been quiet for the past few weeks. You're telling me what's wrong," Naruto told me seriously. Not even a smile. It wasn't like he was asking, either. He was demanding me to tell him.

No, I couldn't tell him. I couldn't tell him how it was driving me insane how Sakura took his perfection for granted. I couldn't tell him how jealous it made me when he even glanced at the pink~haired girl, when he smiled at her in that special way that he didn't smile at anyone else.

If she loved him as much as I did, she would take the time to stare at him the way I did.

I looked at his face, and how seriousness didn't really suit him. His mouth was curved into his usual smile, those odd whisker scars weren't as endearing. His eyes were hard, though they still seemed like crystal ocean when they turned on me. It really was beautiful, you know, to stand near someone so perfect. It made me feel beautiful, too, even though I was far from it. On the outside, maybe. I wasn't nearly as pure as Naruto was on the inside.


He pulled me away from my reverie, and I remembered what he was asking me. He was basically asking me to confess my love for him right here and now.

"It's nothing, dobe," I told him coolly, turning back around and shoving my hands in my pockets, avoiding his gaze. No, our rapidly fading friendship meant too much to throw away, I couldn't ruin it all with a stupid confession.

"Don't give me that, you bastard!" He grabbed my wrist, preventing me from going any further.

"We'll be late, dobe."

"I don't care, Sasuke."

My onyx eyes widened, and I stopped trying to break free from his iron grasp. He called me Sasuke . . .

If she loved him as much as I did, she would savour those moments when you knew he cared.

He only called me Sasuke, by my actual name, when he was serious. When he was worried about me. When he cared.

"Do you really want to know . . . Naruto . . . ?" I asked.

If he truly wanted to know, who was I to deny him that? If he wanted something, anything, I would give it to him in a heartbeat. Without a moment's hesitation.

"Yes," He told me firmly, whirling me around so I was facing him.

Heh. It still amused me, how I was still a few inches taller than him even though he declared, on several occasions, that he was going to be taller than me and then kick my ass. Both have yet to come, I might add.

I took a deep breath.

If she loved him as much as I did, she would do anything to make him happy. Even give her heart away.

"I love you, Naruto."

His eyes were wide, round sapphires. His mouth was wide open, too. Heh. He looked like such an idiot. But now that I had started, I had to keep going.

"I hate how Sakura takes you for granted. I hate how she doesn't take advantage of the opportunity that she has. That she doesn't love you as much as she can, because it's truly a gift to be near you, Naruto."

He was looking at me incredulously, now.

"You don't mean it."

Why didn't he believe me?

"You've told me too many things to make me believe that, Sasuke," He told me, and I was surprised to see tears leaking in his eyes. "After everything, Sasuke, everything you told me, everytime you put me down, you expect me to believe something like that?"


Sasuke turned, an eyebrow raised when his friend was running towards him, a grin on his face.

"Ne, teme, do you want to get ramen with me?" Naruto asked him eagerly, his young face was wide and bright with excitement.

Sasuke frowned. He hated ramen. Also, Itachi was waiting for him at home, he had promised Sasuke that he would help him train today.


"After . . . all this time?" Naruto asked me again, though this time his voice was barely more than a whisper. I frowned.

He wasn't taking it as I expected him to. I was expecting him to be disgusted with me, to tell me to leave him alone, or to punch me in the face. All of them would be preferable to the sadness on his face right now. The desperation.

Though, that sadness gave me a glimour of hope. If he was sad, did that mean that he felt the same way . . . ? Did that desperation mean that he wanted to believe me, as much as I wanted him to?

"Hey, teme, do you think Hinata~chan likes me?" Naruto had asked Sasuke suddenly.

They were in Sasuke's room, studying. Well, Sasuke was studying and Naruto was laying on the Uchiha's bed, flipping through some manga that he had found on Sasuke's bookshelf.

Sasuke gave his friend a questioning look, trying to ignore the bit of jealousy in the pit of his stomach.


"Sakura~chan said she does," Naruto said brightly, his eyes still on the pages of his manga.

"Hn. Who would like a dobe like you?"

If she loved him as much as I did, she would do anything to make him love her.

"Naruto . . . "

"So I can't believe you, Sasuke," Naruto finished, tears still fresh in his eyes. "Even . . . even if I want to, I . . . "

My eyes were wide. "Naruto."

He gave a weak kind of laugh, and wiped his eyes with his sleeve, releasing my wrist. "Pathetic, aren't I?"


He looked up, and he was shocked to find that I was standing so close to him, looking down at him with a painful kind of look in my eyes.

"Naruto . . . " I whispered again, and I lifted my hand tentatively to touch his face, something I longed to do for the longest time. "I . . . "

"Hn. Who would like a dobe like you?" Sasuke had said with a smirk, all the while thinking, 'I would' to himself.

Naruto tried to hide how hurt he was behind a grin and a laugh, simply calling Sasuke a bastard before turning back to his manga.

"If you knew . . . "

Sasuke was confused. Why were Sakura and Naruto holding hands?

No, they couldn't be together or anything, could they? Sasuke loved Naruto; they were the ones who were supposed to be together.

"Hey, teme," Naruto greeted, same as always, though he was blushing very slightly, and Sakura was blushing quite noticabley. So Sasuke had to accept it.

Naruto was in love with someone else . . .

"If I hadn't waited as long as I did . . . "

I closed my eyes and frowned, trying to gather my thoughts together in a way that Naruto could understand, so he could just behind to imagine how much Naruto meant to me. How much I needed him. How much I loved him.

If she loved him as much as I did, she wouldn't hesitate to love him.

Figuring actions spoke louder than words, I leaned down and kissed him softly.

I didn't want to force him, and he stiffened beneath my lips. With a soft sigh, I pulled away again, though I wanted to kiss him for so much longer. I refused to meet his gaze as I stepped back again, my heart shattering into so many pieces.

He didn't love me, after all?

I turned around to walk away.

If she loved him as much as I did, her heart would stop when he touched her.

I felt his arms wrap around my place, and I froze in half step. Naruto buried his face in my back, his arms tight around me.

"Don't go, S'uke."

"I wont, Naruto."

If she loved him as much as I did, she would never think of leaving him.

"I . . . love you, too, Sasuke," Naruto finally whispered, and I felt my heart stop again for the thousandth time that day. I turned around, so that I was facing him again.

"I was . . . We're both guys, I didn't want . . . You to hate me . . . Sasuke . . . "

To get rid of any doubts in his mind, I bent my head to kiss him again.

If she loved him as much as I did . . .

Hell, she'll never love him as much as I do.