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I walk down the long hallway inside District Thirteen. As I get closer to the room I start reading off the numbers on the walls. I already know exactly which door is hers, even if the doors look the same. 93, 94, 95, 96. I stop and take a deep breath. It's just Prim. You can do this. My hand rolls into a fist and I knock twice. I step back a little and hold my hands behind me. The door opens hesitantly and gleaming blue eyes glue me to the floor. She looks tired and I wonder if she had tried to take a nap between the time I dropped her off, and the time it had taken me to drop off Gale. She's giving me a funny look- say something Rory! "Hi" I wave one.

"Hi Rory- Weren't you just here a few minutes ago?" she giggles

"Uh yeah but now I don't have Gale listening behind me" I shrug starting to count her light brown freckles populating her face.

"Oh would you like to come in? My mom won't be home for another hour" Prim moves off to the side as I strode into the front hallway of their home. "Was there something you wanted to say? Or do you just want to hang out?" she asks folding her arms over her stomach and gliding over to where I'm leaning against the wall. I think about how I'm going to put this, I've never asked someone out before what if I do it wrong.

"Both…So tomorrow you have work right?" Conversation starter works I guess. She nods. "When does your shift end?" Her finger taps her chin as she counts the hours in her head.

"Uh around 1" She sighs, thinking about a long day of helping with little things.

"And where do you go after that?" In other words where do I pick you up at? She flops into the chair next to me.

"I come here… or go to Katniss's… or walk around… or find my mom and help her… or find Posy and let her do my hair… or help your mom with chores… or window shop in the market… or check out a book in the library…or find you… or-"

"Ok ok! I get it there are a lot of possibilities. Let me make my question more specific. If I were to be looking for you tomorrow at 1, where would I find you?" I sit in front of the chair she is lounging in and poke her knee, which makes her sound the most heart-warming giggle ever.

"Oh. Uh. Are you asking me out? Because I would be here. Uh waiting for you…" she sputtered light pink highlighting her cheeks.

"I was trying to." I huff and run a hand through my dark hair. Prim looks over at me and sighs running a finger over my cheek softly.

"Fine job Mr. Hawthorne I would love to go on a date with you" She grins. She said yes? I kneel up and kiss her on the cheek. "That's it?"

"What?" I ask feeling the heat on my cheeks. Anyone could guess that I was blushing like a mad man. She doesn't have to explain herself with words. She just delicately unfolds herself from the chair, leans down to give me a teasing view of what hides under her light green t-shirt and kisses me full on the lips. Oh. "I see" I laugh curling my hand around her cheek. We sit there for a moment before my hand falls onto her lap. She draws lazy circles on my palm and I reach up and kiss her again. When I pull away to take a breath her wide smiling eyes stare back at mine. She licks her top lip a little then giggles and kisses me again.

"I like you Rory- even though that seems really obvious" she sighs rubbing her arm.

"I like you too Prim" I beam. Her hand falls in mine. "So if I asked you to be my girlfriend…"

"I would say yes" she says inspecting how much larger my hand is to hers.

"So Prim Everdeen" I say in my best business tone, "Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"No." she says quietly

"NO?" I almost yell feeling embarrassed. Didn't she just say she was going to say yes? I look up to question her but her soft forceful lips are covering mine. I let go of the no as a joke and stand for this innocent kiss. Reaching out to me, Prim hastily jumps into my arms folding her hands behind my neck. I drag her over to the opposite wall her shoulder nudges me to fall back on the couch where our legs tangle together. We miss the door being unlocked and the sounds of heels clicking into the living room because our gasping breath and wild heart beats are the only noise we care about.

"Having fun?" Prim launches off of me and I'm not far behind. Mrs. Everdeen stands in front of us with her lean hands pressed against her hips covered with white hospital scrubs. I risk a glance at Prim who is shaking like a leaf then let my eyes land back on a- smiling… why is she smiling? My mind drifts back to the thing Gale had said this morning;

"If this ends with proof that you're not in love with Prim but in love with this random girl at Katniss's house then tell it to Posy, Mrs. Everdeen, and Mom because they're planning the wedding." A sigh of relief escapes my lips. Thank god Mrs. Everdeen isn't going to kill me. After a small discussion about rules, tips, laughs, and blushing, I'm leaving 97B. Prim walks me to my door and gives me a shy kiss. A few seconds later I'm resting my hands behind my head and thinking about the turn of advents that just happened to me. Now I'm glad that it was Mrs. Everdeen found us. At least it wasn't Katniss.

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